We came up with a list of 7 sales books that will help you close more sales

Learn from these incredible authors how to become a successful salesperson!

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Being an excellent salesperson does not merely depend on natural talent. It is essential to combine knowledge and practice to get better in this activity.

By bringing together practice and theory, it is possible to learn the best sales strategies to stand out in the market and make your products sell more and more – and this knowledge is available in a variety of formats.

As one of the main ways of acquiring wisdom, sales books unravel all the strategies and develop methodologies and techniques that may completely change the way you approach customers.

Want to learn more about the best sales books in the market? Just keep on reading!

Understand the importance of reading nowadays

In an increasingly fast and digital world, books may have been set aside by many people. Searching for a quick information bite, many people end up forgetting that good books have been around for years and may be the stepping stone to evolve their careers when put to good use.

The habit of reading books is one of the healthiest we can develop. After all, besides teaching new techniques, entertaining with stories, and feeding our imagination, books also have the power of making us slow down from our fast-paced lives.

Getting a few hours break and reading a good book reminds us that taking some time off to focus our minds. Maybe even forgetting the existence of smartphones, emails, and so many other things that consume our everyday lives.

In sales, the habit of reading is as important as any other way of acquiring knowledge. And a good sales book is the one that gathers theories that have been studied for a long time and practices in the business world.

Check out the sales books you should definitely read

Now you know how important reading is, especially when it comes to becoming a better salesperson, it’s time to take a look at our recommendations:

  1. The Sales Acceleration Formula, by Mark Roberge
  2. SPIN Selling, by Neil Rackham
  3. The Secrets of Closing the Sales, by Zig Ziglar
  4. How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie
  5. Predictable Revenue, by Marylou Tyler and Aaron Ross
  6. The Sales Bible, by Jeffrey Gitomer
  7. To Sell Is Human, by Daniel H. Pink
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1. Sales Acceleration Formula, by Marc Roberge

sales books - The Sales Acceleration Formula, by Mark Roberge

One of the biggest marketing automation companies in the world, Hubspot has recently managed to grow to a staggering $ 1 billion. And the first vice-president of the Massachusetts-based inbound company, Mark Roberge tells how they achieved this incredible milestone.

Mark approaches topics such as culture, metrics, the use of technology, and how to manage and reward the commercial team in a successful company.

It is definitely one of the must-read books for those who are putting together a sales team.

2. SPIN Selling, by Neil Rackham

sales books - SPIN Selling, by Neil Rackham

In this book, author Neil Rackham teaches us about SPIN Selling, a powerful sales methodology he developed.

The book emphasizes the importance of greater interaction with salespeople in the sales process, especially when facing the new behavior of consumers.

The methodology is ideal for both B2B and B2C companies, approaching the complexity of more elaborate sales and teaching the reader to make the right questions when going for a conversion.

3. The Secrets of Closing the Sales, by Zig Ziglar

sales books - The Secrets of Closing the Sales, by Zig Ziglar

If you work in sales, you have probably heard of Zig Ziglar. After all, the American author is one of the most well-known thinkers in the area, and also one of the most influential.

In this book, Ziglar talks about a variety of techniques to get positive feedback from people, which is essential to close a good sale.

It is ideal for professionals who want to start over their careers, making them rethink their activities.

4. How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie

sales books - How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie

This is a classic. Written by Dale Carnegie in 1936, it focuses on one of the most important aspects to be a good salesperson: interpersonal relationships.

With simple yet extremely efficient techniques, Carnegie teaches readers how to relate to others harmoniously. And of course, all techniques can be naturally used in the sales context.

The book illustrates the techniques describing past experiences by the author himself and many well-known names, from Winston Churchill and Abrahan Lincoln to Henry Ford.

5. Predictable Revenue, by Marylou Tyler and Aaron Ross

sales books - Predictable Revenue, by Marylou Tyler and Aaron Ross

Predictable Revenue presents one of the most interesting propositions of this list: the possibility of developing the ability to sell a lot without having to break your back every single day.

The authors make a point of being strongly against the irregular lifestyle of those who work in sales.

Besides, it offers an alternative, presenting ways in which to lead a high quality of life, creating a constant flow of deal-making, which in turn is capable of turning a company into a “million-dollar sales machine”.

6. The Sales Bible, by Jeffrey Gitomer

sales books - The Sales Bible, by Jeffrey Gitomer

This one of the most aptly-named book in all the list. After all, the work by Jeffrey Gitomer is considered by many as the best sales book ever published.

Essential reading to every salesperson, The Sales Bible presents a complete step-by-step on how to sell. In addition, it presents 10 and a half commandments (yes, there is a half commandment in the book, and it is worth it!) that are absolutely indispensable for anyone who wants to become a great salesperson.

7. To sell is human, by Daniel H. Pink

sales books - To sell is human, by Daniel H. Pink

In an increasingly automated and mechanized world, Daniel H. Pink reminds us in his book To Sell is Human that selling is, essentially, a human activity.

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But this book shows us that, regardless of any marketing and sales tools, a good salesperson is the one that can relate well to others.

Pinks illustrates that it is possible to convince and influence other people through humanized techniques, such as emotion and the transmission of significative messages. It is truly a masterpiece, necessary to those who want to become excellent salespeople.

Read more to sell more and better

Sales books are an excellent source of knowledge to those who dedicate their lives to this art. They present tools and techniques that help you reflect on your activity and lead you to make sales the best way possible, joining efficiency and productivity.

What did you think of our article? If your work involves selling digital products or if you intend to do so, take the opportunity to read our checklist that helps you create and sell your first digital product!



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