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8 reasons to use the Hotmart Members Area

More than 180 thousand digital products already being used with all the benefits of Hotmart Members Area!

8 reasons to use the Hotmart Members Area

The daily life of a digital content creator would be a lot less complicated if they had access to a space where it was possible to organize, distribute, and sell their product with no need to hire a team and without taking up too much of their time. The Hotmart Members Area exists precisely to fulfill this role.

 Also called Hotmart Club, the Members Area was developed to bring the best experience for those who are creating a product and also those who are consuming the content.

For you to better understand what the main benefits are, take a look at 8 reasons to start using the Hotmart Members Area right now.


1. Create opportunities to sell more 

The Members Area offers great solutions for those who are just starting, or are already evolving, their sales strategy.

One of the area’s great features is allowing users to create free ads for other digital products within the course itself. For example, let’s say you offer plumbing courses. While your user is taking a class on how to install a shower, you can offer another course you’ve made, this time teaching them how to install a sink for instance. 

According to studies we’ve carried out, 85% of users say they would consider buying a new product from the same Producer.

If you work as a Producer or an Affiliate, you can also promote products from other content creators and you get the commission if the sale is made.

 In addition, the Hotmart Members Area also offers the possibility to create extra content modules that can be either for free or paid. With this tool, you can deliver exclusive content to those students who want to further their learning or who need extra tutoring.

 A great strategy for using this feature is to offer an extra module free of charge to all users. And, at the end of it, recommend that whoever wants to learn  more can buy the extra module. It works as an “appetizer” for everything that your digital business has to offer!

What if we combine the free ad and extra paid module solutions into one, single strategy?

Imagine that you have a course on how to install shelves. In any of the content modules, you can insert an advertisement for an extra paid module that teaches color combination for shelves and extra decoration tips.

Want more protection in your sales? Got it!

When uploading your course on the Hotmart platform, you also have access to the integrated payment system. With it, you’ll have the peace of mind of having a service that was exclusively developed for the digital products market and which has already made sales in more than 188 countries.

In addition, it is possible to sell in more than 12 currencies and still offer several payment methods (credit card, bank slip, purchase in two cards) and local payment methods (specific to a few countries and regions).

2. Start your journey to financial freedom by working in the digital market 

As I said, the Hotmart member area is ready for you to host, distribute and sell your digital product, it’s as simple as it gets. But what does this mean in practice?

On a daily basis, you embrace autonomy, as you can insert, organize, deliver and sell your content in the most strategic way for your business. All this without having to hire a team, since it is so intuitive to use.

 You can, for example, develop a publication calendar and make it clear to your customer when the content will be available. You can also insert as many classes and modules as you want, with the option of only making them public on a scheduled date. 

More than following your own planning, you are also whetting your audiences appetite to consume the upcoming materials. In addition, you have more time to understand the buyers’ engagement level. If you wish to, there is still plenty of time to change something before publishing the next class.

3. Analyse users in a practical manner

I told you about the importance of  understanding buyer engagement, now it’s time to show you how you can do that within the Hotmart Members Area. In the Users section, you have access to different types of information about how your students are interacting with your classes.

  • In the Content option, you can view class progress, within each page of your course or quiz. With this information in hand, you can, for example, create an extra paid module exclusively for students who have completed at least 60% of classes.
  • By clicking Access, you can filter and segment your students by purchase date, first and last access and more. This is the ideal tool to find out who is not accessing the courses and send an email, encouraging them to come back to classes!
  • User, is where you can delve into the engagement rate of each student. It’s  possible to offer private consultations and extra segmented content to meet their every need.

4. Better understand your students

I’m pretty sure that if you’re a Producer, you noticed that I mentioned a Quiz earlier. Well, now it’s the time for us to  show you the benefits of this feature. 

The quiz is a test within your member area that you can apply to your students for a variety of purposes. There are two types of quizzes: 

  • Profile Quiz: find out what types of customers are accessing your content. For example, you can use a test to understand what type of material is having the most practical effect on students’ lives.
  • Exercises Quiz: multiple choice test, to help you understand if your students are really learning the subject. You can, for example, divide the class in two after checking the results of this test. One group with students who got more than 60% on the test and another one who got less. Thus, you can make more relevant content and that directly impacts the students’ needs.

5. Exclusive Player

You don’t need to hire a streaming service for your video or audio files. Within the Members Area, you can use the Hotmart Video Player, an exclusive and secure streaming service.

This tool makes the lives of Producers a lot easier, as everything you need to run your businesses can be found in the same environment. And to make it even more practical, it’s possible to upload several pieces of content of your course at the same time.

More than simply inserting the content, you can use one of the available templates to customize your course and also add notes within the videos. This can be a great way to give students extra tips.

In addition, Producers who are thinking of expanding their businesses to other countries besides their own, can count on our subtitles and automatic translation tool, which is available in several languages. Everything you need to take your product to the world is right here!

Last but not least: data. After all, there is no point in creating strategies using these solutions and failing to measure the results. Therefore, the Hotmart Player allows you access to average retention time and total numbers of views to help you analyze the performance of each video.

As for students, the Player offers custom optimized resolution according to the user’s internet speed and the possibility of inserting personal notes in the videos. A great way to guide them to more efficient studies!

The Player has one more advantage that  is so incredible, it deserves a section of its own. Keep reading to find out what it is!