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Hotmart is on the List of Global Companies Transforming Education

The List is one of the most prestigious in the world and brings together companies making a global impact on education.

Global EdTech: Hotmart is one of the Most Transformational Growth Companies in Education Technology

Hotmart is part of the GSV Global EdTech list, which named the 50 companies with the greatest global impact on teaching using technology, alongside big names such as Duolingo, Coursera, and MasterClass.

In recent years, the edtech (educational technology) market has experienced tremendous growth. Distance education solutions, such as online courses, have broken down barriers and now help millions of people learn something new or generate income from their knowledge.

The list was released by GSV Ventures, a global platform for innovation and investment in Education and Technology, during the 2020 ASU + GSV Summit, the largest educational technology conference in the world.

When creating the list, GSV Ventures evaluated criteria such as educational impact, student base, business scale, and global reach. Altogether, these 50 companies have reached more than 2.7 billion students worldwide.

“We are steadfast in using technology to promote the advancement of the two greatest transforming forces of any society: Education and Entrepreneurship,” commented João Pedro Resende, CEO and co-founder of Hotmart.

It’s a great honor for Hotmart to be recognized alongside major companies in the education sector worldwide. It further strengthens our mission to foster knowledge and education, in addition to generating opportunities for all people around the world.

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