Hotmart Checkout: your chances of selling more just got higher

Hotmart Checkout is the ideal tool to offer the best experience to your customers. It optimizes your conversion potential and takes your online business to another level.

For those of us working with digital products, creating a sales page that looks great and is focused on the top benefits and characteristics of the product is fundamental in the process of persuading your visitors and turning them into customers. In addition to creating an awesome presentation with this info, it’s vital to pay special attention to the checkout page. 

In the end, it doesn’t matter how many potential customers you manage to attract to your product if the payment page is a mess. If paying for your product is even a little complicated for your buyers, you’ll find yourself making very few sales.     

That’s why Hotmart offers its Producers an easy-to-use checkout that has all of the elements that a solid payment page demands. 

Learn more about Hotmart’s payment page:

For your checkout, you can set up the payment forms you will offer to buyers, leave notifications about your product, tell folks the language your product is in and much more. 

To set things up, just access your Hotmart account via the link below,

In the side menu, click on Tools

Then on Checkout Settings

Select the product you’d like and click Continue  

Under Messages on your payment page, you can set up the notifications that you’d like to include on your checkout page to encourage buyers to finish their purchase.  

When accessing your payment page, your buyers will know how many other folks are interested in your product, how many purchases have been made and how many other buyers are currently purchasing.   

Checkout notifications are vital in increasing your conversions:

Buyers will also know how many other people are interested in making the same purchase as they are and the number of other potential buyers in the last 24 hours or week. This way, if the product has limited access, the buyer will feel a greater sense of urgency to make their purchase, pressured by the notifications telling them the number of other folks interested.  

If you’re offering an evergreen product that demands no sense of urgency, the buyer will get the feeling that they are buying something that lots of other people are interested in and therefore must be high-quality.  

You can count on a payment system that works around the world and has been built specifically for online businesses:

Hotmart’s payment system allows you to make sales in more than 12 different currencies and even make a variety of local payment options available. 

Payment options available on Hotmart Checkout: 

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Debit 
  • Local payment options (Colombia, Mexico, Portugal, The UK and more
  • PayPal 
  • PayPal Credit
  • Venmo
  • Samsung Pay 
  • Google Pay 

Currencies available:

US Dollar (USD)

Argentine Peso (ARS)

Brazilian Real (BRL)

Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Colombian (COP)

Chilean Peso (CLP)

European Euro (EUR)

Japanese Yen (JPY)

Mexican Peso (MXN)

Nigerian Naira (NGN)

Peruvian Sol (PEN)

Pound Sterling (GBP)

Swiss Franc (CHF)

With Hotmart Checkout Builder, you can count on a variety of different templates to use according to your current business strategy or campaign: 

Checkout gives you the control to personalize offers so that the right type of communication is being made, fitting the specific campaign and when the moment comes to close the deal.   

You can also use Checkout Builder as a customization solution to leave your payment page looking visually in tune with your business or specific product. This contiguity helps with branding, buyer trust,  and can significantly increase your chances of converting.   

 Prime perks of using Hotmart Checkout:

More flexibility: 

A variety of personalized options for your products’ checkouts according to the visual and verbal identity of your business.   


Mobile experience:  

Different elements of the desktop version can be customized for smartphones and tablets. This gives a superior experience for your mobile users. 


Customized Offers: 

You can create different checkouts according to each strategy for your digital products, making as many personalized offers as you’d like. 


High-conversion templates: 

A wide variety of ready-to-roll checkout designs built especially for high conversion are always at hand for your online business.  



How quickly your checkout appears for your customers can define the success of your sales. With Hotmart Checkout, it will come up instantaneously for your buyers!  


Assurance: Your buyers can see the reviews and evaluations left by previous buyers, your seal of guarantee for your product and many other details. 

Raise the chances of a higher average ticket

Offer a complementary product right when your customer is making a purchase and they won’t need to go through the checkout process all over again. 

Let’s imagine you’ve got an online course about making cupcakes. The type of person buying your product is obviously interested in baking and probably pretty interested in other products within this area. 

So, why not help them out by offering an eBook on cake decorating as a secondary product? It will increase their knowledge and help raise your sales.  


A potential customer has seen your product page, liked what you have to offer and has even decided to purchase and filled in some of their information on your payment page. Then, for some reason, they didn’t finish the payment process. 

With our sales recovery, the information registered by this lead is saved on the platform and sent directly to you. This way, you can work with this captured lead and even figure out why they didn’t finish their purchase to help avoid this from happening with future potential customers.  

Start using Hotmart Checkout right now!

This is a tool that has been constructed for you to transform your online business. There are numerous features for you to provide your customers with the best buying experience possible. So, why not take your business to the next level?  


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