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How to get verified on Instagram? Check out all the steps to get your blue badge!

Getting Instagram’s blue verification badge is a dream many digital influencers and entrepreneurs have. We’re here to tell you how to get verified on Instagram!


12/15/2020 | By Hotmart

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If you use the largest photo and video social networking service in the world, you certainly follow Instagram verified profiles. 

The blue verification badge appeared in mid-2016 and since then, has helped many celebrities, Instagrammers, and even small and large businesses to stand out.

Although the account verification process has been simplified over the years, understanding how to make this request correctly minimizes the risk of the social network not approving it. 

Initially, Instagram verified badges were practically restricted to celebrities and multinational companies but, nowadays, the process has become quite simple. 

Therefore, in today’s article, we’ll teach you how to get verified on Instagram, what are the steps to get the Instagram blue badge on your business account, and how this can help you ensure long-term success on Instagram.

What is an Instagram verified account?

An Instagram verified account has the blue badge, with a check mark, created to identify if the profile is real and if it really represents a business in an official capacity.

It’s a way for the app to distinguish the official profiles from the “fake” ones, providing greater online authority.

This Instagram feature also helps celebrities, digital influencers, and even small businesses to stand out and start successful partnerships within the social media app.

What are the advantages of getting verified on Instagram?

Besides indicating that your business account is official, there are many advantages to getting the blue badge.

With this in mind, we’ve listed some of the key reasons why having an Instagram verified account can be good for your business.

Greater brand value

Having an Instagram verified account means that, in addition to being an authority in your niche market, you have met all the requirements to get the coveted badge.

Thus, your brand’s perceived value will automatically increase in the eyes of potential customers. 

Less copyright problems

Another advantage of the verification badge is its power to minimize content theft on Instagram, since, through this verification, intellectual property rights become even more evident, although copyright is implicit.

Tag other profiles in posts

By having a verified account, as an entrepreneur, you can partner up with other verified accounts and use this tool to produce content that involves both parties. 

This feature is widely used by digital influencers who have partnerships with major brands, to promote their business’s name and product.

You can use this tagging tool on Instagram Stories and your Instagram feed.

Boost organic traffic

After your Instagram account is verified, the reach of your organic content can increase up to 5%, according to social media experts. 

Moreover, your business profile will secure a spot in the Instagram search results. 

Based on user searches and the platform’s algorithm, your business’ official account will always rank high in search results, increasing your chances of gaining followers.

Requirements for Instagram verification 

The first step in getting a verified account is understanding the important requirements for obtaining approval.

So, check out what you need to get the platform’s blue badge:


For your profile to become a verified account, it must always have integrity. Starting from how you interact with followers, the content you create, and especially, how you use the platform.

Through good social media management, you’ll be able to develop stronger and more solid values for your brand.

Full description

Your profile must have a full and objective description, stating exactly what your products or services are. 

Also, you must have a good profile photo and highlight information, such as a phone number, website, and email address.

Remember that Instagram relies on relationships. So, the more accurate your profile is, the greater the chances of having a good connection with users.

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Let people on Instagram know that your profile is the only official communication channel to answer questions and to create content.

Therefore, if you have five profiles for the same business, you might want to let go of this strategy so that your account can be verified.

Although segmenting your target audience and working specifically with different niches might be an interesting idea, this isn’t a good practice for those who wish to obtain an Instagram verified account.


Perhaps this is the most important part. Instagram takes into account all of your movements on the platform, i.e., from your description to how you interact with users, and this reflects on how well known your business is to users.

Therefore, develop a good relationship with your target audience. This way you can turn your followers into fans of your brand and get one step closer to getting your verified account.

Reply to comments, ask questions, and use Instagram Stories whenever possible.

How to get verified on Instagram

Learning how to obtain an Instagram verified account is very easy. But you need to follow the steps recommended by the social networking site carefully. 

Therefore, we’ve listed the official procedure so you can request it correctly.

Open your profile and tap “Settings”

  1. Tap “Account”
  2. Next, tap “Request Verification”
  3. Here, you’ll need to fill in certain information, such as your full name, your “known as” (if applicable), and select a category for your profile among the options provided.
  4. After this process, you’ll need to attach a photo of your ID (natural person), or documents, such as tax returns, or your company’s proof of address.
  5. After this procedure, just tap “Send” and wait for the platform’s analysis.

If you still have any questions, click here and go to Instagram’s official tutorial.

4 tips to get verified on Instagram faster

To get verified on Instagram faster, here are a few tips that you can put into practice. 

However, you must remember that none of this is a guarantee that your request will be approved. We’re just providing information that can help you speed up the analysis of the information you have sent. 

1. Post quality content

As with everything related to digital marketing nowadays, offering relevant content to your followers will be fundamental in the process of evaluating your profile.

This way, Instagram understands that your business is not only concerned about selling, but also adding value and improving user experience on the platform. 

2. Be present on other social media

To prove that your business exists, it’s very important that you’re not entirely dependent on Instagram. Therefore, having a digital presence on other social media can be essential.

Creating valuable and interesting content on Facebook or YouTube, for example, can help you a lot in obtaining an Instagram verified account.

3. Facebook verification badge

Even though it’s not as popular, having the Facebook verification badge on your page can help speed up this process on Instagram.

To do so, just follow the social network’s steps and confirm certain information, such as an address, company name, and after that, answer a phone call and confirm an email sent by Facebook.

If approved, you’ll receive a dark gray badge on your Facebook page.

4. Respect Instagram rules

Another important tip to help you in this process is respecting all of Instagram’s rules and policies. 

In addition to showing that you comply with the rules, this helps prove you’re using Instagram in good faith.

Is having an Instagram verified account important?

As you’ve seen, having an Instagram verified account won’t directly affect your business’ usability experience.

The verification will have the power of increasing your authority on the platform, allowing your followers to feel more secure when interacting with your brand and even buying from your business.

Now, if you want to use this social networking app to make your business more profitable, even without a verification badge, check out this video on how to sell on Instagram: