How creating segmentations for your students can help you create more assertive content

Access exclusive segmentations about your students at Hotmart Club and create more personalized content.

If teachers don’t know the results of the content they teach, they’ll never know if the classes are, in fact, effective.

Teachers need to understand where their students come from, their background and behavior patterns, as if these were segmentations. With this information at hand, teachers can develop classes that help students use knowledge within this scenario, and make the best out of the content.

The same thinking applies to Producers of digital courses. Although we’re talking about a type of course without a traditional classroom and teacher, the relevance of knowing your audience isn’t diminished.

Do you know how many of your students have completed the activities that you made available? And do you have any idea of the engagement created by your material?

This type of information is essential for you to get to know your users, understand how they behave and also to direct your content so that they’re more assertive. Besides offering more quality to your students, you can also increase your sales.

But where can you find this information about the students in your digital course? Keep reading and I’ll show you.

You still haven’t embraced distance education?

The act of educating goes beyond the classic classroom scene, in which a teacher writes on the blackboard or explains something, while the students sit at their desks listening and assimilating what is being written and taught. Those who devote themselves to teaching are committed to sharing knowledge, which cooperates in the intellectual and social development of another person.

More than ever, education has gained strength in nontraditional settings. According to Statista, distance education learning is expected to reach over 240 billions USD by 2022 worldwide.

In addition to this possibility, internet access has also opened doors for those who seek more information or who haven’t had the opportunity to receive education through traditional means.

Hotmart Club has new features

Now that you understand the importance of education and the relevance of distance education, let me show you the new Club features that will make your digital course development experience even better.

Producers who have digital courses on Hotmart Club, Hotmart’s free Members Area, can find valuable information about their students’ performance.

Check out the filters and understand how to apply these segmentations to your digital business.

If you want to filter your students by content, you can check the following:

  • Progress: understand how many and which students have made the most progress in the course.
  • Class: find the performance of each group of students.
  • Page: see who has or hasn’t completed one or more course pages.
  • Questionnaire: find the students who have or haven’t completed, or that had a specific result, from a profile questionnaire.

Let’s imagine a course with video-lessons in which, after each module, there’s an activity referring to the topic presented. With this feature, it is now possible to know the percentage of students who have or haven’t finished the task.

With this information at hand, it is possible to offer extra activities for those who have already finished in the form of an extra paid module. This can even be used as stimulus for those who still haven’t finished.

How about filtering by access? You can! Check out what you can find:

  • Purchase date.
  • First and last login.
  • Category: Who is the buyer, free, guest or imported?
  • Access: Who is active, blocked, blocked by the Producer or imported?
  • Access plus: Who is the account owner without dependents, owner with dependents or the dependents?

The information about who is active, for example, prompts the need for a more in-depth study in order to understand the reasons why someone is not watching the lessons and completing the activities. Sending a satisfaction survey by email to these people can provide powerful ideas to optimize your course’s content, making it more attractive.

Do you want to find information about users that is more specific? To do so, you can find students by:

  • Name.
  • Email.
  • Language.

By clicking on a single user, you obtain a scenario filled with important information, such as:

  • Progress: The student’s learning progress.
  • Completion: The number of lessons finalized and the last lesson the student accessed.
  • Login: First login date.
  • Engagement: Access to information related to your students’ behavior.

Based on this information, it is possible to segment the content more assertively. For example, after an introductory module, you can apply a quiz that will help you create student profiles according to test results.

Thus, you can create different segmentations with your audience. In another situation, students that have more knowledge about the subject can receive lessons that are more complex. While those who have less knowledge, can be impacted with denser content.

You can also use the same quiz technique at a more advanced point of the course in order to understand who is developing faster and who needs extra material.

In order to make your content creation process more effective, you can create a new class for those who need this content. And, in order to make the procedure of distributing material more agile, you can use bulk actions to move users.

In order to understand the relevance of the information that Hotmart will provide you, you should know that the engagement rate consist of access number, progress, performance and interaction.

In addition to the above, you can make many other combinations that can provide insights that will guide you in improving your content.

Where can you find all of these incredible indicators?

In order to know exactly where to find this information on your Hotmart Club, press play in the video below:

Did you enjoy the new features? Now it’s time to go to your Hotmart Club and check out this information! Who knows, perhaps you’ll get new insights about your digital product.

See you next time! :)

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