Learn how to sell online with the tips from top market experts in the second edition of Hotmart MASTERS.


Learn how to sell online with top market experts at Hotmart MASTERS

Learn how to sell online with tips and strategies by Ryan Deiss, Bruno Capanema and Ícaro de Carvalho in the second edition of Hotmart MASTERS.

Marcos Pereira

10/15/2020 | By Marcos Pereira

What will we see in this post

Working with sales online is no longer a distant dream and has become the reality for millions of entrepreneurs around the world.

Just to give you an idea, during the second quarter of 2020, the e-commerce segment presented a growth of 44.4% in sales in the USA. In fact, many businesses are making the move from offline to online.

If you intend to start investing in this market, you need to learn how to sell online the right way, and make your business take off. This is why Hotmart has invited important names in the digital market to give you the best strategies to sell online during Hotmart MASTERS.

Bruno Capanema, Ícaro de Carvalho and Ryan Deiss are going to share everything they know during our global, online and 100% free event. Would you like to know more about our guests and their talks? Then, keep reading this post.

Taking your business to other countries

Those who already own businesses and think about internationalizing their sales cannot miss Capanema’s lecture.

The CEO of the Dádiva Group, one of the largest multinational groups for digital products, will provide essential tips for those who want to take their businesses to other countries.

During the event, Capanema will share with the audience all of the experience he has accumulated at the helm of the Dádiva Group, and as an expert in international sales, business models and the scaling of digital companies.

What is an online sales plan?

Does your business have an online sales plan? Do you know which steps are necessary to start selling online?

To answer these questions, we’ve invited Ryan Deiss to speak at the second edition of Hotmart MASTERS. Ryan Deiss is an entrepreneur, bestseller and currently, one of the most sought-after speakers on digital marketing.

Ryan is the founder and CEO of the Scalable Company, a startup accelerator in Austin, Texas. He is also the CEO of DigitalMarketer.com, Recess.io and the host and founder of the Traffic & Conversion Summit, the largest conference of digital marketing conversion in North America.

Recurrence – how to sell content every day

One business model that has become quite popular over the last few years is the subscription clubs. In this type of business, the products are made available on a recurring basis for the audience, who pays a recurring subscription fee in order to access them.

To talk a little about this market and provide tips on how to create and manage a subscription business, and make the most of recurring sales, we have invited Ícaro de Carvalho.

Ícaro has been working in the digital market since 2010 and has developed major online projects, such as The New Market, which is currently the fastest growing digital business in the country and has over 20 K students.

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Between October 19 and 23 of 2020, you can participate in a global, online and 100% free event, with exclusive lectures that you cannot miss.

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