Kick off the year with our can’t-miss tips and increase your chances to sell

Check out our special tips to kick off 2021 with better chances of selling

Estás listo para empezar el año? ¡Qué tal  empezar el año con los mejores consejos Hotmart para aumentar tus ventas este 2021!

The year is just getting started, but I imagine that you’re making plans to sell more in 2021. Therefore, we’re ready to provide you with strategic tips to boost your digital business by using the various solutions available in the Hotmart payment system. 

If you intend to increase your changes of selling this year, keep reading our post and I’ll fill you in. 

To get started, use the payment system made for digital products 

Shopping online is widely practiced in several places in the world. It’s no wonder that e-commerce has been one of the fastest growing markets over the last few years. And therefore, every digital entrepreneur needs to worry about certain details so that the purchase is safe both when the customer pays and when you get paid for your sales. 

Independence, security and speed to sell worldwide

And what if… 2021 were the year for you to start internationalizing your sales?

With millions of payments already processed in over 188 countries, our system is ready to boost your conversions. 

Transactions are made securely and you have options of receiving your commissions in your local currency.

Hotmart’s Checkout page allows your buyers to pay in different currencies than the one you registered in your offer. 

In other words, if you sell in your currency, and your buyers want to buy in their currency, our checkout page is capable of converting the amounts so that buyers purchase the product in their own currency and commissions are deposited to your Hotmart registered account.

Our platform offers this facility together with a unique anti-fraud system with three of the largest security systems in the world: CSE Security, PCI-DSS and 3D Secure, including 3DS2.0 authentication, which is currently mandatory in most European countries.

Expand the payment methods you offer to your customers 

One of the main strategies to scale your business is to offer a wide variety of payment methods to your buyers. And the Hotmart payment system is a complete solution that includes everything you need to enhance your conversions. 

So, how about learning a little more about the main payment methods that you can offer on your product’s checkout page?

Credit cards

Visa, MasterCard, Elo, American Express, HyperCard, Hiper, Diners Club… Credit card use grows daily due to the increase of online purchases. 

This format is used by many buyers due to the great facility to pay purchases in installment payments and pay quickly, since credit card purchases are processed within a few seconds. 

Debit cards

With debit cards, payments are also processed quickly. The difference is that in this case, there are no installment payment options, and no risk of chargebacks, when the consumer asks for a refund after the purchase has already been authorized.

Bank payment slip

Bank payment slips are an interesting payment method you can offer. As the payment is made in a single installment, producers can offer discounts to stimulate the completion of the purchase. 


This method is widely used due to its ease of use and the security buyers feel when using it. You can use PayPal with an e-mail address and password, without having to enter the card information every time you make a purchase. 

Samsung Pay and Google Pay 

Digital wallets (also called e-wallets) are secure environments where bank and/or credit card information is stored. This information is encrypted in the system and when accessed, can be used to make purchases online. 

Although they are recent, the use of digital wallets is already common in many countries in Europe, Asia and North America. About 17% of transactions made in Australia, and 14% of those made in Russia are already made by using this method. 

According to a survey conducted by IDC, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico already have approximately 61% of smartphone users, from classes A, B and C, using form of digital wallet. 

In addition to the traditional payment methods, offer local payment methods

With the Hotmart payment system, your digital business can go global. Above, we’ve already told you that our system processes payments in more than 12 currencies, remember? 

And you can also receive payments in Dollars, Euros or Pounds Sterling according to the type of sale made. Check all available currencies for purchases and sales on our platform: 

  • US Dollar (USD)
  • Argentinean Peso (ARS)
  • Brazilian Real (BRL)
  • Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  • Colombian Peso (COP)
  • Chilean Peso (CLP)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Japanese Yen (JPY)
  • Mexican Peso (MXN)
  • Nigerian Naira (NGN)
  • Peruvian Sol (PEN)
  • Pound Sterling (GBP)
  • Swiss Franc (CHF)

*Information from December 2019.

Local payment methods

Expand your business’ possibilities with the preferred payment methods of each region. Each country has a different shopping behavior and on Hotmart’s checkout page, you can offer your buyers the option to pay with the methods they trust the most:

  • Baloto – Colombia
  • OXXO – Mexico
  • Multibanco (Portugal)
  • Sencillito (Chile)
  • PagoEfectivo (Peru)
  • SEPA (European Union)
  • PSE (Colombia)
  • BACS (United Kingdom)
  • Débito bancário (Brazil)
  • Tarjeta de débito (Mexico)
  • Mastercard, Visa (Europe, USA, Canada and Asia)
  • Cartes Bancaires (France)

Details that can help your checkout page to convert more

A well-structured layout, with buyer testimonials and evaluations, and additional information, is essential to help convert buyers who haven’t fully decided yet. 

Think about the online purchases you have made over the last few months and try to remember the checkout pages. Remember their structure, and what pleased you the most when you decided to make the purchase, and what created the most confidence.

With the Hotmart payment system, you can create several checkout templates (checkout page), using the customization solution (Checkout Builder) and test them by varying elements, such as color, phrases and even videos.  

You can easily customize the checkout page without the help from programmers or designers. You can customize it with your visual identity, increase your buyers’ confidence, breakdown objections, strengthen your brand and, of course, increase your conversion chances. 

Sales tools to boost your business 

While buyers enter their payment info, they are evaluating whether to complete the purchase. Some payment methods provide tools that make buyers’ lives easier, and reduce the decision time and, consequently, a possible dropout.

Checkout notifications

With the notifications on the checkout page, it is easier to work on the sense of urgency.

This solution allows you to show visitors how other customers are behaving in relation to your digital product. Thus, you can speed up buyers’ decision by showing who is interested or has already purchased the product.

Increase your average ticket directly on your checkout page 

Imagine offering an additional product exactly when your customer is completing the purchase, without having to go through the entire shopping flow again. A practical example: Let’s imagine that you have an online course on the cultivation of varied plants. 

The person who is buying this product is already interested in plants and might also be interested in other products in the same area. 

So, how about offering, at the end of the purchase, an e-book teaching how to make natural fertilizers with an offer your customer can get as a second product. You offer your customers a complete experience, they acquire more knowledge, and your sales have more chances of growing. 

Solutions that facilitate sales recovery

Imagine that potential buyers have seen your product page, have liked what you’re offering, and are deciding to buy it. However, they filled in some personal information and, for some reason, did not complete the purchase. With the sales recovery, the registered information are recorded and sent directly to you. 

In this manner, you can target them by e-mail, answering your future customers’ questions and increasing the chances of them returning and completing the purchase.

Discount coupons

The Hotmart payment system allows Producers to create discount coupons in order to create sales strategies based on offering special conditions to buyers. 

In addition, you can create coupons for Affiliates to use in their own promotions.

The Hotmart payment system is fully integrated with other solutions

Hotmart is a fully integrated platform. That’s because our team is always committed to providing smart solutions that make life easier for Producers and Affiliates. And one of the most strategic integrated solutions is the one-click purchase.

Make sales while your students are watching your course 

Take advantage of the time when your students are consuming your content and sell products within the Hotmart Members’ Area without them having to re-enter their credit card information or leave the platform. 

Club Sales: A way of selling more without having to spend on ads 

If you are just starting out, or are already evolving your sales strategies, the Hotmart Members’ Area is for you!

Without leaving our platform, you can use Club Sales and create free ads for other digital products within the courses themselves. For example, while your users are learning how to create vegetarian dishes, you can offer another course or an e-book that teaches how to make vegan desserts. 

Internal studies have shown that approximately 40% of sales in the Hotmart Members’ Area are made with just one click. This sales model presents a higher rate of purchase approval due to the practicality of completing the purchase, since the students don’t need to leave the study environment or register a new payment method in order to buy.

Extra Paid Modules: Boost your sales without leaving the Members’ Area 

In addition, the Hotmart Members’ Area allows you to create free or paid extra content modules. Let’s think of a practical example: Offer an extra free module to all users. 

And at its end, indicate that in order to learn more, they just have to buy the extra paid module. You have already given them a taste, piqued your students’ interest and have even better chances of selling! 

Would you like another example? Now combining both solutions: Club Sales + Extra Modules. 

If you have a course on how to fix refrigerators, in any of the modules, try inserting an ad with the extra paid module on now to fix TVs. 

Thus, students will be impacted while they are learning and will be able to see an opportunity to learn more in the announced extra module. Just click and presto! 

Because our Members’ Area is fully integrated with our payment system, purchases can be completed quickly and conveniently. 

Use Hotmart’s webinar solution and sell during a livestream 

How about including live classes in your course planning? This is an excellent chance for you to show yourself as a point of reference in your niche. And Hotmart has a solution specially created for it. 

With the Hotmart Webinar solution, you can interact with your audience, present course details and answer questions. And at the end of the livestream, you can download the subscribers and participants to use in your lead capturing strategy, i.e., people who show interest in the product being sold. 

With this list in hand, you can create an e-mail marketing strategy, offering special content for those who participated in the class. 

Or, you can warm up your audience even before launching your product, by creating expectation and, on the day of the official launch, the most engaged contacts can receive a discount coupon to buy the course at a special price. 

The webinar solution is also great if you’re looking to increase your audience in 2021. In a live class, you can introduce yourself to those who don’t know you yet, or don’t know your product well. And thus, take the opportunity to use the trigger feature, which allows you to send the course’s link through the live chat and start making sales right then, during the class! 

Try creating Online Events and find new opportunities to scale your business 

You can create a 3-day workshop, a lecture, conference, seminar or even a festival. This is a great strategy to deliver a new experience to your audience while stand out in your niche. 

By using the Hotmart Online Event Solution, you can insert recorded or live videos that work as lectures or meetings. It will all depend on the strategy that best suits your business. And there’s more! You can chat in real time with your audience, use it to highlight a message and create a flash promotion. 

Reach a larger audience with Affiliates  

If you’ve already decided the event you’re going to create, don’t waste any more time and enable the Affiliate Program in your online event. This way, other professionals will help you reach an even bigger audience. 

And speaking of Affiliates, now I’ll tell you how they can help boost your business. 

Enable the Affiliate Program and scale your sales

Did you know that about 77% of Hotmart’s top-selling Producers use the Affiliate Program? I don’t have to talk too much about it, because you have already noticed that for those who wish to scale their sales, counting on them means counting on great partners when it comes to selling your digital product.

And when we talk about partnerships, it’s because the Hotmart Affiliate Program has a simple but very effective idea: people promoting digital products in exchange for commissions. 

In other words, if you’re a Producer, you will work on the creation and sale of the product, while the Affiliates will work on promoting and selling it. Producers define the commission each Affiliate will receive, and Hotmart makes the payments automatically so that the both ends receive their commissions safely and conveniently. 

You can also sell more by becoming an Affiliate

If you don’t have a product yet, but want to get into the digital market in 2021, becoming an Affiliate might be the way! 

Know the types of Affiliates

  1. Authority Affiliates: experts in a particular subject who use their authority in a given niche to recommend products that might be useful to those who follow them.
  2. Referee Affiliates: are focused on conversion strategies through paid ads and campaigns that direct their audience to buy a product.
  3. Presenter Affiliates: use their image and credibility to promote the products of which they are Affiliates. They’re similar to Authority Affiliates, but they aren’t necessarily a point of reference in only one subject, and can use their image to promote different products.
  4. Scientist Affiliates: are known for studying advanced marketing techniques in depth and applying them to your business with ads, posts and other strategies to scale your digital business. 
  5. Reseller Affiliates: experts in making mouth-to-mouth sales. This type of Affiliate knows which products to recommend to people within their circle of friends and family.

Main advantages of becoming an Affiliate 

  • The Hotmart Affiliate Program is free and doesn’t require any initial investment.
  • Flexibility to work, since all decisions depend on you: from the management of your time, to the workplace. You are your own boss!
  • Your work involves the promotion of links to the content produced by other people. In other words, you don’t have to worry about creating your own product.
  • You choose the product you will be promoting, taking into consideration subjects of your interest and commissions that are more attractive. 

Did I provide you with a lot of information? Of course! But here, I tried to gather some of the countless benefits of using the Hotmart payment system and the solutions that fully integrated to it. 

Now, you just have choose the solution that best suits your digital business, or try combining several of them. With these tips, your business has great chances of expanding and you have even better chances of selling. 

Good sales and have a great year!

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