Increase the amount of your sales with a personalized product bundles

Without spending a penny more, create personalized bundles to sell more than one product at the same time for a great price

How many times has a combo of products with a personalized offer called your attention in a store? The strategy of making bundles with more than one product and selling them for a special price is common both in and out of the digital market.

Despite being practical, some of you may still be wondering if it’s worth it. After all, why sell two or more products for a lower price, if you can sell them separately and charge the full price for each one? Well, it all depends on which stage your business is in. 

5 main benefits of personalized product bundles

When someone buys one of your products, it’s good, isn’t it? And if they buy more than one? Even better! That’s why you can’t miss the chance to sell your content more than once. 

I chose the five main benefits of creating and promoting product bundles. Check them out:

1. Scale the amount of each of your sales

The bundle sales strategy is effective for increasing the average amount of each of your sales (average ticket)

In practice, you earn more money in a single sale. If you have a bundle with two products, for example, you can make a single email marketing and paid media campaign to promote them, instead of making two different campaigns.

2. Drive the sales of your products

Anyone who has more than one product knows how hard it is to sell them all. One of the strategies to drive sales of all of your products is to create bundles.

You can, for example, make a combo with a best-selling product with another product that’s not selling very well at the moment.

3. Speed up decision making

If a future client (lead) has a question about which of your products to buy, they might view the combo as a good option. Besides the better price, the buyer will have access to more than one product at once, which speeds up the conversion process.

Imagine if someone interested in the content you sell can’t decide between two courses because they don’t have enough money to buy both. If they see an opportunity to buy both at a better price, there’s a better chance they’ll take advantage.

4. It reduces the chances of checking out competitors

I bet before buying something you check the price at more than one store. Your future customers do the same thing. But bundles can reduce that. I’ll explain how with an example:

 Julia, who wants to make her house more sustainable, is interested in some courses offered by Lucy, a creator specialized in the environment. Three courses by Lucia caught her attention, but the competition is offering a more competitive price for one of the courses.

 So, Julia thought about buying the content separately, on two digital platforms. But, before making the final decision, she received an email from Lucy telling her about the product bundle with the three products she needs at a price that, in the end, is a much better deal.

5. Generate more value for customers

Julia’s story brings us to the 5th major benefit, which is customers seeing even more value in your business as a whole and in the expertise you have in the niche in which you operate.

How to set up a product bundle in Hotmart?

The possibility of creating your own bundles is already available for you free of charge on the Hotmart platform. To do so, you must have two or more products registered and decide which of them will be part of the combo.

You can check out the step-by-step guide at this link and create your bundle now for free.

And to make sure your bundles don’t go to waste, I’ve put together a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: define your objective

To put the best products in a combo, you need to first have a clear objective that is in alignment with your positioning in the market. To do so, start thinking about a few points like:

  • Boosting a product that hasn’t been selling well lately.
  • Selling an old product that has been recently updated.
  • Motivating more people to buy more than one of your products.

Of course, there are plenty more objectives beyond those listed above. Make sure you choose objectives that make sense for your products and business!

Step 2: create a strategy for the products you choose

With your objective established, now it’s time to think about your strategy. Your focus should be on choosing the best products that help you reach your desired objective.

Step 3: set the price and don’t leave money on the table

In this step, remember that your price can communicate who your target audience is, so it’s essential to keep the objective of the bundle in mind in this step as well.

 You can determine the price based on cost, that is, production costs (fixed and variable), and the profit you want to make must also be taken into account.

 Or, competition-based pricing, which relies on the competitor’s price to determine the price of a product.

Step 4: start promoting

Finally, plan what you’re going to do to promote the personalized bundle link. Remember that you can use:


  • Email marketing
  • Sales pages
  • Livestreams to sell live
  • Social networks
  • Paid media

If you have no idea where to start with promoting, here’s another important tip: at Hotmart, you can create emails and send them automatically, make sales pages, and go live. All this in a single place.


Bonus: combine two Hotmart free features

Now you know how to create product bundles with personalized prices at no additional cost, as well as promote them with a single link.

But what to do if you still have products you don’t want to include in the bundle, but that you would like all of your customers and potential buyers to have access to? For that, you need to create a Space: a single link in which you can organize all of your Hotmart products.


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