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Mission: Live Sales. Sell Your Product Live!

Live events are not just for concerts or celebrity talks. It's also an excellent tool for your online business! You can get closer to the audience, find potential buyers and sell live.

Paula Zanella Caetano

05/13/2021 | By Paula Zanella Caetano

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Live sales, live commerce, shopstreaming, or sales via streaming are becoming increasingly familiar terms to those who work with digital products. In this article, we’ll tell you all about them and show you how selling live can have a big impact on your digital business.

What are live sales

To explain what live sales are, we’ll give you an example of a strategy that many entrepreneurs are already using in their digital businesses.

If you’re in the digital products market, you can create content related to the product you want to sell and organize a livestream, which can also be called a live event, webinar, or live class. When everything’s set up, they promote the live event by email and on social media. 

During the livestream, they’ll present the content, ask questions and use the opportunity to chat with customers and those who are not quite customers yet, i.e., potential buyers. 

See how this could be an excellent opportunity to build relationships? You can strengthen your relationship with those who already know your work  or start a relationship with newcomers. 

As time goes by, the audience feels more comfortable in this online environment. Also, participants feel like they’re being heard when their questions are answered, and you can help overcome objections. 

You keep on chatting, and then it’s time to reveal the product! Here’s the main point: when you created the live event, you already planned the right time to present the product — the perfect moment when you combine the sales pitch with the offer. 

As you can imagine, participants who joined the livestream because they were interested got answers to their questions and felt closer to the product Creator, and now they’re even more confident about the product. This increases the chances of them buying it at that moment or visiting the sales page and buying it later. 

This was just one example of a strategy used to sell live. Those who work in the digital market can also call it live commerce, shopstreaming or live sales like I mentioned above.

See? It’s not about luck, it’s all about strategy. And Hotmart knows this well.

Create your strategy to sell live

There are many ways to sell live, but we’ll focus on the top strategies and teach you how to implement them using different solutions we have right here at Hotmart.

Sell live and find your buyers

In just a few clicks, it’s possible to create a free online livestream with Hotmart’s Webinar solution. During the live event, the host can use the chat to talk to their audience, answer questions, and even activate a sales button for your product. 

After the event, it’s possible to download a list of people who signed up and participated in the event. This is a great way to keep in touch with them by email, for example. If people sign up for a webinar, it means they’re interested in the subject, so they are potential buyers (leads) to your product. Sending emails about your product to this list is a great way to keep your audience engaged and increase your chances of selling.

Download the checklist to create amazing webinars.

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And if you feel that now it’s the perfect time to get started, check out this step-by-step guide: how to create livestreams.

Create, sell and offer an interactive experience

Innovate when creating group mentoring, group consulting, live classes, seminars, or conferences by delivering an interactive experience to your audience

With Hotmart’s Online Events solution, you can organize the content schedule any way you choose. After creating your event, you can even sell tickets using Hotmart’s exclusive payment system. 

No matter what type of event you want to host, you can create an Events Area, an exclusive space for those who purchased a ticket to your event. It’s just like an in-person event, where you have a lecture hall and other spaces to sell products or deliver different content. Discover what the Events Area can offer you:

  • Livestreams with real-time chat.
  • Sell other products during livestreams. You can continue to interact with the audience and increase your chances of selling live. It works like a free ad, and it’s perfect for promoting a second product that really connects to the subject you’re talking about. You can even choose a product that you promote as an Affiliate. 
  • Sell extra content and other products before or after livestreams. For example, if you have a second product that adds to the knowledge you’re sharing in this event, why not offer it? You don’t have to pay extra for that and participants are more likely to be interested in your product, after all, they’ve already bought from you. 
  • Offer additional content in other formats such as PDF, videos, and more.
  • Manage and reply to comments from participants, in addition to livestreams.
  • Send announcements.
  • Create rooms to segment your audience and offer different content for each class.
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Check out the step-by-step guide on.

Two strategies working together to boost live sales

Ana is a course creator at Hotmart. Her niche is fitness, and lately, many students have asked her to teach at-home workout routines in a more interactive way. 

So, she decided to create a workshop called Fitness Life Week, using the Online Events solution. She received some great feedback on the workshop, so she already came up with new possibilities to expand her business. One of them was creating an eBook. 

To sell the new product, Ana used Hotmart Webinar. With the webinar tool, she hosted a live event, chatted with participants in real-time, and even sold her eBook live. Check out her story:

Ana represents many online entrepreneurs out there. And her success story could be your story! 

Keep reading to discover more strategies to sell live.

Overcoming the fear of public speaking

Public speaking doesn’t come naturally for everyone, even if it’s a video and not in-person. But if you want to take your digital business to the next level and use livestreams to increase your sales, there are many ways to improve this skill. To help you out, we’ll share a few tips from entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes. Check out the tips:

  1. Control the pace of your presentation: when you’re shy, you tend to speak softly, your voice cracks, or you speak too quickly. We suggest you take deep breaths through your nose and breathe out slowly through your mouth. In a few seconds, you’ll be able to control your voice and rhythm. 
  1. Share your computer screen: show your product to the audience by mirroring your computer screen. This way, you don’t have to be in front of the cameras.
  1. Practice your pitch: write a script for your live event or make a list of the most important points, things you can’t forget to mention. 

Organize what you’ll say during your live event

If you read the word “script” above and it made you a little scared, don’t worry! Creating a script is not rocket science. In fact, this written material can help you make your livestreams more relevant for participants and increase your chances of selling live. 

The first step is planning. And I’m not talking about fancy spreadsheets, but just a few definitions that you can write on a piece of paper or type in a Word document or notepad. 

And here are the top organization milestones to create your live event. Check them out: 

First steps

  • Choose a topic that is related to the product you want to sell. 
  • Come up with a name that attracts the attention of potential buyers. 
  • Set the date and format. For example: Will it be a webinar, live event, or Sparkle live? Will you use a presentation? Or are you giving a slide-free talk? Choose the strategy that makes your product stand out. 


  • Do your research online and see what people are saying about the topic you’ve chosen.
  • Search for reliable sources that provide data on the topic. 
  • Write down the main subjects you’ll discuss with your audience.
  • Try to map out the possible questions and objections that the audience may have and prepare answers. 

Promotion Channels

  • If you already have a customer base or potential buyers (leads), send an email sequence inviting them to the live event.
  • Use social media to spread the word. Use this opportunity to invest if you have funds available for paid traffic. 
  • Take advantage of other promotion channels like blogs, groups on messaging apps, or communities on Hotmart Sparkle. 
  • Prepare messages to send a few hours before the live event so that people who signed up won’t forget to join in. 

During the livestream

  • Whoever is participating is interested in what you have to say. So trust the relevance of your content.
  • Follow your script, however simple or complex it may be. It will be your guide. 
  • Interact with the audience by answering questions.
  • Choose the right time to send your product link. The link could redirect participants to your payment page, sales page, or capture page for an upcoming launch.

Many people are scaling their business by selling live. Let me give you an important mission: include this strategy in your digital business now. 

Start here:

> Making great livestreams with the Webinar tool

> Creating and selling Online Events  

Happy sales!