Teach live classes to attract future buyers

Webinars, live classes, or virtual meetings, find out which Hotmart solution is going to help you in your lead capture strategy.

Paula Zanella Caetano

12/02/2020 | By Paula Zanella Caetano

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More than an opportunity to connect with students, a live class can be a chance to find people interested in buying your course. Think about it: how do you capture interested people before you launch a new product? Or how do you find potential buyers to present your course update?

The answers to these questions may lie in live classes. I’ll tell you more using the made-up example of Hannah, a game programmer, who is launching a course to teach other people how to make their own games.

To start, she made a class schedule, recorded videos with all the content, and set up her course. Then, she created a persona and determined her target audience. After that, she planned actions that would help her find potential buyers.

In her planning, she included a live class, because she saw it as a chance to show her expertise on the subject. After setting up the broadcast, she posted it on her sales page, social media, and gaming forums.

During the live class, she could interact with the audience, gave details about the course, and even answered questions. And there’s more! At the end of the class, she downloaded the list of subscribers and participants and soon realized its potential. If this were a game, imagine how many levels she would have gone up using this strategy?

Hannah uploaded the list to the email marketing platform she uses and started sending recurring emails to build anticipation for the course launch. And, on launch day, she sent an email with a special discount just for that list of people that first showed interest in her course.

Hanna’s example was fiction, but this could be your story! 

Create live classes at Hotmart

Like Hannah, you can teach live classes to attract future buyers, using Hotmart’s Webinar solution. With just a few clicks, you can create a live streaming event and share the link with the audience you want. No need to have other courses at Hotmart!

 And, during transmission, you can take advantage of some amazing opportunities like::

  • Chat to interact in real-time with the audience
  • Use buying incentives, triggers, in the chat to promote other courses or even invite your audience to more live classes
  • Highlight important messages in the chat

Hotmart Webinar also allows you to download the list of people who signed up and those who participated in the live event. With this list in hand, you can work on actions like sending emails or posting on social media.  

Beyond the Launch

I wrote here an example of how to use Hotmart’s Webinar tool in a launch, but you can think of other strategies that better suit your digital business’s needs.

If you are thinking about increasing your audience, the webinar can be the best way to introduce yourself to people who don’t know you or your product. With the buying triggers (incentives) feature in the chat, it’s possible to share the link to the course you’re currently selling.

Another strategy is to increase your authority in your niche. Use this real-time interaction with the audience to show that you’re an expert at what you do!

Another way to use Hotmart’s Webinar tool is to test new content out with the audience. If you’re creating new material but you still don’t know if it will be well-received, there’s nothing better than a live-streamed event to let interested people know more about your idea and give their opinion. 

How to create a Webinar at Hotmart

Press play on this step-by-step video and learn how to create your Webinar at Hotmart:

Or if you want, you can read the article on how to create a Webinar at Hotmart in our Help Center, with all the steps.

Does that sound good? Share with us in the comments which strategy you would use with the newest Hotmart tool.

See you next time!