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ON FIRE 2021: From Creation to Expansion With Hotmart Experts

Hotmart put together a team of experts at ON FIRE 2021 to teach you how to find the best solution for every moment in your online business journey and share what's new on the platform this year.

Paula Zanella Caetano

11/03/2021 | By Paula Zanella Caetano

What will we see in this post

Whether you’re setting up or growing your business, it seems everything revolves around forgetting and remembering the passwords of a bunch of marketing services you have hired, or paying bills for various solutions or third parties, or racking your brain to figure out which is the best tool to increase sales.

This is the reality for many people who create and sell digital content. But, not all of them. Many of them already know that they can create, build, capture potential buyers, interact with their audience, make more sales and grow their online business all in one place: at Hotmart. 

In one platform, you can find the solutions that Digital Content Creators need to start and scale an online business. 

And that’s precisely what the “From creation to expansion” panel with Hotmart experts was about at ON FIRE 2021, a unique “online-immersive” experience that brought together leading experts in the digital market, communications, technology, creators, and major brands.

 Mediator Andrezza Buldrini, Regional Manager for Latin America, put together a star-studded team from Hotmart to show the audience that Hotmart has everything your online business needs, and you don’t need to leave the platform. Oh, and of course, they also talked about the newest features. 

Keep reading and check out the highlights of the panel. 

4 steps for a successful online business 

Build, monetize, manage and grow are the 4 main steps in an online business’ journey. 

The first step is to create digital content. This is the time to choose the format, organize the material, plan how the distribution and publication will be done, and create the spaces for its promotion, such as the Sales Page and Product Page. 

Then, it’s time to monetize what you’re creating. This step is critical, because there’s no point in creating super attractive material, a strategic promotion, but not checking the results of your actions. To do so, Hotmart provides sales reports and solutions for performance and engagement analysis. 

The third major step is to manage your sales. To get through this step successfully, it’s important to deliver content to 100% of your audience, integrate with other services without any hassles, create email marketing campaigns, and reach new audiences. Anderson Gomes, Head of Product Design, highlighted this during the panel: 

“Once you’ve created your sales strategy, Hotmart works for you. For example, you don’t have to worry about whether your students will have access to the course or whether an affiliate is receiving a commission. Most of it is done automatically.”

The last step is to grow your online business. For this phase, you can rely on a complete payment system made for the digital market, real-time sales solutions, 1-click buying and sales recovery tools, and other promotion channels. 

Increase the value of each sale with product bundles

In addition to talking about Hotmart’s solutions, the panel also introduced new features. Now, it’s possible to offer more than one product in the same sale with a single link and with a price that you customize. 

Some of you might be wondering, “Is it worth it financially?” And I’ll tell you, it is! 

I’ll prove it to you. Just think about when you’re buying something at an online store, and the website directs you to a second or third product at a lower price. Also, when you’re at the supermarket and see the product you need in a promotional kit with other complementary products. 

With a single strategy, it’s possible to increase the value of each sale, the so-called ‘average ticket’, and even move your product queue. Bruno Andrade, Hotmart’s Market Intelligence Coordinator, reminded us of yet another opportunity: 

“You can also use this strategy for sale seasons, such as Black Friday. You can select more than one product to create a special offer with unique pricing and take advantage of this much-awaited time of the year.” 

This new feature is available right now at Hotmart, and you don’t have to spend a dime more for it. Check out the step-by-step instructions on how to create a product bundle

Communities on the Hotmart platform

Connecting with your audience is a critical part of building a pre- and post-sales relationship, as well as building your authority in your niche. 

To create communities for your online business, you can rely on the Hotmart Sparkle app. If you didn’t know about this communication booster yet, Aline Salgado, Product Manager at Hotmart, shared a little more about it during the panel. 

“With Hotmart Sparkle, you can create and manage communities around your content, whether it’s free or paid. And best of all: you deliver to 100% of your audience.” Aline didn’t stop there! She introduced a new feature:

“By creating your community on the Hotmart platform, you can better manage your results and also rely on partners who promote and reach new audiences.”

So, in addition to creating communities to distribute content and build a stronger relationship with your audience, you can now rely on sales reports and other integrated solutions from the Hotmart universe. 

For now, this new feature is only valid for those who were at the ON FIRE 2021. Soon, it will be available for everyone. Keep following our blog to learn more. 

Because there are many new amazing features to use, during the panel, Andrezza reminded us of the importance of strategic planning. 

“Increasing the value your customer invests in you and your product is critical, and we have several tools for that. So, you have to understand, according to your strategy, how those features fit into your goals.” 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this summary of the “From Creation to Expansion” panel with Hotmart experts at ON FIRE 2021. Now it’s your turn to take action and put everything you’ve learned into practice!