How to create a Hotmart account? Follow the step by step

Sign up to Hotmart and take advantage of the many opportunities the platform offers.

How to create a Hotmart account

Hotmart is an all-in-one platform that offers many possibilities: you can create a digital product, by registering as a creator, work promoting third-party products in exchange for commissions as an affiliate, or learn something new, by registering as a buyer. Read this article to learn how create a Hotmart account!

How to create a Hotmart account

Creating a Hotmart account is very fast and simple and you can choose your role according to your objective. Now, let’s go to the step-by-step?

First of all, you need to access the site. Just go to

Once you’ve done this, the following screen will appear. Check it out: 

Hotmart Official Site

When this screen is displayed, it’s time to start your registration. First, click on Sign up, on the top right side of the screen. When you click Sign up, a new tab will open for you to continue with your registration. Check out what this tab looks like below: 

Log In Hotmart

Here, you can choose two ways of signing up: by creating an account with Facebook or by filling out the information that appears below. If you choose to create an account with Facebook, when you click on Create account with Facebook, you’ll be directed to fill in the -mail and password you use to access your Facebook account.  

If you choose to fill in the information that appears below the Facebook button, you’ll be filling out a full registration, filling out certain information, such as: 

  • Your full name
  • Your email 
  • Your password (create a secure password, with letters and numbers) 

After filling out this basic information, you can choose your role by letting us know: what opportunities are you looking for?

Sell Products

If you select Sell products, it means that you can become a Creator or an Affiliate.


If you have knowledge about a given subject and want to share this knowledge by creating a product, you can become a Hotmart creator. As a creator, you can work as an online teacher from anywhere in the world.

If Selling Products is what you want. Whether you want to supplement your income or become an internet entrepreneur, we can help you get started.

Strategy and Tools is a completely free course, aimed at people who want to create a digital product to start an online business. Learn the details about the tools and solutions Hotmart has for you to create new strategies and increase your sales.


By selecting Sell products, you can also become an Affiliate. Affiliates work with the promotion of products from creators and are paid a commission in return. In other words, you can sell and promote someone else’s products through your social media accounts, for example. And if you manage to sell this product, you’ll be paid a commission, a portion of the amount. 

Learn how to become an Affiliate

Do you wish to become an affiliate, but don’t know how to get started? Are you unsure about which product to choose to promote, or don’t know anything about promoting a product? Check out our free resources to help you find out if this is the right path for you:

Affiliate Success Stories: Discovering the Affiliate world and paths to financial freedom

Or learn how to become an affiliate at Hotmart by reading this article!

Buy Products

If you select Buy Products, it means that you really want to learn something new. 


As a buyer, you’ll be able to choose and purchase online courses from various segments available, such as Personal Development, Business and Careers, Cooking and Gastronomy, Languages, Health and Sports, and much more. If you become a student of any course, you’ll have access to a full, high-quality learning experience.

Start learning something new now with the courses on the Hotmart Marketplace

If you’ve selected Buy Products, the Hotmart Marketplace is the best place for you to:

  • Find the best content for learning
  • Choose the payment method you prefer, from those available 
  • Access it from wherever you want. Just download the content
  • You can interact and ask creators questions

If you’re interested and want to get started today by learning something new, click on the link below and choose products from the Hotmart Marketplace. 


After choosing whether you want to Sell products or Buy products, comes the next step of your registration. 

After reading our Terms of Use and Hotmart Policies, you need to check the box “I am aware and agree to Hotmart Terms of Use and Privacy Policy”, then, click Continue. 

When you click Continue, the next step will be displayed and you’ll have to select one of the following sentences: 

  • I’ve got a digital product or an idea for one to sell on Hotmart: this means you’ll register as a creator
  • I’d like to sell products that are on Hotmart and earn commissions: this means you’ll register as an affiliate
  • I’m not sure yet, I’d like to learn about the Digital Market and about Hotmart: this means you can choose your role later. 

Remember that checking these questions isn’t mandatory, and doesn’t limit what you can be or do on the platform. Therefore, after selecting one of the suggestions, click Enter. You’ll see the following screen: 

Sign Up Hotmart

If you’ve made it this far, it means that your registration has been completed successfully and that you already have an account on the Hotmart platform. From here on, according to what you have selected and intend to do, you can start exploring everything Hotmart has to offer. 

If you want to become a Creator

Hotmart has many possibilities for you. One of the first things you can do when you decide to become a creator is to select your product’s format. In other words, how you’re going to teach your expertise to people. 

You can choose among the following: 

  • Tickets for in-person events      
  • Images / Photos
  • Source Code
  • Audio / Music
  • Mobile Application
  • Files to download
  • Discount coupons
  • Movies / Screencasts
  • Serial Number
  • Podcast / Audiobook
  • Programs for downloading
  • Online Consulting Services
  • Online Events
  • Online Courses
  • Subscriptions
  • Ebook

When creating your product, you’ll be able to describe in detail, what your product is about and what it offers, you’ll be able to name it and determine how people will pay for it. You can also select your product’s language and category, for example, health and sports, business and career, literature, etc. 

If you want to become a Hotmart Affiliate

If you intend to work with affiliation, when you get to the page shown above, you can click on Affiliate to a product and then, the Affiliate Marketplace will open. As shown in the image below: 

If you already have followers, take the time to select products that make sense when you offer them to your audience. If you haven’t already studied your target audience and your persona, do so before you select the product you’ll affiliate with. By doing so, you’ll be more successful in your sales. 

If you want to create a buyer account at Hotmart

If you want to buy a course and learn something new, click on Buy a product, and then the Marketplace will open in a new tab. 

At this point, you just have to choose among the many courses, the one that makes fits your goals.

Now that you know what it’s like to create a Hotmart account, and have learned the steps on how to do it, all you need to do now is decide what you want to do on Hotmart and start your registration now. If you’d like to receive our newsletter by email, just go to our blog and subscribe to it.

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