HotPay: Payment with 2 credit cards!


Learn about an exclusive feature at HotPay: Payment with 2 credit cards!

Find out how payment with 2 credit cards can boost your conversions! Read the article now and learn more!


11/01/2016 | By Hotmart

What will we see in this post

Get ready, Hotmarter! From now on, you get to count on exclusive news on our exclusive payment system, HotPay! Do you want to know more? Keep on reading our post!

Up until today, HotPay has already helped thousands of people turning their payment processes into easier and more secure ones. With it, it’s possible to have more autonomy and speed in your operations, such  as withdrawal on your account, extract commissions and new features, such as checkout, recurring payment, payment with a click.

After all, what is the big HotPay news?

Without any further ado (and filled with happiness), we announce that, from today on, it is possible for buyers to make payments with more than one credit card!

Yes, that’s right! If your ticket is US$100 or more, your buyers can make the payment with up to two credit cards – automatically, without the need to change anything on the platform. Isn’t this great?

And why paying with 2 credit cards on HotPay is such a great advantage?

For starters, there’s no payment or extra fee to use this new feature. It’s all 100% free! (Don’t forget about fees for international purchases, ok?)

However, the benefits are even better and it’s a win-win situation!

Produtores e Afiliados, além de oferecer uma experiência mais positiva aos seus compradores, podem conquistar ainda mais conversões para seus produtos digitais.

Producers and Affiliates, besides offering a more positive experience to their buyers, can get more conversions to their digital products.

On the other hand, buyer who don’t have enough credit limit in their credit cards or who don’t have the opportunity to buy the product using only one card (for any other reason), can use two cards and will not be deprived of access to the product they wish so much.

Ah, and if you don’t know yet, card flags that are integrated to Hotmart are: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Elo, Hipercard, and Hiper (check the ones available in your country).

Wait that there’s more news “fresh out of the oven” for you! Let us tell you real quick:

Did you know user experience will be even better?

With the new mobile checkout, you can easily make purchases on mobile devices really fast.

Another feature we introduce next can also help (a lot!) your buyers who choose to buy using 2 credit cards. With the Independent Card Installment, it’s possible to make purchases and pay in installments on each card as the buyer decides.

For example: let’s assume you’re a buyer. Now, you can split the first part of the purchase in 2 installments (in one of the cards) and the second part in 4 installments (in the other card). Got it?


Did you know the feature Payment in 2 Cards from HotPay has evolved and is available not only in Brazil but also in other countries?

And there’s more! The feature works on all our checkouts, which means Standard, Mobile, Customized, and Widget Checkout, which are already integrated on the PayPal payment system.


Producer, it’s time to prepare your launch! With these new features from HotPay, you can establish a fair price to your product, giving your buyers the opportunity to use two cards to buy a digital product and make the payment in the best possible way.

There’s a lot cool stuff coming! Check Hotmart’s blog and don’t miss out our new features, developed thinking of your success and the one of your business’s!

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