How to Use Mobile Learning to Teach and Learn


How to Use Mobile Learning to Teach and Learn

Mobile learning provides greater access to education. It's a great way for creators to share their knowledge, as mobile devices are highly accessible to tons of people.


11/29/2022 | By Hotmart

As technology advances, the way they’re integrated into our lives change, too.  Mobile phones have done a lot for society, including enabling people to take advantage of mobile learning. Mobile learning is not only convenient, but it also allows you to explore other learning opportunities.

Another benefit of mobile learning is distance learning, which gives greater access to education than would otherwise be possible. It’s a great way for aspiring entrepreneurs to be given further reach and influence. What makes it so good is the fact that mobile devices are highly accessible to tons of people.

To learn more about what mobile learning is and how you can best take advantage of it, be sure to read below:

What is mobile learning?

Mobile learning is learning on a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet. It’s become more common, especially in the last couple of years, as distance learning has become adopted by so many more people.

Distance learning is not quite the same as mobile learning, mainly because the educational content you’re consuming is tailored to your mobile device. The language-learning app Duolingo, for instance, gives users more experience on mobile than on desktop.

Distance learning can be done through multiple avenues, including university courses. This mode doesn’t depend exclusively on undergraduate courses, and open courses are both popular and easily adaptable to mobile learning.

The basics of mobile learning

One of the biggest advantages of mobile learning is convenience. If what they are trying to sell potential users is inconvenient, all that’ll happen is they’ll move on to a different online course.

There are five basic elements of mobile learning:

  • Learner
  • Teacher
  • Environment
  • Content
  • Assessment

The first two are self-explanatory, and the third is based on the learner’s tastes. Content can vary wildly, however. Certain educational content is better suited for mobile learning than others. Finally, you must then assess your students’ work as well as the effectiveness of your class.

Mobile learning advantages

Mobile learning has many advantages, both for students studying online and educators. We’ll explain these advantages in the mobile education market below:

1. Being able to study everywhere is a huge leg up

This is pretty self-explanatory, as using a mobile device allows you to do your mobile learning pretty much anywhere you like. Whether you’re at the park, a party, the bus, the gym, or wherever else, you have options.

Mobile learning can be found in a variety of formats, including e-books, audio, and video. Not only does this allow you that diversity of learning styles, but it also allows you to adapt to your environment. For instance, if you don’t want to make too much noise, you can avoid audio and video content.

Many kinds of mobile learning content require you to connect to the internet. For video lessons, you should make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi so that you don’t waste data. Some mobile learning, however, does allow you to download content on Wi-Fi and use it offline later.

2. You can concentrate all the materials on one device

No matter how much you love a good book, that good book takes up space. Using a mobile device to educate yourself helps you save room on this kind of material. In addition to saving room, however, you also save money by not having to purchase so much expensive material.

3. No need to invest a lot of money

One of the best advantages of mobile learning and working is that it reduces a lot of the overhead for teachers and learners. No classroom or supplies are required, for instance. The building manager also has to invest less in power, since there aren’t going to be a bunch of students.

Despite this lower overhead, you will likely incur some costs along the way. Digital creators still have to buy equipment and market their services in a lot of cases, so you still need to invest money. Still, that’s a small payment compared to leasing a location.

4. Time optimization

For many people, time is one of the most precious resources they have, and they can’t afford to waste it. It’s only becoming more true as people begin to find themselves having to work longer and harder, both in their profession and in their schooling. Thankfully, mobile learning allows them to be productive with their education.

5. A more dynamic and attractive learning process

Not all learning methods work for everyone, such as people with learning disabilities. Many mobile learning solutions are super fast and super efficient. If one mobile learning solution is not working for you, there may be one that does. Some solutions can even be pretty fun while still being educational.

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How to work in the mobile education market

Becoming a success in any industry is not an easy thing, and mobile learning is no different. In fact, there’s not even a guarantee. However, there are still plenty of things you can do to increase the likelihood of success at being a digital teacher.

1. Define your niche

Figure out what your niche is, and don’t try to be a jack of all trades, master of none. Some niches work better for mobile learning than others, such as SAT prep, so be mindful of that fact.

2. Conduct a market survey

It’s one thing to know what you want to teach, it’s a whole other thing to know what people want to be taught. Market research can tell you a lot about the industry, including where the gaps are in mobile learning that are begging to be filled.

3. Create a persona

Most people tend to have a different persona depending on the circumstances. Whether you’re a YouTuber or a teacher, you should have a persona to present to your prospective customers.

4. Define the best format

Just as important as figuring out how to present yourself to students is figuring out the medium you want to use. Multiple factors may come into play to determine which format is best for a certain class. Yet, some of the most common include whether the class is more theoretical or practical.

5. Plan your course

You don’t want to be caught with your pants down, so make sure that you plan out in advance how your online course content will be set up. This helps you catch small issues before they become big issues.

Be sure to design the course in such a way that your students will always feel like they are progressing.

6. Record and edit

If you’re aiming to create audio or video content, you’ll need to learn how to record and edit audio and video content efficiently. This kind of content is popular, and people often choose it for learning due to its being more streamlined.

7. Choose a distance education platform

The distance education platform is where your course will be made available. There is a lot to go around, so be sure you choose a DE program that is right for you and your online course.

8. Price

The price varies a lot according to the content you create for your students, but there are a few ideas you can use to define your sales price.

9. Promote

Promotion is a crucial part when it comes to selling an online course. There are many strategies for this; the main ones are as follows:

General tips for those starting out

When you’re first starting out, there are some hurdles you’ll have to clear. Below are some tips that may be able to help you clear them:

1. Use gamification

We tend to be more receptive to a certain idea or task if it is framed like a game, and gamification is a great way to accomplish that. Duolingo has leaderboards and level-ups, incentivizing you to take your language learning seriously.

2. Have a responsive design

You can’t please everyone in mobile learning, but there are still many things you can do to make your design more responsive to more people. One particular issue that comes up a lot is screen size, particularly with a website that does not develop with screen adaptability in mind.

3. Offer dynamic materials

Class materials can be dynamic. Videos, games, quizzes, and exercises are only a few of the examples that can be produced.

One advantage of mobile learning is that you can offer a wide variety of materials. Use your creativity and persona to find out what works best.

Think about interactivity

Going back to gamification, as this point ties into it somewhat. If all you’re doing with mobile learning is passive, it might come off as a little boring. However, being able to actually interact with the learning process in some way can do a world of good to make it a more engaging experience.

Invest in distance education

Mobile learning is trending, and it’s an excellent option for many kinds of teachers, from teachers who already teach and wish to improve their content to those who wish to start a new business on the internet.

If you have something to share and don’t know how to do it, online courses are ideal – not only to make money, but also to spread your knowledge to others.

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Types of mobile learning tools

There are many different mobile learning tools out there, which are designed to make mobile teachers more able to impart their wisdom.

Some tools are used to enhance the appearance of your content, while others focus on improving efficiency. These include:

  • The best members area for students from Hotmart, Hotmart Club
  • The video-streaming tool DuPoint CoastalFlix
  • The video presentation creation tool Brainshark
  • The Powerpoint-to-HTML5 conversion tool called Impactica

These, as well as others, ensure that you have a lot of options at your disposal.

Adobe Creative Suite, as the name implies, is a tool that packs a lot of creative creation tools into one package.

In addition to tools used for creation, there are also many tools to use to post your mobile education content.

Learn how to make high-quality mobile learning lessons today

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