Fire Festival 22


Fire Festival 22: Lessons Learned on the Last Day of the Event

The third and last day of Fire Festival 22 was packed with innovative ideas and insights. Check out the highlights!


09/03/2022 | By Hotmart

After two days full of knowledge and insights from the biggest players in the creator economy, Fire Festival 2022 comes to a perfect end!

If you missed any moment of the event, don’t worry. In this article, we have a summary of everything that happened on the third day of one of the greatest events in marketing and digital entrepreneurship.

VIDEO: Another FIRE FESTIVAL comes to an end! | FIRE FESTIVAL 2022 | DAY 3


Keep reading for the best moments of Day 3!

After that, you can also enjoy all the highlights from the first and second days of the festival.

Highlights from the Innovation Stage on the last day of the festival

The first talk on the third day of Fire Festival was from “Avós da Razão”, a profile created by Brazilian duo Gilda, 80 years old, and Sonia, 84. The name in English would be something like “Grandmothers of reason” and also a play on the expression the “voice of reason” in Portuguese. The main message of their talk is that the influencer industry has no age. 

They said they were not at the Fire Festival to teach since there are other experts who can do exactly that. Their goal was to talk about how they became content creators and how they keep doing it. “People can always reinvent themselves and get to the place they want to go”, said Sonia.

Gilda and Sonia told the audience that they are always looking to motivate elderly people, and young people, too, because they will someday be old. 

And when asked how they keep the content flowing naturally, even when content creation becomes a profession, Gilda answered: “We do it [create content] like we’re at a bar, having a chat. We focus on the content of the conversation. There’s a lot of planning involved, a routine, but we have done many things in our lives, and we have learned a lot”.

Fire Festival 22 - Avós da Razão

Avós da Razão: Sonia and Gilda on Stage I

Next, Rachel Maia came to the stage. She is the first black woman to occupy a CEO position in Brazil and one of the most respected executives in the market. Rachel talked about giving voice to diversity. Here’s a quick summary to inspire you:

  • People often want to be in the spotlight for something that is not their biggest strength. Show who you are to others through your biggest strength.
  • People take center stage to show what they are about.
  • Knowledge is power. With knowledge, you can demand, lead others, and question. 
  • How can you be the best at what you want to be? — Rachel says that you need to be the best, not average, in the roles you have decided to take on.
  • You are the one who chooses your stage!

To close the Innovation Stage, we talked with Thiago Nigro. Known as “Primo Rico” (rich cousin) for his successful financial project with the same name, the finance expert revealed his way of doing digital marketing, which consists in:

  1. Being an influencer: creating content, participating in talks. In this phase, Thiago says you need to put your effort in the right places. He also states it’s important to know how to influence your audience and not be a “copycat”.
  2. Diving deep into your business: that’s the next step. When it comes to having your business, it’s essential to remember that “revenue feeds the ego, and profit feeds the pocket”.
  3. Becoming a process-focused company: When your business grows and becomes a company, you need to focus on models and processes. Remember that it’s all part of a system of short, mid and long-term strategies.

He concluded his talk by explaining that loyal clients are more likely to support your new ideas. And also shares a powerful lesson: making money is good but not enough; you should always live by your principles. 

Thiago Nigro - Fire Festival 22

Thiago Nigro on Stage I at Fire Festival 22

Highlights from the Relationship Stage on Day 3

One of the first talks of the day was from Ana Carolina Diniz and Rodrigo Toscano, from Meta. Today the conversation was more focused on WhatsApp. They talked about tried and true strategies that entrepreneurs can apply to their businesses.

They explained that WhatsApp changed how we communicate because it is democratic, practical, simple, and intuitive. 

Our speakers also said that what made the app so popular in business is how easy it is to use. Getting a product or service through WhatsApp is a seamless experience. And if you’re not using it in your strategy, Rodrigo has some advice for you: “The Business Messenger era is now”.

Rodrigo Toscano at Meta talk

Rodrigo Toscano, from Meta, on Stage I at Fire Festival

Next, we had a panel about Collaborative Creativity and The Power of Communities. In this roundtable, Mariana Mafra and Gabi Barbosa brought some interesting insights on this topic. What you should know is that:

  • The strongest communities today are the ones based on collaboration. 
  • Do not underestimate your audience’s intelligence. People from your community are as creative as you.
  • You shouldn’t just listen to your community, but inspire them and be open to teaching them. The community looks at you hoping you can bring new insights to them.
Fire Festial 22 - Collaborative Creativity and The Power of Communities panel

Collaborative Creativity and The Power of Communities panel

Highlights from the Entrepreneurship Stage to end Fire Festival 22 on a high note

First, Carol Picoli revealed that “price is the monetary sacrifice made when purchasing a product or service”. Carol also stated that the price is not just a number on a label, but the only element of the marketing mix that brings revenue.

The expert presented 3 pricing models:

  • Pricing based on competition: the price is usually lower than the competition’s; a price war. This way, everybody loses.
  • Pricing based on cost: this one has some issues, such as that price will always vary due to the cost, and the creator does not explore all the profitability potential, leaving money on the table. 
  • Pricing based on value: this is the one she recommends. You take the competitors’ price, and add the production costs, plus the additional benefits your product delivers. And then you advertise those benefits.

Then, Bruno Pontes, product leader, and Rodrigo Vidigal, BI analyst at Hotmart, came back to the stage and explained that the success of an online business is based on four pillars: build, monetize, manage, and grow. 

These pillars are sustained by the target audience, and it’s important to know their principles, values, expectations, and worries to guide business strategies.

To wrap up the event’s lectures, Paula Zanella talked once again about good email marketing practices to automate sales! The secret to scaling your results, according to her, is building automated processes and always keeping in mind that email marketing is more relevant than ever. 

An FUN-filled afternoon 

On the third and last day of Fire Festival, the F space, our FUN area, was the place to be in the afternoon! From 1:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., it was time to wrap up our amazing event with FireFest, which featured lots of different musical attractions, including Clara x Sofia and DJ Black Josie.

Ready for Fire Festival 23?

In the blink of an eye, Fire Festival 22 has come to an end. Check out everything that happened on Day 1 and Day 2 of the event, and explore our blog to read all the new content created during the event!And if you want to guarantee your spot for next year’s edition, you can preregister and buy 1st batch tickets, which will be available on Sept. 14. You don’t want to miss out! Click here and preregister now.


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