Club Sales: How can I Better my Odds of Selling more without Investing in Ads?

Find out why Club Sales is the perfect tool to lower your ad budget while increasing your chances of making more sales all within your Members Area, Hotmart Club.

Hotmart Club Sales

Be honest, how much are you dumping into paid traffic? Maybe you should look beyond the world of paid ads and focus your time on more versatile tools that fit multiple strategies all at once. A great way to do this is with Hotmart Club Sales. It’s a free solution for advertising that’s among the amazing toolkit Hotmart offers.

The Members Area that works as a Sales Area 

So, what’s Club Sales? It’s a powerful resource found in our Members Area, Hotmart Club. With it, you can offer other products that can better the learning experience for your students.  

But it doesn’t stop there! 

When your students find themselves in an environment full of knowledge, engaging content and valuable information, they are much more likely to purchase more to add to this amazing experience. 

With all of this in mind, you can increase your chances of selling more without needing to invest in new ads. Since your audience in your Members Area has already been converted, the odds are they will naturally buy from you again. 

This is a win-win situation! Your students learn more and you sell more, all with no extra costs in advertising.  

How can Producers come out on top using Club Sales?

For those producing online courses, Club Sales is the perfect solution for new strategies in your Members Area. You can optimize your sales by offering precisely the content your students need at the right time and when they are most engaged with your classes. You just need to create free ads! 

Let’s suppose that you have a cooking course. To enrich your students’ learning experience, you want to offer them an additional course at a lower price about special cuts of meat or Mediterranean salads. 

Using Clubs Sales, you can. 

The ideal opportunity, of course, is to make this offer right between the classes that are most closely related to the additional material. 

And if you want to offer an advanced course on Italian cuisine that costs a little more? 

You can easily apply your strategies for upselling and downselling.   

But there’s an even more important benefit! I’m going to let you know… right now. 

Affiliates also win with all of this

The advantages of this tool for Producers with multiple products are incredible, yet obvious. What about Producers who just don’t have the time to create new products but still want to increase their sales. Well, they can just affiliate with other products that are related to theirs and promote them on Club. 

So, Affiliates can also come out on top with Clubs Sales? Of course they can! Did you know that if you promote digital products and already have an audience, you can create a Members Area and share content with these folks?

In this case, in addition to promoting your own products, you can recommend the products of others using your Hotmart Club. You can elaborate on offers focused on the realm of learning or specific course topics. 

And like that, Club Sales is perfect for everyone!

Let’s say you have a Members Area where people learn about traffic. Here, you can promote products teaching effective advertising techniques and the best practices in blogging and content.  

Even more benefits of Club Sales 

There’s more? Yeah! Check out some of the other perks of Club Sales: 

  • 100% free;
  • Further the learning of your students; 
  • More contact and a better relationship with your students; 
  • High odds of conversion; 
  • Easy to set up, with no need to hire a team to help you.

Talking about all of this, how about setting up this free ad solution right now? Just access your content on the Members Area, click on Ads, select the product you want to make an offer and enter a description and your sales video. Then, publish it!

Remember that this tool isn’t a guarantee to automatically sell more, you still need to offer quality products that your customers can see the value in, ok?

If you want to find some other ways to sell well with Hotmart’s solutions, the check out tool has a lot to offer

Take care and happy sales! :D

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