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Interactive Facebook Posts to Boost Your Audience Engagement

How to use interactive Facebook posts in your strategy.

Interactive Facebook posts to boost your audience engagement

Have you thought about how you can create interactive Facebook posts to connect with your audience and see how your content resonates with them?

There are many ways you can engage your audience on Facebook. One of the most successful methods is through interactive Facebook posts. This type of post allows you to include an interactive element that’ll increase the likelihood of engagement. Such posts are easier to create than you think, and we will walk you through some of the different options to consider.

They usually allow users to take action by clicking, swiping, or scrolling through the post. Sometimes, the engagement is as simple as thinking about and answering a question. These types of posts are more likely to get users’ attention and keep them scrolling through your timeline for longer periods of time.

Why Interactive Facebook Posts Work

Facebook posts have become a very important part of organic marketing. They are the easiest way to interact with your audience and engage them in a conversation.

To boost your engagement on Facebook and potentially increase web traffic, make use of interactive content that asks users to take action. This way, they will feel as if they are a part of the post and not just passive observers.

Polls or quizzes allow you to get feedback from your audience and learn what they want. As you gather such information, you can further incorporate it into your product or service. Add an index when posting this content.

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1. Ask Questions in Your Post 2. Create and Share Videos 3. Use Social Media Buzzwords and Hashtags 4. Polls and Quizzes 5. Hold Contests and Giveaways 6. Go Live
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1. Ask Questions in Your Post

By asking questions somewhere in the post or at the bottom, you are easily inviting your audience to engage in conversation. Posing specific questions will encourage viewers to go beyond simply leaving a “like.” Asking questions will prompt viewers to use the comments section to answer the stated question(s).

The actual post itself does not need to be long – it may simply be a question. Get things started by offering a response in the post. 

For example, if you create a travel-related post, you may ask “So, what is your favorite vacation of all time? Please tell us more below. My favorite was Egypt!”

Encourage fun responses by having people use images, gifs, emojis, or reaction buttons to answer the question.

2. Create and Share Videos

Using videos in your post is a great way to engage your audience. These videos can be simple or complex and will certainly have the potential to increase your reach. If you create a video for your website, it is easy to share it to your Facebook page.

For an even more interactive experience, create a series of related videos that you will release over a short period of time. This way, you are able to engage viewers in the same way as if they were watching the original video itself. 

It will also give viewers something to anticipate. To increase anticipation, consider presenting a trailer or preview of the next video at the end of the current one.

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3. Use Social Media Buzzwords and Hashtags

Social media buzzwords are words that describe something or someone who is related to what you are discussing in the post or in the comments section of the posts. 

Incorporating trending buzzwords and hashtags will make it easier for your content to be found during audience searches. It is an easy way to ease yourself into an ongoing conversation and increase your reach. However, such hashtags and buzzword topics should be related to your business in some way.

4. Polls and Quizzes

Polls and quizzes are fun ways to ask your audience questions. Anyone visiting such a Facebook post can actively respond to the direct question. However, the comments section leaves even more room for further discussion with participants.

You can create a Facebook poll when you:

  •   Go to the Events section
  •   Create post
  •   Click “create poll”

Online quiz makers and chatbots for Facebook Messenger are available to quickly create an engaging quiz.

5. Hold Contests and Giveaways

Who doesn’t like free things? Anyone who has begun to enjoy your product or service will look forward to a free gift from your company. At the very least, they will have a chance to sample something – and, hopefully, post about how cool it is later! 

This is also a great opportunity to build your outreach list if participants add their contact info when doing contest activities. You can require people to watch posted videos, visit your main website, and more. Contest ideas or giveaways can involve participants posting or sending in a funny story, video, or photo related to the contest topic. 

So have some fun while increasing brand awareness and connecting with participants. You can incorporate audience voting to pick the winner(s) or select them over email submission. 

6. Go Live

Take interactive Facebook posts engagement to a new level by going live. If you are not comfortable speaking and presenting off the top of your head, creating a script or notes beforehand will help you. However, doing live posts will become easier the more you do them.

Facebook Live is a popular alternative to YouTube. The great thing about using this format is that it allows creators to see and interact with live comments as they pour in. Commenters can also respond to each other in real time or after the broadcast is over. Later, you can post the complete video on other platforms like YouTube.

Whether your business is related to travel, selling products, or thought leadership, live posts are the best way to connect and respond in real time.


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In conclusion, interactive Facebook posts are a way to increase engagement with your customers. There are several ways to create interactive content for Facebook. It can be as simple as a question or as intense as a live video. To find out more about using interactive Facebook posts, check out the article Interactive Content and How to Use It Right Now.