Bruno Capanema teaches how to take a business global.


Going global: Bruno Capanema shows you how to take your business around the world

Do you dream about taking your business global? Check out Bruno Capanema's must-read tips and learn if you’re ready to branch out.

Marcos Pereira

05/04/2021 | By Marcos Pereira

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It’s safe to say most entrepreneurs have dreamed of expanding their business and taking it global. Whether beginners or more experienced, most of them work around the clock to make sure their companies keep on growing. 

Taking a business global can bring not only the opportunity to explore new markets, but also increase competitiveness and expand the brand’s reach. But where to start?

Bruno Capanema, CEO of the Dádiva Group, is very experienced in this subject and has shared some of his knowledge with the Hotmart MASTERS audience.

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You can check out the best moments of Bruno Capanema’s presentation in another video of the Hotmart MASTERS Journey series at the link below. Or, if you prefer, you can keep reading this post!

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How do I take my business global and sell around the world?

Expanding a business internationally isn’t a simple process. It requires planning and discipline to bring the expected results.

Bruno Capanema lists the steps you need to follow in order to take your brand global:

1. Have a well-structured business model

Bruno points out that, in order to internationalize a company, it’s necessary to structure a few basic pillars. The first of these is to have a good business model, with a broad vision of the market niche, the competitors, and your consumer’s profile.

“The more you understand your own business, the easier it will be to sell abroad because you’ll understand what really works.”

— Bruno Capanema

It’s from this broader vision, as the Dádiva Group’s CEO explains, that you’ll be able to design a business model that allows you to internationalize the company efficiently, knowing how far you want to go.

2. Invest in your team

With your business model in hand, the second step in taking your business global is to invest in your team and structure it to operate in other countries.

And if it isn’t possible to hire a team of native professionals from that country, the best option, according to Bruno, is to train your current team.

“It’s easier to adapt your team to sell abroad than it is to put together an entire team from scratch in another country.”

— Bruno Capanema

Furthermore, it’s important that you structure the team according to the needs and culture of each country. This way, you increase the chances of your internationalization strategy’s success.

3. Talk to people on multiple channels

Another very important point for the success of your business’ internationalization is to invest in an omnichannel strategy, i.e., multiple channels. The CEO of the Dádiva Group comments that it is fundamental for a brand to be active in all channels in which the public is present, exploring the advantages of each one.

This ensures not only more agility in customer service and lead generation, but also a more personalized and targeted communication for each country’s environment.

“The omnichannel ensures that, regardless of the culture of the countries where you are selling, you’ll be able to communicate with your audience.”

— Bruno Capanema

4. Study before going global

We have reached the last step! This deals with the internationalization of the business itself.

Bruno Capanema makes a warning: taking a business global shouldn’t be seen as a magical solution for the brand’s problems. On the contrary, the business needs to be well-structured so that every investment made in the process is successful.

In this sense, knowing the market where you want to operate is paramount. This includes the population’s customs and consumer habits, researching your competitors in this market, and defining which of your business’ products and services have better chances of succeeding in other countries.

Take your business to the next level

Taking a business abroad doesn’t have to be a distant dream. Although it requires dedication, planning, and a lot of study, it is perfectly feasible.

So, if you dream of taking your brand to other countries, start putting Bruno Capanema’s tips into practice. Structure your business model, invest in your team’s training, have an omnichannel strategy, and study the foreign markets where you wish to operate.

By doing all this, you increase the chances of your strategy being successful!

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