Início / Blog / The hottest week of the year for sales has already started. Hotmart Black Week: seven days for you to sell more!

The hottest week of the year for sales has already started. Hotmart Black Week: seven days for you to sell more!

Hotmart Black Week is the most wonderful week of the year! Check out our tips and make the last week of November your best week of sales!

Black Friday is coming quickly and this fine November day is the perfect moment for you to blow the doors off any previous sales record you might have had. So, let’s make a full week of special offers… a Black Week!

Whether you’re a Producer or an Affiliate, the time is now to hit the gas and run your business at full throttle to drive those sales numbers higher this November. To help you from the passenger seat, we’ve set aside some tips for you to take that checkered sales flag.   

So rev your sales engines and we’re off!

Seize the Day

It seems like every year the market finds a way to make Black Friday last a little longer. These sacred 24 hours of sales have already become much more than just a day. Consumers have spent the whole month, if not longer, getting ready to buy. So, you should seize this moment for all the sales it’s worth and start your special offers now.   

In addition to this, it’s really important that you get this scarcity of time across to customers when you’re out there promoting. A great way to do this is by stressing how rare and amazing the sales price is under the special conditions of this amazing week. In the end, Black Friday, or Black Week, only comes once a year, right? 

Prove the value of your product 

Simmer down, Black Friday isn’t only about price, though! Focus your communication on the true benefits that your buyers will receive when adding your product to their digital cart. Showcase the transformation they will undergo, the top-notch quality your product has, and for just this week they can have it all of that at a special price.  

Trust me on this one; it’s not worth tossing your special offer at your audience a bunch of times and hope it eventually sticks. You need to do something that stands out and keeps the conversation going about how unique this opportunity really is. The former way, your audience won’t feel the impact and sense of urgency that you are trying to bring with your sales strategy.   

This is a great time to attract new (or your first) customers

You might be working with an entry product with a lower price, but you can still offer special savings to bring in more leads and get new customers. In the future, with this more ample list of leads in hand, you can offer new, medium or even high ticket products. In other words, right now you might need to offer a product at a lower price, but with the goal of gathering new customers. Later, you’ll be able to show this same audience the new products you have to complement what they’ve already bought from you.    

Take advantage of the Hotmart Black Week coupons!

Throughout this month, Black Week has been all the talk around here. But if you’ve just rolled in and have no idea about what we’re talking about, don’t worry! You’ve still got time to join in on the fun of our big campaign. Just follow these steps to get the sales rolling!

I’m a Producer – How do I register a coupon?

  • Log on the platform;
  • Use the banner on the homepage and select the product you’d like to apply the coupon to;


  • Click on Products in the left sidebar;
  • Then, go to I’m a Producer and choose the product that will participate in the campaign;
  • Pick the savings you’d like to offer by dragging the cursor across the intervals from 5% to 50%. 

Remember to let your Affiliates and customers know about your coupons!


Make sure your checkout is available for coupons!

In order to appear in the Hotmart Market Tab and have your products promoted by Affiliates, you need to have:

  • The Affiliate Program enabled
  • The product posted on the Market 
  • A Blueprint score greater or equal to 60% 
  • 1-Click Affiliation 

Set up your Product page and you could see your product on Hotmart’s official site!

If you’re already participating in our campaign, you’ve probably heard all the news about Black Week this year. But, if for some reason you’re out of the loop, the big news is that Producers have the chance of their products being exhibited on the special Hotmart Black Week page on Hotmart’s site. In other words, yet another opportunity for your product to draw more attention and be bought by the traffic entering Hotmart’s front door in search of niche products during Black Week.   

But I already have an external sales page, can I still participate? 

No worries! You can take part in Black Week. And, if you’d like the chance to appear on our official site, just set up a Hotmart product page and use both pages at the same time. This way, you can create different strategies for each of them and raise your chances of selling even more! 

Checklist to have the chance of appearing on the official Hotmart site:

  • Create a Black Week coupon;
  • Set up the Product page;
  • Enable the option “I want Hotmart to help promote my products on their official channels”;
  • Meet all of the product quality requirements.  

I’m an Affiliate, how can I get in on the fun?

  • Click on the special campaign banner and it will direct you to the Black Week tab with the participating products. 
  • To take part, just choose which products you’d like to affiliate with. 
  • The products that are on the list under the tab already have coupons applied and are all set for you to promote.  
  • Then, you just need to start promoting and preparing to sell tons this Black Week!

Give a little something extra to existing customers 

Use the coupons and offer savings on an extra paid module in the Members Area. If your students are already well engaged, offer them an extra paid module during Black Week. This is a great strategy to get them even more engaged and raises the chances of this student buying more products from you in the future.  

Yet another way to offer something special without leaving the Members Area 

You can use Club Sales and offer new content, other courses, or an eBook for example, as a Black Week special. This way, you can sell to a captive audience of students who are already in your Members Area by offering them new products. 

So, are you fired up to sell? Put these tips to good use! 

This is your big moment! Black Week is the biggest week for sales on Hotmart. Thousands of Producers have already registered their coupons and are ready to increase their sales. Last year, the results were incredible and this year looks to be even better. Are you in?