Learn about the new features on the Mobile “Thank You Pages”!*

Your conversions of Bank Slips paid via mobile are about to increase after we break this news we’ve prepared for Producers and Affiliates! Learn more below!

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Hello, Hotmarter, how are you? A few days ago we told you about a very useful feature to watch as your conversions increase with HotPay: pre-populated checkout! Today, we’d like to introduce you to a surprise, “fresh out of the oven”: the new features on the Mobile Thank You Page!

If you want to know everything about this new feature, keep on reading our post!

8,2 billion. This is the number of smartphones in the world, according to GSMA real-time tracker in September 2017. There are more smartphones than people in the world, nowadays.

So, you must imagine that thousands of other people use the Internet and shop online using their smartphones on a daily basis, right?

That’s why a study conducted by our team in charge of the payment system, HotPay, has identified important details on the platform about the payment of bank slips via mobile.

According to the team’s analysis, even with the large number of sales made with bank slips by buyers, a good part of these aren’t paid. They have also checked that the Thank You Page for bank slips on mobiles convert less when compared to desktop – an indication that Brazilians still prefer to make payments through a computer**.

That’s right: the study also shown that the payment rate for bank slips on cellphones is even lower.

Therefore, they needed to develop actions that caused a positive impact on your conversions, making it easier to pay your bank slips via cellphone!

After several tests, implementing a new layout and some important features showed us higher conversion with the model created by the HotPay team – 1% more, in average! Isn’t this great?

And thinking of this we implemented amazing new features to the mobile “Thank you Page” of your products paid via bank slips!

#1. New Layout

For starters, of course your customers get more usability and a more accessible layout on their pages!

#2. Option “Copy Barcode”

Consider your customer is making a purchase via mobile and, after the checkout, she already wants to pay for your digital product on the app of her bank of preference.

With this option, just copy the barcode, paste it on the available field for payment in your bank and that’s it! All set!

By doing so, you make the buyer’s life easier and increase your conversions!


#3. Access Links to the main Banks

This is another feature for your buyers that can have a positive effect on your sales. They don’t need to look for the bank where they want to make the payment. Just choose among the available options on “Pay on your Internet Banking”.

Producer, notice that you don’t need to take any steps for the features to start working. They are already up and running, ok?

Na imagem, página de obrigado do HotPay, com novos recursos para aumentar suas conversões.

And what’s the big advantage?

No question, Producers and Affiliates win with these new features because they have more chances of increasing their sales and thus their digital business!  

On the other hand, Buyers optimize the payment of their products, which is easier and faster.

Did you like these new features launched by HotPay, our exclusive payment system? Take advantage of this resource and increase your conversions on the Hotmart Platform.

Do you have any questions? Be sure to get in touch with our Support!

See you later!

* This feature is only available in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.

** The study was conducted in Brazil with Brazilian users of the Hotmart Platform.



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