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Find out how to rank in Google and get your website on the first page of the search engine

Due to the progress of digital transformation and changes in consumer behavior, taking a physical business online is critical. Because of this, rank on Google has become the goal of many entrepreneurs. And it’s easy to understand why. Google is the largest search engine on the web and has become synonymous with internet search. It […]

Marcos Pereira

07/06/2021 | By Marcos Pereira

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Due to the progress of digital transformation and changes in consumer behavior, taking a physical business online is critical. Because of this, rank on Google has become the goal of many entrepreneurs.

And it’s easy to understand why. Google is the largest search engine on the web and has become synonymous with internet search.

It doesn’t matter whether the goal is to learn how to prepare tiramisu, or find an online course on makeup, for example. Google is where many people search for answers to their questions.

Best of all, there are several ways of getting a website on Google, and give a brand more online visibility. Would you like to know how? Then, read this post to the end!

Why do you need to get your website on Google?

Have you ever wondered how many websites there are on the Internet?

According to WorldWideWebSize estimates, there are more than 5 billion pages on the Internet. That’s a lot!

Now, imagine how difficult – not to mention impossible – it would be to find a specific business’ website among so many web pages.

In this sense, Google works as an index for all the pages on the Internet, cataloging and organizing each of them based on the subjects they cover. This process is called indexing.

Thus, when someone searches Google for a keyword, the search engine displays a list of all the pages that, according to certain criteria, can answer the user’s question. This page is called SERP, which stands for Search Engine Results Page.

Can you see how appearing on Google, especially on the first few pages, allows your business to have a longer reach and, consequently, generate more traffic and have more conversions?

But merely having your website indexed by the tool to attract visitors isn’t enough. It is necessary to appear prominently in the results page.

This is because, according to the SearchEngineJournal data, more than 25% of people click on the first search result. And this rate drops for the other results, reaching a click-through rate (the ratio between the number of link views and clicks) of only 2.5% for the 10th SERP result.

This means that in order to rank on Google and gain online visibility, working to get your website on the search engine’s first page is key, and even more so, ranked first!

How do I rank on Google and promote my page?

There are two ways of making your website rank on Google: free or paid.

The free strategy consists of investing in the production of search engine optimized content and using search engine tools, such as Google Maps and feature snippets. Paid strategies, on the other hand, are ads and advertising campaigns.

Although the two strategies are different from each other, nothing prevents your business from investing in one or both of them at the same time. The choice should take into account your goals, budget, and the need for faster results.

To help you decide on the best strategy to get your website on Google, we have listed the main ways to achieve this below.

Paid ads

Paid ads are the fastest way to rank on Google and thus, attract leads and generate sales.

This is how it works: On the Google Ads platform, you choose a series of keywords related to your business, define the ad’s landing page, and choose the billing model (which can be by conversions or impressions).

So when someone performs a search using one of the keywords you have chosen, your ad appears at the top of the SERP, labeled as an “Ad”.

print of the search results for the keyword "Hotmart Masters" showing, in the first place, a paid advertisement on Google about the event

Also called sponsored links, paid ads generate a large volume of traffic to a website in a short time, since from the moment the campaign is approved, the link appears at the top of Google’s results page.

Since it allows keyword segmentation, you have greater control over the audience that will be reached by the ad, increasing your chances of conversion.

But watch out! As soon as the campaign budget is exhausted, the sponsored link will stop being displayed.

Knowledge Panel

Have you ever Googled a company or establishment and were surprised by a table containing all the information about the company?

Known as the knowledge panel, this feature concentrates relevant information about a particular business, such as the founder’s name, date of foundation, the city in which it’s headquartered, etc.

print de um exemplo de painel do conhecimento contendo informações sobre a Hotmart

For local businesses, such as restaurants and stores, this feature is a great opportunity to increase authority and generate sales. The knowledge panel can provide relevant information, such as the address, website, phone number, working hours, and user reviews. You can also include a CTA button, such as “Make a reservation” or “Contact us”.

If your business doesn’t have its own dashboard yet, just use Google My Business. This free tool is quite intuitive and easy to use, and in a short time, your business will rank on Google with an organized knowledge panel.

Google Maps

Did you know that, according to Google, 76% of searches made on smartphones and tablets are for the purpose of finding nearby businesses?

This means that another way of making your business rank on Google is to invest in marketing for Google Maps!

Through geolocation, the search engine’s map app recommends nearby stores and establishments, according to their distance.

print dos resultados de pesquisa no Google Maps para restaurantes próximos da localização do usuário

Each business is displayed with a symbol on the map, and by tapping it, users have access to a lot of useful information, such as working hours, photos of the establishment, and user ratings.

Keeping this information up-to-date is quite simple and is done by Google My Business itself. And best of all, it requires no investment in ads!

Organic Search

Perhaps you can’t afford to invest in sponsored links now. Or maybe you want to build online authority for your brand. Or you want to generate traffic without worrying about users who use AdBlock in their browsers.

In these cases, investing in organic searches is the best alternative to make your website rank on Google.

Thus, when searching for a certain keyword related to your business, your company’s website can appear among Google’s suggestions.

In the SERP, the results appear immediately below the ads, with the first websites being considered more relevant by the Google algorithm, according to the intention of the user’s search.

print com os resultados de busca orgânica para a pesquisa "como fazer um curso online"

To generate organic traffic and appear in Google’s results, it’s important that you optimize your pages, so that they are indexed correctly by the search engine and appear in the SERP.

These optimizations are called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, and adapt the content of a page to the rules that Google takes into account when ranking search results.

Despite being a free strategy, it’s important to note that SEO isn’t as simple as the other options.

Google is constantly changing its ranking and search algorithms, such as the recently announced Core Web Vitals. Moreover, this strategy offers long-term results, since the domain’s age and authority are decisive factors for the SERP ranking.

Therefore, consider this when deciding on the best strategy to get your website on Google.

Make your website rank on Google in order to generate traffic and sales!

With more and more people using the Internet to solve problems, learn about new brands, and shop, ranking on Google is practically a requirement for any business.

As you have read throughout this post, there are several ways to get a website on the internet’s largest search engine. Paid advertising, marketing on Google Maps and organic searches are some of them.

While these strategies have the same goal – which is to increase brand reach and generate traffic and sales – they may not be recommended for all business types and sizes.

If you’re still in doubt about which technique is best for the current moment of your business, don’t worry. We’ve prepared content with everything you need to know in order to promote your blog!