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7 pages that will help you become a more intelligent entrepreneur

To succeed in the business world, you need to understand how the market works. Check out the pages that will help you become a more intelligent entrepreneur.


05/17/2017 | By Hotmart

What will we see in this post

To become an intelligent entrepreneur you need to really understand the market you intend to do business in. Discover the web pages that you need to keep up with if you intend to do business with digital products.

1. Arata Academy

Arata Academy is a YouTube channel and a distance learning platform, with courses taught by Seiiti Arata.

The YouTube videos and the video lessons talk about topics such as personal productivity, professional career, personal finances, entrepreneurship, accelerated learning, communication, and relationships.

The channel is an interesting suggestion for entrepreneurs who are starting their business because it shares tips to optimize your time, to relate with agents in your business, and to deal with professional challenges that will eventually rise.

2. Hotmart

We couldn’t leave Hotmart’s Blog out of this list, after all, this is the biggest digital products platform in Latin America, with an online presence in over 160 countries.

Unlike the name suggest, posts aren’t restricted only to platform features, and most of the content is directed at people who have already thought about working with the Internet and are curious about this market, whether they have a digital product or not.

Currently, the blog is available in four languages: English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish.

3. Neil Patel

Considered one of the leading names in digital marketing, Neil Patel proposes a kind of communication that is able to awake the shopping desire in users, through quality content.

On his blog, he shares valuable insights to people who wish to start selling products using exclusively the Internet to promote them.

4. Entrepreneurs-Journey

The Entrepreneur’s Journey is a channel that teaches all methods and techniques to take your idea off the ground and make it take off.

It’s an excellent blog for people who are starting their online business and want to learn how to market their products on the Internet.

The Entrepreneur’s Journey also has its own podcast that talks about the world of the digital entrepreneurship, from the perspective of different professionals that work in the field.  

5. Backlinko

Much like Neil Patel’s blog, Backlinko is a page that shares SEO tips to improve your page’s ranking in the main search engines, and, consequently, increase your online visibility.

This blog isn’t updated on a daily basis but has valuable material for you to improve your digital marketing strategy and attract qualified traffic to your page.

After all, isn’t this the goal of people who want to sell on the Internet?

6. Forbes

If this name sounds familiar, it’s because it is. Forbes is the biggest publication in the business world.

Even though its focus is major companies and multinationals, Forbes has fixed columns that talk about leadership, people management, and business sustainability that might be applied to the routine of small entrepreneurs.

7. Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur provides tips on marketing in general. Having blog posts and also videos it gives tips on productivity, motivation, new technologies and everything else an entrepreneur needs to know.

It has a section dedicated only to inspire entrepreneurs, useful when something in your business go wrong and you can dust yourself off and start over, or set new strategies.

Do you have any other suggestion that we haven’t talked about here? Leave your suggestions in our comment box and keep following the blog to know what’s happening in the market of digital products first hand!