5 tips for good personal development

Learn, from the Hotmart team, ways to never give up on your goals.

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Have you ever set long-term goals for yourself and abandoned them halfway through? 

How about that cool project that you put off for a later day, but that day never came?

If so, welcome to the club! You don’t have to worry, it can happen to the best of us and you can solve this with a good dose of personal development!

In this post, you will learn methods to better manage your goals, progress and even your emotional state, with tips from professionals at Hotmart who work with our employees’ careers! Let’s go?

What is personal development?

personal development cycle

Personal development means organizing yourself to achieve your best version. It means finding the area of work in which you find pleasure, improving your mindset, setting your goals and achieving them.

Of course, this is easier said than done. But if personal development were easy, you wouldn’t even need this post. You can learn it, but knowledge is the trigger and you’re the one who needs to pull it. 

And how do you do that?

Find out what stimulates you

“At one point in my career, I went without work for almost seven months. It made me anxious and unhappy with myself. I sent dozens of resumes, but everything I tried went wrong. I needed money, of course, because I had bills to pay.

People even recommended courses that would add value to my professional career, and I always thought to myself, “Oh! I’ll do it…”. But it never went beyond that.

And then, during a job interview, I was told that, as cool as my profile might be, they needed someone who was fluent in English, a skill I didn’t master. That alarmed me, and the only thing on my mind was the desire to make that company WANT me to be part of its staff.

This encouraged me to become the professional I am today… The phrase, “You’re not good enough” got me out of my inertia and made me search for ways to feel happy about myself.

Therefore, if I could give any advice to those who are in a similar situation as I went through, it wouldn’t be to “Get up at 7 am every day” – I hated waking up early myself.

When you find what is concerning you, you realize that getting up is no longer that big of a deal. Because you feel motivated to get out of bed, and that’s a great start.”

Rafael Pimenta

Employer Branding Analyst @Hotmart

Direct your actions

How far do you want to get? It doesn’t matter if your dream is to become a successful Digital Producer or if you want to buy your first car, if you don’t know how to prioritize your objectives, both goals will prove to be very difficult.

The problem is that working with long-term goals isn’t very palpable, and most end up getting lost along the way because we don’t see any progress. If you’re aiming to buy a car, and establish that you’re going to save $ 50.00 a month to do so, it makes it easier not to spend money on sushi every Wednesday.

“Once you have set a goal, it’s easier to say no to whatever might cross your path.”

Rafael Pimenta

Employer Branding Analyst @Hotmart

Therefore, when you realized that by the end of the month you have saved up $ 200.00, you’ll feel much more encouraged to keep going. By doing so, you’ll be a step closer to your dream, but will also have gained a lifelong skill: discipline.

“What I’m acquiring along my journey might be much more important than the reward.”

Maeli Vieira

Personnel Department Analyst @Hotmart

Learn how to respect yourself

What’s the relevance of working on your emotional intelligence while pursuing good personal development? 100%.

We asked this same question to our two experts in separate conversations. Without knowing it, both answered the same thing.

If you aren’t okay with yourself, you won’t be able to organize yourself properly, you’ll self-sabotage and allow your limiting beliefs stand in your way. Knowing how to control your emotions and dealing with the pressure of new decisions is a priority when it comes to getting your life back on track.

“When you work on your emotional intelligence and begin to respect yourself, you can understand your limitations and thus, won’t set goals that are beyond your capabilities.”

Maeli Vieira

Personnel Department Analyst @Hotmart

Of course, sometimes unforeseen events happen and it’s hard to maintain performance when there’s something weighing down one area of your life. However, good self-knowledge must also take this into account.

“There are days when I know I won’t be productive. Something in my personal life is affecting my mood. In these cases, I know that it’s better to focus on less stressful demands and make up for it when I’m more efficient. It’s all a matter of balance.”

Rafael Pimenta

Employer Branding Analyst @Hotmart

Live in the moment

Have you ever caught yourself thinking about something that is completely different from what you’re doing? When we leave something unfinished or are anxious about something about to happen, we end up losing our focus on what we’re doing at the moment.

But this ends up generating even more lack of focus. After all, you won’t be able to focus on what you need to, which will become another unfinished task you’ll have to think about later.

”While I’m working, I’m not merely trying to be what the company expects from me. I try to be the professional I aim to be, always evolving. This way, by achieving my goals, I leave work knowing that I did my part and can focus on what is going on at home.

Take advantage of the time spent on each place to focus on the goals related to that place, live each moment while doing your best!”

Maeli Vieira

Personnel Department Analyst @Hotmart

How do I know if I’m on the right track?

As we said earlier, acting and not seeing results is very discouraging. Therefore, in order to help you see your achievements better, our experts shared two different metrification options.

Maeli suggested that you seek validation from those around you. “Getting feedback is the best way of knowing what you can do better. When it’s a personal project, I validate it myself by checking if my performance is aligned with my goals.”

On the other hand, Rafa’s metric is based on satisfaction: “If I’m not happy with my results or with the path I’m following, I need to identify what’s bothering me, solve the problem and move on!”

Both are quite valid, and it’s up to you to choose the one that helps you the most in metrifying your efforts! Now, you just have to prepare yourself and apply these tips to your daily life, transforming your concerns into action!

The next step, after you find the right path in your personal development, is learning how to sell your image and spread your knowledge. And of course, you can also count on us!

See you next time!

Aron Theobaldo

Aron Theobaldo

Hotmart copywriter, Geek culture nerd and shower singer.

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