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Isabela Portela

12/11/2019 | By Isabela Portela

What will we see in this post

Managing a digital business is similar to managing a traditional company, and let’s agree that it’s not an easy task, is it? Imagine having to understand codes, programming, planning, and marketing, seeking out partnerships, and having to worry about connecting it all in order to make your business grow. 

Or worse, imagine having to pay for several external tools to solve it all? With Hotmart, this task becomes much simpler, because you can do everything on a single platform, which is a major advantage for those who are already experienced and for those who still don’t have specific knowledge about the digital market. 

Hotmart is the largest and most complete distance education platform in Latin America. 

It has over 150,000 products registered, 7 million students and sales to over 188 countries.

Moreover, Hotmart offers, in a simple and convenient manner, a space for those who wish to create or promote a digital product, allowing anyone to teach what they know best to the whole world. 

It’s a fully integrated platform with the best solutions to scale any digital business. With no monthly or membership fees and only charging a percentage when sales are made. 

How does Hotmart work?

At Hotmart, the sales process is three-pronged: Producer, Affiliate and the final buyer.

  1. Let’s suppose that you have great knowledge in a certain field and you develop a product, an online course for example, to share this knowledge with other people. 
  2. You can sell directly to buyers interested in the niche in which you operate; or you can rely on Affiliates, who are people with good relationships and sales skills to help you sell your product to various buyers. 
  3. Consumer seeking knowledge in your field can purchase your Product directly from you or through an Affiliate who will receive commissions assigned automatically through our tracking links for Affiliates. 

Understand a bit more about digital products

These are materials produced and distributed digitally, in other words, online. Examples of these products are: ebooks, videos and software.

Because they don’t depend on elaborate logistics and physical delivery, digital products have lower chances of running into geographical barriers and therefore, are easier to scale. 

For buyers, digital content is also quite advantageous, since knowledge becomes more accessible and convenient in terms of price and the flexibility of being able to choose the best time and place to consume it.

Would you like to learn more about the countless possibilities that the digital market offers? Check out this post explaining in detail what digital products are and how to make money with them.

At Hotmart, it’s currently possible to sell various types of digital content:

  • Ebooks in PDF or EPUB;
  • Various documents (.doc, .rtf), audiobooks, podcasts and music (mp3, wma);
  • Video classes;
  • Lectures and screencasts (MPEG, FLV, MOV, WMV);
  • Software (.exe, .msi);
  • Images;
  • Scripts and any other file formats that can be downloaded on the internet.

What is required in order to become a Digital Producer? 

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Anyone who has a skill or a lot of knowledge in a given subject, which can be taught to others, can become a Digital Producer.

This means that if you’re a chef, for example, you can teach people around the world to cook through an online course.

A seamstress, who knows everything about sewing, can create material to teach people how to make small repairs and make extra money with this new skill. 

Digital influencers can use their skills to attract followers or their expertise regarding partnerships with brands can create an ebook about the subject.

YouTubers who have video-recording skills, can create courses that teach everything from losing one’s shyness when recording to teaching how to edit videos.

You see? The possibilities are endless in the digital market! And a good way to get started is to think about what you do that people around you are always asking you to teach them, find out in which subject you are a point of reference to others. 

12 reasons to become a Hotmart Producer

Now that you already know how a Digital Producer works, check out some of the benefits of being a Hotmart Producer:

  1. You don’t have to worry about storing the product on the internet. Hotmart provides you with the necessary infrastructure so your product can be stored as safely as possible.
  2. We process all of your sales, i.e., you don’t need to worry about processing payments or checking whether payments made by buyers have been confirmed or not. We’ll handle this for you.
  3. We have an exclusive solution for processing online payments, including international payments. Throughout this post, we’ll tell you a little more about this. 
  4. Hotmart automatically delivers the product to your customer as soon as our system identifies that the payment has been confirmed.
  5. We guarantee the reliability of the transaction for you and your customers. There’s no risk of the product not being delivered after a purchase is successfully made, and there’s no risk of the customer receiving your product if the payment hasn’t been confirmed.
  6. You can start selling your product immediately through your direct sales link or sales page.
  7. You can customize the entire product page easily and quickly. This page is generated automatically by Hotmart for each product you post.
  8. The platform offers solutions that will help you promote your product, in addition to your sales strategies.
  9. Hotmart provides reports so you can analyze your sales and actions.
  10. You can rely on other professionals in order to reach more people and increase your chances of making sales by enabling the Affiliate Program.
  11. And don’t worry; you won’t have to manage your Affiliates! Hotmart will process the division of commissions immediately. For each sale made, the Producer and Affiliate’s commissions are deposited in each one’s Hotmart account!
  12. Your Hotmart account is FREE. Theirs is no initial investment nor monthly fees, and there are no usage limits or restrictions. Like you and your Affiliates, Hotmart will also receive a small commission on each sale, but Hotmart is only paid if you are paid!

What is Affiliate work like? 

Once Producers have made their digital products available on the platform, they can rely on the help from Affiliates to increase sales. In return, they offer commissions on sales made and the Hotmart platform guarantees the security of these operations through traceable links.

The Affiliate Program is a two-way street that unites Producers and Affiliates in a large cyber business. This is a win-win journey for both parties, since one party’s profits also means profits for the other party.

An Affiliate works as a salesperson whose only contact with customers is done online, so in addition to trying to sell customers a product, affiliates need to convey credibility and trust in order to win them over. 

Affiliates usually have an innovative vision and need to be constantly studying the market in which they operate in order to use the internet in their favor and improve their performance; after all, they make money by promoting digital product links on the internet. 

Traceable links: 

Are the links generated by Hotmart that allow Producers and Affiliates to promote the products available on the platform and consequently, receive their commissions. Generally, these links are promoted and direct interested customers to the products’ sales pages.

Being an Affiliate at Hotmart has several advantages, such as:

  • You don’t need to have your own product in order to start selling.
  • You don’t need to have a website beforehand (although it is highly recommended); you can promote the product on other networks, such as social media or blogs, for example.
  • All sales commissions are processed automatically by Hotmart at the time of sale. Therefore, except for the cases provided in the Terms of Use, there’s no risk of not receiving your commission for a sale made.
  • Affiliates can choose among thousands of products in different niches to become affiliated, and depending on the product, they can earn more than $100 per sale made.

If you don’t have a product, starting as an Affiliate is the fastest way to start getting results. 

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More reasons for Producers and Affiliates to choose Hotmart

By offering tools created to automate the posting, distribution and payment processes, our Producers and Affiliates are able to focus on what really matters, which is developing a quality product or promoting it and creating a closer relationship with your customers.

Follow your business’ progress with the tip of your fingers 

Hotmart Sparkle informs:

  • Buyer information.
  • Number of sales and revenue.
  • Performance reports and charts.
  • Segmented sales information according to the chosen filters.
  • Approve or reject co-productions and affiliations.
  • View your achievements within the partner user platform.
  • Consult sales links of Producer or Affiliate products.

Do you remember that we talked earlier about Hotmart’s Exclusive Payment System? Now it’s time to talk a little more about what it offers. 

  • Integrated with the entire platform 
  • Developed to meet digital market specificities 
  • Sales available in 13 currencies 
  • Exclusive anti-fraud system 
  • Capable of performing thousands of high-performance transactions simultaneously
  • Has made transactions in over 188 countries

With millions of transactions made around the world, our payment system has been specifically designed to serve the digital market and to increase Digital Producer conversions safely.

By using Hotmart’s payment system, you offer your customers several payment options and boost your chances of selling:

  • Credit Card 
  • Online Debit 
  • Samsung Pay 
  • Google Pay
  • and several local payments methods depending on your country

But wait, there’s more! 

Our payment system offers countless other possibilities to make your business successful! 

Payment with 2 credit cards 

Offering this option increases your chances of making sales since it minimizes the chances of a buyer giving up on the product due to lack of credit limit. 

Subscription plans 

Hotmart’s payment system allows Producers to create products using a recurring payment system, such as Subscriptions. With this system, buyers pay to have access to a specific product and can renew this access for as long as they want.

For Producers, this business model becomes interesting because it allows for recurring income and predictable revenue from their products.

Product trial

Subscribed products give buyers the right, for a limited time, to try the digital product they wish to buy. 

Allowing buyers to try a product, even though they aren’t sure it’ll meet their expectations, reduces chances of refunds and can consequently increase the product’s conversion rates.

Discount Coupons
Hotmart’s payment system allows Producers to create discount coupons easily and to develop sales strategies based on offers. In addition, it’s also possible to create coupons so that Affiliates can use them in their own promotions.

You can sell worldwide and receive your commissions in your local currency

One of this tool’s great advantages is that it allows you to make sales around the world: in any country and in any currency. Just pick the price of the product and Hotmart’s checkout will automatically convert the amount into the buyer’s local currency.

And the advantages don’t stop here. With Hotmart’s payment system, you have the independence and security to scale your digital product’s sales to the four corners of the world, offering local payment methods and receive your commissions directly to your bank account. All this in a direct connection system, without intermediaries either for the purchases as for the payments, i.e., agility is the word around here. 

Currencies available for the selling and buying of products at Hotmart

US Dollar (USD)

Argentine Peso (ARS)

Brazilian Real (BRL)

Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Colombian Peso (COP)

Chilean Peso (CLP)

Euro (EUR)

Japanese Yen (JPY)

Mexican Peso (MXN)

Nigerian Naira (NGN)

Peruvian Sol (PEN)

Pound Sterling (GBP)

Swiss Franc (CHF)

Local payment methods currently offered by Hotmart 

Customizable Checkout

You’ll never have to pay to hire programmers or designers so you can have your checkout with your digital product’s look.

With Hotmart, you can rely on a customization tool for your payment page. You can customize it with your visual identity, increase your buyers’ trust and of course, increase your chances of conversion. 

This tool allows you to have more opportunities to overcome your customers’ objections, strengthen your brand and help your Affiliates.

With the customizable checkout option you can insert, in addition to your visual identity, videos directly from YouTube or Vimeo, images, texts, customize colors and the page’s structure. 

Another option is to choose among several template options, which are ready to be used.

You also can:

  • Create different checkouts with different elements for mobile and desktop versions.
  • Use images and videos that reinforce your buyer’s security and trust.
  • Speed up your conversions by testing different checkout versions.

That’s right, your payment page with the look and feel of your digital business. All of this is free and unlimited! 

Increase your average ticket directly at Checkout 

With Hotmart, you can offer more than one product, or a product that complements the main product in a single checkout. This can all be done by merely adding an offer button at checkout.

For example, let’s suppose that you have an online course on contemporary cuisine. The person purchasing this product is already interested in gastronomy and might also be interested in other similar products. 

So try offering, at the end of the purchase, a specific ebook on desserts with an unmissable offer to be purchased as a second product. This way you deliver a more complete experience to your buyer while increasing the value of your sale directly at checkout. 

Stay with us to learn more about what Hotmart has to boost your digital business

Hotmart Members’ Area 

A members’ area directly influences how you organize, distribute and sell your digital content. 

This is why we offer a free and unlimited members’ area so you can increase your sales and deliver your content automatically, without the need for external integrations, which complicate your business. 

This is a complete platform with over 30 exclusive features so you can manage your content safely without the help from a technical team.

With a username and password, students who purchase online courses have access to a space where they’ll find all materials made available by the Producer, such as video classes, quizzes and other types of material.

Hotmart Club has its own player, which was developed to prevent the content from being copied to people who haven’t purchased the course.

Enjoy the many advantages of the Hotmart members’ area:

  • Content separated by modules
  • The possibility of using different formats (videos, ebooks, images, audios, audiobooks, tickets, software, etc.) 
  • Space for comments
  • Buyer support
  • Quizzes
  • Issuance of certificate for students 
  • Customizable templates 
  • Our own Streaming System and much more

Organize your students’ classes faster with the Student Section 

Rely on reports and data dashboards that inform what you need to know to understand who your audience is.

  • Find out if students are engaged with your content.
  • Understand each student or class’ performance. 
  • Create segmentations with the most relevant indicators for your business.
  • Create mass movements with your segmentations.

Use quizzes to test your students’ knowledge or to get to know them better:

  • The option of having questions and answers in different orders
  • Closed-ended questions with automatic correction
  • Multiple choice profile quiz
  • Personalized results

Hotmart’s own Player

Have peace of mind with a feature with anti-fraud system and that already has over 200 playbacks per minute.

Measure your videos’ results with retention, total number of views and average view time indicators.

  • Optimized resolution according to user connection speed.
  • Hotmart’s streaming service translates and subtitles videos automatically in multiple languages. 
  • Notes on the player so that students can take personal notes on the videos and improve their studying experience.
  • The possibility of students watching video classes online and even offline with Hotmart Sparkle. 

Tools to sell more without having to leave the Members’ area

Special offers for students

You can place ads free of charge in the Members Area itself. While your students watch the classes, you can offer relevant content to enrich their experience when they need it most.

Extra paid module

You can offer additional materials, in addition to your primary content, such as extra products that can be charged separately.

By joining both tools, you create a perfect duo to boost your sales within your Members Area and increase your student loyalty. 

Purchase with one clique  

This allows Producers to sell products within the Hotmart Members Area without buyers having to re-enter their credit card information or have to leave the platform.

This is an integration that boosts Producers’ sales, because they can offer new products to those who are already buyers, thus increasing its useful life.

Hotmart Sparkle, the app that connects you to everything 

With the Hotmart Sparkle app, you rely on amazing solutions to get closer to your audience and generate even more value with your content.

It works like social media, but with much more freedom to create your content, interact with your audience and reach 100% of your audience. This is because with Hotmart Sparkle your content reaches everyone, you can create content that can be made up of photos, videos, audios of up to 1 hour or file links, and Hotmart Sparkle will deliver!

The app is fully integrated to the Hotmart platform, so you can create specific communities related to your courses and have even more interaction with your audience. If you prefer, you can create paid communities and monetize your content; in other words, one more way to evolve with your digital business.

If you wish to promote or participate in events, you can turn Hotmart Sparkle into the official app for your events. With it, you can buy tickets from producers who sell through Hotmart, check in and check out the schedule in one place. 

Producers using Hotmart’s own Streaming feature can make the most of Hotmart Sparkle with the following:

  • Video lesson content available online and offline
  • Course notifications directly to students’ mobile phones
  • Community about the course so you can bring your students closer
  • Content mirroring for compatible Smart TVs
  • 100% delivery to the audience and much more!

Contact management tool for email marketing 

With our tool, you can segment your email lists according to your customers or potential buyers’ actions at the time of purchase.

Some of the main sales improvement segmentations are the recovery of cancelled purchases and abandoned shopping carts. In addition, segmentation is also possible by requests for refunds and completed purchases. 

Hotmart studies show that digital producers who use our email contact management tool sell up to 8 times more than those who don’t create funnels in an organized manner with relevant content.

Our tool can be easily integrated to more than 12 email platforms including: Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Sendinblue, Rd Station, LeadLovers, Mailing Boss, among others.

This is how it works: After integrating with your email marketing provider and creating more strategic segmentations for your communications, whenever your leads or buyers perform certain actions, our tool automatically moves each one to a different email list. From then on, you can send personalized messages to each one in an effective manner and achieving better results.

Sales Funnel 

Hotmart’s sales funnel allows you to follow your customers during all steps of the sales process, from hearing about your product to the decision to buy it.

The tool allows you to have a clearer sales process and to develop efficient strategies to increase your conversions.

Hotmart Data Analysis and Reports 

With our reports section, you can configure the platform to send automatic reports about your digital business activities. 

Check out the available reports:

  • Subscription report 
  • Smart installments
  • Subscription renewal
  • New subscriptions 
  • Overall sales report

Here you can check buyer and product information, in addition to monitoring all transactions that were created or updated during a certain period. 

  • Subscriptions with credit card close to expiration date

You can easily view subscribers whose credit cards are about to expire and that are close to your product’s subscription next due date.

  • Reasons for refusing transactions 

This report provides an overview of the reasons for the refusal of transactions, grouped by month and year, including the percentage of success. With it, you can get an idea of the absolute and relative number of failures per type of refusal.

Hotmart Analytics 

This is another 100% free tool, which is integrated with the Hotmart platform for Producers. Track all of your sales information and define your best strategies.

Select the most relevant information for your business and how it show be displayed in order to stay focused on what really matters for your business.

Below are some of the possibilities the tool offers:

  • User segmentation to understand the behavior of each profile.
  • Metrics for different audiences.
  • Total number of visitors and the most accessed pages. 
  • Conversion metrics and the use of each page tracked by code.
  • Ranking with the top Affiliates for each product.
  • Dashboards with product-specific results.

Easily analyze your campaigns’ results, accurately track the times and days with higher sales so you can know when and where to invest in order to create increasingly assertive strategies. 

Check the refund rates, chargeback, percentage of installment sales and even the reasons for cancellation so you can easily analyze if the prices of your products are compatible with your audience’s profile.

With Hotmart Analytics, you have a complete solution to track your business’ progress with a few clicks and without having to leave the Hotmart platform. 

Now that you know a bit more about the tools available for our Producers and Affiliates, it’s time to learn how you can become one of them. 

Keep reading and I’ll tell you everything about it! 

Would you like to become a Producer?

  • Access the platform and fill out your registration form with your Payment Information and contact details.
  • Register your product: In this step, you will inform its name, description, and price, and will also decide if you’ll allow Affiliates to promote your product. 
  • You can opt for Affiliation by 1 click, i.e., any Affiliate can promote your product; or Affiliation by moderation, in this case you must give permission to the Affiliates who ask to sell your product. 
  • Create your Hotmart Product Page (you can opt to use our product page, which is generated automatically by the platform, use an external sales page or use both at the same time).
  • Post the product.
  • After posting the product, it will be reviewed by our editorial staff to make sure everything is okay. Your product will be available for purchasing soon! 

Would you like to become an Affiliate?

  • Register with Hotmart.
  • Access the platform and fill out your registration form with your Payment Information and contact details.
  • Go to “Market” and search for the products that are more relevant to you and to your audience. For example, if you have a blog about tourism, search for products related to this subject to promote.
  • When you find a product that you are interested in promoting, click on “Promote” to receive your Affiliate link for that product.
  • You’re all set! Now you only need to start promoting. 

You can view click reports in your Affiliate links at any time, as well as track your referrals and commission payments on your Hotmart dashboard.

If you have any questions or wish to obtain more details on how to become a Producer or Affiliate, visit our Help Center.

Get ready to become a Producer or Affiliate, take a tour of the Hotmart platform!

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