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FIRE 2022: Highlights to Build, Monetize, Manage, and Grow Your Online Business

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We’ve gathered the main solutions presented at FIRE 2022 for anyone who wants to create, sell, distribute, and scale their online business. 

Find out what these solutions are, for whom they are intended, and how you can use them right now! No matter what stage your business is in, you’ll learn how to reach your full potential.

5 key solutions presented at Fire 2022

FIRE Festival is one of the biggest events in digital marketing, education, and entrepreneurship in Latin America. It has been held in the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte since its inception. 

Once again, this year the event brought together creators, consumers, and the biggest players in the digital market, in an even bigger space: Expominas, one of the largest event venues in Brazil.

With three full days of talks, besides networking and lots of learning opportunities, FIRE FESTIVAL also hosted Creator Hall, where complete solutions for creators were presented. 

We’ve compiled these highlights from FIRE for you to check out and apply to your business!


New creators can become entrepreneurs even when they start from scratch. Hotmart has solutions and a series of practical tips to allow your knowledge to be marketed as a digital product.

At FIRE 2022, we had a space dedicated especially for creators in this initial phase, with the main tools for creating digital products.

Premium Community

New content creators, even with a small follower base, can create a product that will sell, provided they have the right guidance to create their product, validate adherence, and finally, launch it as a Premium Community.

A premium community is a paid community where a creator’s followers pay for access to exclusive content. Creators can go from conception to first sales in a matter of days!

By creating your own Premium Community, your followers can support your work as a content creator by paying a monthly fee (that you set), for exclusive access to community content. 

Your audience will have access to a closed community, with constant content – such as exclusive videos, images, texts, audios, or mentoring – and, best of all: there’s no limit on reach, and you don’t need to pay for ads to stand out! 


Once a product has been created, all creators, cocreators, and affiliates want to make a lot of sales! 

But, we know that just having a digital product online isn’t enough to make sales. You need to orchestrate certain channels to attract customers and win them over.


When creating your product, it needs to be integrated with distribution channels to ensure the best experience, engagement, and consequently, repeat purchases. 

With Hotmart, your content can be viewed on TV, mobile, computer, or tablet.

This was the subject of the Distribute booth at FIRE 2022, which shed light on a new solution for your content to be enjoyed on TV.

TV App

As long as a creator uses Hotmart Club’s streaming service, customers who own a smart TV compatible with the app can easily watch their courses on their smart TV. 

If you’re a creator and don’t know how to activate the video player, click here.

If you’re a customer and want to know how to make the most of your purchased content, click here


After creating your product, you need to focus on scalability for consistent sales and to cover all forms of distribution. 

The main ways of doing this involve optimizations at all points of your strategy. 

Whether it’s to reduce costs per lead by increasing repeat purchases, recover lost sales, save time with automation, expand your reach, or even make optimizations that directly involve your business’ finances.

To showcase how Hotmart can help creators scale their online businesses, the Scale booth at FIRE displayed HotPay and Recoverers, which together can help grow and manage your business.


Are you ready to take your business global? Now you can with Hotpay.

Hotpay is Hotmart’s proprietary payment system. It’s capable of performing thousands of transactions simultaneously with stability, security, and increased chances of approval with customized checkout pages.

In addition, it allows for payment with two cards, several payment methods, and payments can be automatically converted into 13 different currencies.

It’s what you need to make sales internationally while only focusing on what you do best: create content.

Sales Recovery

According to data from a 2020 Moonsend report, only about 30% of people who reach checkout pages click to buy. And, of those people who click, only about half complete their purchase.

However, there are effective solutions that allow you to automatically recover customers that would otherwise be lost. 

Internal Hotmart data from 2021, show that creators who use at least one of Hotmart’s recovery tools, recover on average 23% more than those who don’t.

At FIRE, we presented solutions for creators to stop leaving money on the table. Find out more about each one below:

And finally, the most awaited launch…

Hotmart Club

What was already great just got better! 

Among the main changes planned for Hotmart Club, one of the most important is how online courses are accessed. With a single link, creators will be able to display their main products on the new home page. 

Sending access links to products from the members area is now easier and faster

This prevents links from being lost and allows customers to find their purchased courses in a single place. Customers can also see new courses that can be purchased in just a few clicks. 

This update can encourage repeat purchases and further reduce refund requests (there was already an average drop of 45% in refund requests for creators using Hotmart Club).

In addition to the modern layout and centralization of products, creators who use Hotmart Club can also customize their club with their brand’s visual identity

And that’s not all!

The creation of integrated communities has also evolved in Hotmart Club.

You can create communities for customers without having to leave Club. Community members can comment on class content and engage with the creator. 

Other features include a more modern look, with a dark mode, and, to top it all off, your customers will be able to watch videos on TV, tablet, or mobile, even offline.

This is good news if you want to create, sell, distribute, and scale your online business. It’s also good news if you already have a product in Club; just associate your product to the members area to take full advantage of it.

It’s important to remember that during the beta phase of Hotmart Club’s new features, only certain users will have access to them, and the full launch will occur gradually. 

If you’re a creator, click here and sign up for the VIP list to experience the new features. 

Do you know where your business stands? Activate the solutions on Hotmart for everything your business needs to grow in a single place.