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How to create a quiz for your online course

5 quick and easy steps to make your content more complete.


08/14/2018 | By Hotmart

The internet offers many things to make our lives easier and therefore, an increasing number of users have turned to distance education to learn new subjects and develop new skills.

Faced with this trend, people with various backgrounds became interested in teaching online classes to earn money on the internet.

However, most digital entrepreneurs who are just starting out have a subject to teach, but aren’t familiar with the techniques they require to work online. This often makes it difficult to create truly engaging and relevant content.

If you are one of those people who has knowledge but still needs a few tips to better apply your expertise, you are at the right place.

In our blog, you’ll find several posts about the best tools and strategies to create online courses. One of these features is the use quizzes, a test with multiple-choice questions developed to make your course more dynamic, light and interactive.

Are you interested in the subject but do not know how to create a quiz?

We’ve set aside a few key tips so you can learn how to create an effective and interesting quiz to enrich your students’ experience and test their assimilation of the content.

Are you ready to learn?

1. Use your online course’s script as a guide

In order for the quiz to make sense for students, it must be completely consistent with what has been taught throughout the course.

To ensure this, prepare themes and questions based on the script you created for your classes.

You can use part of the entire content in a single quiz or segment it in different areas and subjects.

With the script in hand, you’ll be able to precisely visualize the student’s trajectory up to that point, which will help you define the most relevant themes to address in the questions.

A well-done quiz can verify if the students have properly absorbed the knowledge. In other words, you need to ensure that he/she has not only memorized what you taught but has actually understood the information and is ready to apply it if necessary.

2. Ask creative questions

A quiz should only consist of multiple-choice questions, not open-ended questions. This is one of the features that makes it dynamic and fast, but you have to be careful when it comes to preparing the questions.

Answering a questionnaire with very long questions is tiring and might confuse students.

In addition, a very long quiz, consisting of several questions, also hinders performance and can become a tedious task.

Therefore, create a quiz with objective, clear, and creative questions.

Remember that the idea here is to make your online course interactive and increase student engagement. So, build your questions using examples and contexts relevant to the reality of those who will answer them.

3. Keep the answers to questions short

Many people think that a test should be complicated and difficult to answer, but that’s not how your online course’s quiz should work.

By creating very long and informational alternatives, you also run the risk of confusing students. With this, you can make him/her miss a question not because of lack of knowledge in the subject, but due to the difficulty of understanding what is written.

The intelligence of the question must be in the type of knowledge and skill it requires from the student, not in the understanding of what is being said.

So, write short, succinct and easy-to-understand answers so you can really test the absorption of content.

4. Use fun answers

You may have noticed that there is no magic formula on how to create a quiz that applies to all contexts. After all, each course has a different audience, theme, and purpose.

However, many online courses take advantage of the fact that the virtual environment is more informal and modern than a physical classroom to use features and language that are more fun.

To know if this type of approach will have a positive effect, you need to know your students well.

In the case of a preparatory course for a civil service exam in the area of ​​law, for example, it is more difficult to escape from legal and formal language. But free courses or those with a younger audience can benefit from a quiz that is a little unorthodox.

If this is your case, you can add a few funny answers or with obvious mistakes to help them relax and make the quiz more interesting.

The important thing is to know how to use these resources in moderation so as not to tire the students or make the test completely lose its focus, which is to evaluate the students’ understanding of a given subject.

5. Review your quiz

When we are producing content, be it a text, a video or a quiz, we prepare a script and do the whole process based on our knowledge, perceptions and goals.

Of course, a good teacher has all the wisdom necessary to create complete, intelligent and efficient material.

However, many times, what we create doesn’t go exactly how we expected.

This can happen for several reasons. But most of the time, we are so engrossed in the subject that we allow certain details to slip by, which for students, might not make as much sense when answering the questions.

To ensure that your quiz will have the effect you expect from the students, ask someone you trust to try to solve the questions and review the entire content developed.

This way, you can understand if your students will actually have the experience you wish to provide.

A fresh look at the material can provide you with interesting feedback and increase the chances of the quiz’s success in your online course.

Create your online course

In the online course market, competition can be fierce. That’s why it’s critical to know how to use all the resources available to make your classes more attractive and thus, attract the attention of potential customers.

You have seen how quizzes, an easy-to-create tool, can help students engage more with their course and learn better.

In addition to the advantages to the user, the Producer also has several benefits when applying a quiz.

With it, you can understand what students are learning from the course and what difficulties they have with your content. This serves to improve the material and make it increasingly more valuable.

A good quiz can also serve as insight into other types of content that can be created.

When you realize that students have difficulty in a particular subject or are interested in something that you address only superficially in your course, you can create new courses or specific materials to meet this demand.

Producers using Hotmart Club, Hotmart’s Distance Education platform, are able to create a quiz for their online courses within this learning environment.

In addition to all of the Club’s features, it offers quizzes, a tool that helps you test the progress of your students. Thus, you learn about the themes that are generating more doubts in your buyers and can be more assertive in your delivery.

If you got this far, you are probably interested in the online course market. So make sure you use your knowledge to your advantage.

What did you think of our tips? Leave a comment in the section below! :)