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Fire Festival 22: Here’s What Happened on the First Day

One of the greatest creator economy events is going on right now in Brazil! Here, you will check everything that happened on its first day and keep up with the best tips from the specialists who spoke there!


09/02/2022 | By Hotmart

Fire Festival is one of the biggest creator economy events in Latin America.

It’s a three-day event focused on digital entrepreneurship and innovation. And, after the pandemic, it’s back with its biggest edition yet.

Fire Festival was created by Hotmart. It has taken place in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, since 2015. Every edition of Fire Festival has sold out, and great success stories have started there. 

Billy Gene is Marketing (US), Dan Fleyshman (US), Adam Lyons (US), Jen Gottlieb (US) and Sébastien Night (FR) were among the international names present at the 2022 edition.

VIDEO: Feel the thrill of experiencing the new | FIRE FESTIVAL 2022 | DAY 1

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So, without further ado, here are some highlights from the first day of FIRE Festival:

The first day of Fire Festival: feel like you were there

Before we get into the highlights, let’s quickly talk about what things look like at Expominas BH, where Fire Festival is taking place this year.


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The space is divided on 3 floors and an outside area. 

The third floor is exclusive for VIP passes, where guests can network, relax, enjoy a coworking area, take pictures, and conduct business. 

The second floor is open to all visitors. It’s where all the Hotmart and sponsor activations are, as well as the NFT experience and Hotmart Store.

All the content stages are on the first floor, with the press room and community lounge. The outside area is reserved for stage F, food park, and all the entertainment features.

Now let’s check out some of the content shared on the first day of Fire Festival!

Highlights from Stage I

I is for Innovation. This is the biggest stage, with a focus on the speakers’ creativity, inspiration and, of course, innovation.

The day began with a panel of creator economy experts discussing the influence economy. The panel included Ana Paula Passarelli and Bia Granja

During the panel, they talked about the changes in the digital influencers market and which trends content creators and brands should look at. 

Whereas in the past influencers were only related to branded content, today the situation has shifted. Many influencers are turning into content creators and starting their own businesses.

In that way, the future of the influencer economy lies in recovering influence as a tool for transformation. Influencers need to be their authentic selves and focus on truly influencing people.

Then, it was time to learn a little more about the power of images, with Felipe Godoy, who spoke on behalf of Pinterest

Have you tried using Pinterest in your promotion strategy? Unlike other platforms, Pinterest is inspirational. 

Users access Pinterest to be inspired. They access the platform with a goal or a plan, not to check on what people they follow have done or are doing at the moment.

One of the highlights of Felipe’s talk was a discussion on how images have the power to inspire, move and transform audiences. 

Inspiration is the best way to influence your audience”, says Felipe. 


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Speaking of social media platforms, TikTok’s brand strategist, Patricia Chmielewski talked about how to use TikTok as a business tool! Among the insights she brought to us we need to highlight that anyone can create content for TikTok, all it takes is a story to tell. 

Also, when it comes to business, you don’t need a lot of resources. Even small, 1-person businesses can take advantage of what the platform has to offer. 

If you’re wondering why you should include TikTok in your strategy, Patricia explains that TikTok is an important tool to engage and strengthen your community.

And of course Billy Gene, who has taught over 150 thousand people in 75 countries, was present at Fire Festival too! He took the stage to talk about video ads. 

To summarize, he gave us three global strategies for better video ads, they are: smiling, believing, and creating. 

“M&Ms doesn’t sell candy, they sell smiles. Anitta doesn’t sell music, she sells feelings”, he said. In that way, your content should do the same.

When it comes to believing, your audience needs to trust you to buy from you, so it’s very important to show authority, build trust and be believable. You need to consider all 3 to create successful ads that connect to people!


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Stage I also hosted Gkay, one of the most famous digital influencers in Brazil right now. She’s an actress, comedian, and she has over 20 million followers on Instagram and TikTok.

Gkay was interviewed on stage I on the first day of Fire Festival. She talked about how to turn influence into income. According to her, audiences want to hear your truth, and what you are doing in your everyday life.

“The internet was made to bring people closer to each other, and that’s what the audience wants, so don’t be afraid to be yourself”.

João Pedro Resende, Hotmart’s CEO and co-founder, shared some behind-the-scenes stories  of Hotmart’s history and his experience working with the internet even before that. It gave us some perspective on Web 1.0, Web 2.0, Web 2.5 and Web3.

Then, Carlos Burle, big-wave surfer, talked on behalf of Redbull, and he brought some valuable content about the market. “The world belongs to those who do”, he said, and highlighted the importance of having the ability to adapt to new challenges.

Want to learn from one of the biggest DJ and record producers in the world? Alok gave an interview at Fire Festival. During his conversation, he spoke about how the internet brought about the decentralization of content.

Alok highlighted that the internet created an opportunity to stand out on channels not everyone had access to before, and when you create content your communication must be genuine. 

“The most important thing is to be genuine in what you believe, there is no way to fool everyone all the time”, he shared.

Highlights from Stage R

Stage R (for relationship) hosted big names from the creator economy market. Join us and learn more from the experts who spoke on the first day of Fire Festival.

In the morning, Bruno Pontes, product leader, and Rodrigo Vidigal, BI analyst at Hotmart, took the stage on Stage R to introduce some solutions that Hotmart offers to help content creators build successful businesses. 

They explained that the success of an online business is based on four pillars: build, monetize, manage, and grow. These pillars are sustained by the target audience and it’s important to know their principles, values, expectations, and worries to guide other business actions.

Then, the audience watched some speakers talking about paid traffic, digital entrepreneurship, and the future of launch agencies. Some insights include:

  • Business opportunities for launch agencies in the market of experts and large companies. For speakers, focusing on these niches makes it easier to build authority on the internet.
  • Working with organic traffic is a good strategy to generate leads recurrently and strengthen your agency’s authority.
  • The future of agencies is professionalism. For one of the speakers, one of the keys is to find clear contracts with clients, in a way that both parties, agency and client, understand their rights and obligations.

Regina Carrot came next all the way from Mexico. She spoke about the power of storytelling when creating a strong personal brand. In an energetic talk, she revealed that one of the keys to business growth is to accept and learn from your mistakes.

She explained that a successful entrepreneur does not need to look invincible, but rather hold their weaknesses and show the audience that it is possible to learn from mistakes and struggles.


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Then it was Judit Català’s turn. She brought a Spanish perspective to the table. She spoke about digital authority and how to achieve greater results with your brand through the three Os of content:

  • Omniscience: Content needs to show that you understand your niche and you are an authority.
  • Omnipresence: Always create new content. Frequency is crucial.
  • Omnichannel: Be present in all the channels your audience uses and explore new and different channels whenever possible.

How about more content on the Latin-American market? Tatiana Arias took the stage and gave us a lesson about members and recurrence, focusing on Colombia’s market. Among the insights she shared, the audience learned about the importance of studying audience behavior, finding an offer that converts and provides recurring revenue. 

“If you focus on offering with generosity, and bringing more results to your clients, miracles may happen”, she explained.

Sébastien Night brought us teachings to reinvent ourselves in the next decade, considering the evolution of artificial intelligence. Take notes about the lesson he gave on surviving in a new technological scenario:

  1. Create something extremely useful.
  2. Create unique insights, using your market knowledge with existing solutions to build different pieces of the digital marketing puzzle.
  3. Create an offer with high perceived value.
  4. Embrace challenges, without fear of testing ideas and creating new solutions.


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Highlights from Stage E

During the first day of Fire Festival, stage E, for Entrepreneurship, hosted Hotmart and partner specialistas to share their technical knowledge and insights with creators and affiliates.

We kicked off the stage with a very important topic: digital products. Daniela Bianchin taught what you need to know to create a product in 2022.

Daniela highlighted that, to create a successful product, content creators need to choose a niche aligned with the skills they have and audience interests, define a format according to their audience’s preferences and, above all, a clear and objective transformation promise.

Many may consider Instagram a creators’ best friend, right? To help you with that, Ana Clara Gregory talked about what you cannot miss when creating a content strategy for Instagram. Here is a quick summary:

  • Know your persona deeply;
  • Plan an editorial calendar;
  • Create content aligned to your value proposition;
  • Nurture your relationship with your followers.

You may have noticed that buyer persona is essential. To cover that topic, Larissa Metzker led a class on how to build your persona. The three main tips are:

  1. Have a clear goal. Do not create a persona just for the sake of creating one. Do it to find out what your audience needs.
  2. Do not treat people as cold data or just numbers. They are the soul of your business.
  3. Know your market and where your audience is and adapt your strategies according to their characteristics.

On the topic of launching a product, Ramón Mogollón took the stage to make this process easier. He shared a step-by-step guide to sell your digital product. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Choose the type of launch that best fits your product and business goals.
  • Show the audience the entire journey they will go through with the transformation your product offers.
  • Be ready to deal with the main objections.
  • Create clear and objective CTAs.

Matheus Tavares, a Hotmart paid-traffic specialist, put together a presentation on how to advertise on TikTok without spending a lot of money. To get started with this strategy, besides having a business account, you have to segment your audience and bet on creatives that sell.

He also explained that with data analysis it is possible to improve new campaigns and increase sales. So keep an eye on the metrics that matter the most to your goals.

To wrap up the day, Paula Zanella talked about a good email marketing strategy to automate sales! The secret to scale your results, according to her, is to build automated processes and always keep in mind that email marketing is more relevant than ever. 

What about stage F?

F is for…. Fun! This stage is outside and, as its name implies, it’s for fun! DJ Mayrink played a set on stage F to end the first day of Fire Festival. Guests enjoyed good music, food and drinks, and a huge slide!


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First day of Fire Festival 2022

That’s it! Now you know everything that happened on the first day of Fire Festival 22! There are two more days to go, so, follow our Instagram account and click here to learn what happened on the second day, okay? 

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