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Hotmart’s New Website: made especially for those who want to learn, teach, or start a new career!

Learn or turn your knowledge into a lucrative business: see how the new Hotmart website was designed especially for you. And there’s more, come check it out!

Paula Zanella Caetano

09/17/2019 | By Paula Zanella Caetano

What will we see in this post

You are about to learn more about a digital space where you can learn, teach, or start a new career: Hotmart’s new website. Now you can better understand all the possibilities that the Hotmart universe can offer for those who want to build a digital business.

Our team is dedicated to bringing the best content to those who are, or want to become a Producer or Affiliate and need to work more efficiently on a daily basis. And our new site is no exception.

With simple and intuitive navigation, anyone working in the digital world can find out about all the benefits of the Hotmart platform. We’ve created a video tour for you to stay on top of everything that is happening. And there’s still some amazing news at the end.


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Your knowledge is worth (way) more than you think

Let’s say Julia works as a cook at a contemporary cuisine restaurant. However, she studies a lot about vegetarian recipes and for that reason, her friends start asking for vegetarian meal tips. She then starts to share her knowledge and even cook for them as if it were a side job.

Over time, Julia realizes that her knowledge of vegetarian recipes is valuable and that the people around her truly appreciate it. Therefore, she concludes that her skills and her experience with that cuisine have made her an authority on the matter. Eureka! Why not pass on this knowledge to more people and make some cash?

Julia creates a video course and puts it on the Hotmart platform. By promoting her course through social media and WhatsApp, she starts selling the course and making money from it. Basically, Julia’s turned her knowledge into a second source of income.

This was just one example, but pretty much any knowledge can be turned into a course or other product at Hotmart. Your product can be created in various formats, such as video, images, audios, audiobooks, ebooks, tickets, software and others.

In addition to hosting your digital product on the platform, Hotmart provides tools that can help you promote your product and improve its quality.

How about learning something new today?

Currently, our platform has more than 108,000 digital products in 24 different categories. In practice, this means that teachers, digital influencers, creators, producers, and content producers who are well renowned in their fields rely on Hotmart to host their content.

You can also choose how you want to learn. That is, knowledge is no longer restricted to just one form of teaching. Now you can learn something new when you’re at home through an audiobook, for example.

Watch courses on Hotmart Sparkle when you’re offline

Your choice matters, so Hotmart Sparkle lets you watch Hotmart courses offline. If the Producer of the course you purchased uses Hotmart Club, Hotmart’s free Members Area, you can watch the lessons through the app.

This is excellent news for those who have a busy daily life, but still want to learn something new. You can, for example, watch your lessons during your commute. Now, you choose how and where you want to learn.

Start a new career

Remember Julia’s example above? She used complementary knowledge from her career to create a course. However, she could have bought a course on a completely different subject, studied it, and created all new material. The possibilities are endless.

There are so many options you can choose from to start a new career. If your digital business is performing well and has become a good source of income, why not devote 100% to it? With proper financial and accounting planning, turn your talent into a profession and become your own boss.

Platform Guided Tour

It’s time to check out the Hotmart platform guided tour! It’ll help you navigate our universe. By watching it, you’ll understand how the platform can help you boost your digital business. See the details of what is in our video:

  • What are the tools that make our Producers and Affiliates work more efficiently;
  • How to follow the performance of your sales;
  • What is Hotmart Market and how it works;
  • Where to find or register all information necessary to promote a digital product.

Awesome, isn’t it? Now, it’s time for another amazing piece of news!

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Search for What You Want to Learn

This big news announced at FIRE FESTIVAL 2019 will make it possible for buyers to find the ideal product by searching for a keyword or term.

For customers to find which courses they want to take, they can search digital courses that are available on the platform, which will be curated by Hotmart. That is, you have a special space to search for quality knowledge in various formats.

As you’ve seen above, the information that appears on the page is the Product Page, not the Sales Page. The products that will appear in the search are carefully chosen by Hotmart’s quality control.

Did you like the information about Hotmart’s new website? Now it’s time to take a look at it:


See you next time and good sales!