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In the Loop: Your Way to Track Hotmart Updates!

Now you can stay in the loop on all of Hotmarts updates about new tools, features, and a lot more. Check it out!

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It’s tough keeping up to date on everything that’s happening in the tech world. There’s so much information and news that it leaves even the most organized feeling overwhelmed. 

That’s why we’re introducing In the Loop at Hotmart. A page where you can find all the latest information about the platform so your online business can evolve with us. 

How’s it going to help your business?

In the Loop is a collection of all of the updates that have happened on the platform and with Hotmart services that affect your business. This will make it easier for you to take full advantage of everything Hotmart has to offer you. 

Something that shouldn’t come as news to you is that we are constantly working to bring you the best features that adapt to your business.

With these ongoing improvements, it’s now easier for you to have just one go-to page to learn about updates, new products, and even new features. It makes sense for your business to have everything in one place, doesn’t it?    

Let’s check out some of the advantages you have with In the Loop:

  • Get information about updates and new tools;
  • Everything is simple and straightforward: what, why, and how; 
  • It makes it easier to track the topics that interest you the most;
  • It helps your business to evolve with Hotmart. 

Let’s take a closer look 

In the Loop is designed to be simple and informative. Just go to the page and you’ll find all the content in chronological order. 

By clicking on a post, you’ll have access to the full text about the news, as well as additional content to help you put it into practice.  

Additionally, you can check updates by their subject using tags such as Members Area, Affiliate Program, or Hotmart Sparkle, for example. This will group all publications of interest in one place.

The page is currently available in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. 

Information whenever you need it

We have several communication channels so that you can quickly, simply, and securely find what you need.  

  • Help Center: informative articles that cover all the questions that creators, affiliates, and buyers may have regarding tools, processes, and more. 
  • Help Center YouTube: this channel has short tutorial videos about the platform’s features, from setting things up to how to use things; 
  • Hotmart Blog: learn about the digital market, education, Hotmart features, and much more. Some of the main topics are entrepreneurship, career development, digital marketing, education, video production, creators, affiliates, FIRE, and Hotmart Sparkle;
  • In the Loop: the official page dedicated to sharing the platform updates. 

Now it’s easier than ever to stay in the loop and take advantage of all of Hotmart’s features so your business can evolve.

So, what do you think? Go ahead and take a peek. And Don’t forget to bookmark the page!