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What Is Interactive Content And How To Use It Right Now

Looking for ways to further engage your audience? Find out how to use interactive content to make your brand stand out.

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The popularity of the web puts digital marketing on alert all the time, challenging companies to be always aware of the most dynamic ways of reaching and communicating with their audience.

And in this sense, interactive content is one of these new strategies that allow you to increase your audience’s engagement with your brand, with information, multiple formats, and with odds of going viral.

But do you really know what it’s about or how to create interactive content?

In this article, we’re going to explain everything you need to know in order to increase the engagement of your consumers with the creation of interactive content. Let’s go?

What is interactive content?

The name is self-explanatory. We can say that interactive content differs from traditional content by involving the audience, as if it were part of the material.

This format, as modern as it may be, isn’t that new. In fact, it was already being used long before the internet was created!

For example, do you remember those TV or radio shows that asked the audience to participate in polls or call in to request a song?

Over time, it was transferred from traditional media to our computers, the internet, and of course, content marketing.

Thanks to the resources provided by the internet, creating interactive content is no longer restricted to major TV or radio broadcasters. Any business can have access to its high power of engagement, with the creation of quizzes, infographics, and even tutorial videos.

What are the advantages of interactive content?

As you can imagine, interactive content has interesting advantages. And below, you’ll find a few of them: 

More engaged audience

Interactive content provides a lot of engagement for your brand, since it makes the audience perform an action with it.

And when we talk about engagement, we’re not talking only about likes or other social media reactions. 

We’re also talking about relationships with customers. Of making users feel close to the brand because it allows the content to be consumed according to their needs.

Better user experience

And of course, with all this, interactive content improves user experience. This means that your brand will be known for offering something unique, which provides relevant experiences for users. 

The audience’s immersion into your content can awaken the senses, bringing your brand even closer to consumers.

Richer feedback for the brand

An increased in-depth interaction allows you to have more complete and frequent feedback.

With interactive content, you can know how many people downloaded content or performed a certain action. This allows you to learn more about your users.

Of course, it makes it easier to carry out customer satisfaction surveys with the confidence that your audience will participate.

Helps in generating leads

And no one is in digital marketing only to entertain, but also to generate leads and new business opportunities. 

This task becomes easier with content that allow your audience to interact with your product or service.

Not to mention that it awakens the desire to consume what they are interacting with, grabbing their attention in a dynamic manner.

This is why interactive content is so popular in the sales funnel.

The main types of interactive content 

We’ve already given you a spoiler of a few types of interactive content you can create. So, now it’s time to talk about them so that you can learn more about this strategy.


Infographics are perfect for those who like qualified content. This format makes your page more attractive and helps in making reading more dynamic, without losing quality in the delivery.

Another advantage is the visual appeal it adds to the material. It can allow users to select the information they wish to analyze or check out a process and its evolution as a whole.


This format is very interactive and widely used. You can select one that is suitable for your content and that also helps your users, from converting reais into dollars or even Body Mass Index.

A calculator provides many possibilities. 


Ebooks never go out of style. And maybe they won’t anytime soon. They’re great for creating in-depth content on a given topic.

And since we’re talking about interactive content, the idea is to go beyond the text. Try to explore other resources, such as videos, images, and animations to deliver richer information that is less boring for your audience.


Interactive white paper

This type of content goes straight to the point, presenting the subject in a technical approach, as a manual for example.

In order to make this content interactive, you can use visual resources that facilitate reading, such as buttons and images to guide users’ reading. 

Landing Pages

Landing pages are another widely known format.

And since their main goal is to capture leads, it is essential that they be attractive, helping users decide to provide their contact information and convert.


Maps are becoming more and more interactive and your brand needs to use them if you have good content for them. 

And with the assistance of new geolocation mechanisms, you can bring your audience closer and make your content more attractive. 

They can also be great when used as infographics, which entertain and also inform.


This format is classic. Not only are they popular, but they also have high engagement rates, since they can inform, retain information and allow people to stay longer on your page.

Not to mention that, if they’re creative, they have great chances of going viral.

How to create interactive content 

But, how do you create interactive content? 

As complex as it may seem, you can have the opportunity of creating one right now and you don’t even know it! Check it out!

Reuse existing content

If you analyze the material you already have, you’ll certainly find something that can be reused and transformed into interactive content. 

One example is texts with various information and statistics, which can originate infographics or videos. 

Or even that super didactic article, which can be easily transformed into a quiz or calculator, helping your audience to view the information you wish to convey. 

Produce suitable content for each stage of the sales funnel

Interactive content is, more than ever, a strategic part of a sales campaign.

And, because of this, it’s important that it be adopted for each sales funnel stage, since there’s a suitable content format for each stage.

For the top of the funnel, a quiz might be the most suitable, while calculators are good alternatives for bottom-funnel users. 

Create responsive interactive content

You already know that responsive design is very important when creating a website or blog. And it’s the same with interactive content.

The number of people accessing the internet on their phones keeps growing. Therefore, you need to make sure that your interactive material, such as quizzes and infographics, are adapted to these devices.

Otherwise, users might no longer access your content and you’ll lose leads and business opportunities. 

Analyze data and optimize your strategies

No strategy works without good data analysis of a given campaign. 

And it’s no different with interactive content. You’ll have plenty of data to analyze.

This data will help you know your potential customers better and you’ll be able to create campaigns that are even more targeted.

Another important point provided by this format is being able to create a persona and being able to dialogue more closely with your audience.

Not to mention the personalization you’ll be able to perform thanks to the data collected with your website’s interactivity.

Gain engagement by gamifying your content!

Interactive content has been around for years allowing brands and audiences to relate more closely and transparently.

It’s essential that you always be aware of the steps taken by technology in order to incorporate them into your strategies.

Not to mention, of course, the need to understand each audience so you can offer increasingly more attractive content.

And in this sense, generation Y, which has gained strength both in internet consumption and in dictating trends in content creation.

And one of the ways that stands out because of interactive content, and that has gained ground, not only in digital marketing, but also in other areas, such as in corporate communication, is gamification.

Have you heard of it? The article in the link has great material to help you engage your audience and sell more! Make sure you read it.