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How do Hotmart Cookies work?

In this post, we will tell you how Hotmart Cookies work, and how they are used so that the Affiliates receive commissions for their referrals. Read on to learn more!

Everything you need to know about Hotmart Cookies!

How long do Hotmart Cookies last? This is something that can be set up by the Producer! They may last for 60, 90, 180, or be evergreen, and be in different models: Last Click, First Click, and Multiple Clicks.

This means that when an Affiliate takes a visitor to the seller’s website, the visitor gets a cookie that is set, by default, to 60 days, or the duration you choose. Therefore, even if the visitor goes back to the seller’s website weeks later, through the Affiliate link or not, the commission will be registered normally. According to the model chosen (first, last or multiple), the Affiliate that led the visitor to the website will get the commission.

This allows Producers to use advanced sales funnel strategies, with Hotleads, and still, Hotmart will be able to track the commission and attribute them to the Affiliate.

Here’s an example:

  • John is an Affiliate and has promoted his link http://hotmart.net.br/show.html?a=XXX;
  • George is a buyer, clicked on John’s link and was redirected to www.producerxwebsite.com;
  • George browsed through the products, but didn’t make a purchase;
  • Weeks later, George access www.producerxwebsite.com and buys a product;
  • John gets the commission.

Frequent Questions about Cookies 

1 – If the Producer is using a capture form on the Sales Page, will it damage the Affiliates’ commissions?

No, not at all. On the contrary, it may even help. The Producer will build a relationship with the visitor via email, increasing the chances of the Affiliate converting in the future. The Cookies will remain active regardless of the Sales Funnel.

Remember to always show the Affiliate code on the external page. If it is an email capture page, it is extremely important, because it is through this code that we confirm that the link came from the Affiliate.

2 – What if the Producer sends the checkout link directly to the buyer? Will it overwrite the Affiliates’ cookies?

No. A link from the Producer never overwrites the Affiliates’ links.

3 – If a visitor, before making a purchase, clicks on 2 different Affiliate links to the same product, who gets the commission?

It depends on the commissioning rule chosen by the Producer.

If she has chosen the Multiple-clicks one, both Affiliates get the commission. If it was First, only the first Affiliate will get it. And if it was Last, the last Affiliate who redirected the visitor to the website will get the commission.


And that’s it!

Leave your comments and questions below and see you next time! ;D