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How to set up a media kit for your digital product

After your product is ready to be launched, you’ll need support material for your promotion and marketing strategy. Learn what a media kit is and how to use it to promote your digital product!

João Pedro

12/16/2013 | By João Pedro

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So, you’ve found a dead-on market niche to work in. You’ve invested in the quality of your digital product, which is revised and ready to launch. Now, you’re tracing a marketing and promotion strategy to become a successful digital entrepreneur.

Having a media kit is essential to provide support to promote your digital product. It works like a window display to it. The media kit has the main reference information about the content you’re launching. Check out a step-by-step on how to put together a media kit for your digital product!

Establish a visual identity for your brand and product

The first thing you should do when creating a media kit for your digital product is to establish the visual identity of the pieces that will compose it. The brand definition, with the colors and other elements that are a part of its concept, need to be present in all the promotion material. This makes your digital product easily recognizable by your clients and users regardless of the business place.

With this done, you need to apply the visual identity to all the material. This includes a heading in the press release (a summary of your product to the press), banners, your product’s layout, a short animation opening for videos, among other options that vary according to the formats and the promotion media chosen.

Vary the promotion media and formats

To put together your media kit for your digital product, you also need to choose the formats that you will work with. It’s good that you have a variety of digital material, which address different demands, from paid ads to possible Affiliates of your info product. Banners are the most commonly used formats. Keep in mind that a quality media kit needs to offer different formats and resolutions, to make the job of their business partners easier and also yours, in the promotion.

Apply the graphic elements such as colors and logo, and choose an attractive slogan to introduce your digital product. Remember to make the URL of your digital product available on the material. This way your business partners, Affiliates and people who are interested in buying your digital product will be easily redirected to your sales pages when they click on the banners, videos, and other files.

Besides texts and images, you can invest in audiovisual material, presentations, and other digital media formats that catch people’s eyes on the Internet. A complete media kit that has several different formats ensure a broader promotion of your digital product.

Bet on information that drives conversions

The media kit will work as a business card of your digital product. That’s why it should have relevant information not only about the material but also about the author: you! First, you need to answer the main questions about your digital product in an objective and involving text: What is your material? How can it help the reader? Why should people buy it? Where can they buy it? Who is the content directed to? The answers to all these questions will be the main content of your media kit.They’ll be in the press release and provide the most important information about the product itself.

Finally, don’t forget to talk about the company or Producer that developed the product. This can be done through a professional biography of the author or history of the company, for example. In the case of specific launches, such as an online lecture, your press release should have a session, in the end, informing people of the event. There you should add the main information of the lecture, like the date, time, how to subscribe for it, and a contact information. The interesting thing is that this format of event will contribute to increase your email list for sales or negotiation with partners. Isn’t it great?

Highlight your successes or those of your company

Your media kit should also be a way to call people’s attention for your company or you, the Producer of digital content. So, add in the material news articles that quote you, lectures you’ve done, and awards you’ve won. The point is to highlight that the person who has created that digital product has already achieved success with this topic and is recognized in the market. This increases the confidence of people who don’t know your work yet and strengthens your image as an authority in the subject. Therefore, more Affiliates will get interested in your product and more clients will buy it.

Did you like our tips to put together your media kit for your digital product? If you still have questions about why you should create one, leave your questions in the comments section below! Good luck with your business.