Get comfy on the couch and get ready: the Hotmart TV app has arrived!

A new way for your students to consume your content. Discover everything about the Hotmart TV app.

Aplicativo Hotmart para TV

There’s nothing like having your students sit on their couch at home, turn on their TV and… start binge watching your course.

We’ve just launched Hotmart’s exclusive TV app and you, as a creator with a product in Hotmart Club (our  Members Area) with the Hotmart Video Player enabled, can celebrate: your students now have another, super comfortable, way to watch your course. Keep reading and I’ll tell you everything.

Hotmart TV App: Provide the ultimate experience for your students

Your students have the power to choose where they want to watch from—mobile, computer, and now Smart TV. Imagine your course on a bigger screen with all the comforts of home and the quality of a Smart TV!

With their experience with your content in mind, we are here to tell you all about this update.

Is the Hotmart TV app available for everyone?

For now, only content hosted in the Hotmart Club and with the Hotmart Video Player enabled can be played on the app.

Other content such as texts, live classes, quizzes, comments, complementary materials or other formats, such as ebooks and live events, can be accessed via Hotmart Sparkle or via computer, tablet or smartphone.

The Hotmart TV app is already available for the following TVs: LG WebOS 2017-2021, Android TV (Android 7.0 – 9.0) and TV Samsung Tizen 2017-2021.*

How can my students access it?

There are two ways.

  1. Search for Hotmart in their smart TV’s app store, download it, and log in with the same username and password registered on our platform.
  2. Access the Hotmart Sparkle app on their smartphone and scan the QR code generated on the TV.

Still don’t use the Hotmart Club (Members Area) or our Video Player?

The Members Area is a space for you to upload and organize your content and where your students will access it.

Automatically delivering content and receiving commissions, controlling the number of accesses, seeing progress numbers and student engagement are just some of the benefits of uploading your course to the Hotmart Club. It’s no wonder that great creators in the digital market put their courses there.

I use Hotmart Club Streaming in 100% of the courses I’ve launched on the market (more than 15 courses) and I’m absolutely sure it’s the best choice. I can sell my course with the promise of lifetime access (which helps me sell more). The template is attractive, students stay within the course environment and you are confident about your content. Hotmart is the best platform on the market! Vanessa Oliveira –  Mulher Magnética

In addition to what I’ve already told you, you can still schedule the publication of content, sell it again to those who have already bought from you and much more.

And it can get even better! You can insert your videos in the Hotmart Club using our own streaming service. With the Hotmart Video Player, you have:

    • Content always available, even offline through the Hotmart Sparkle app; 
    • Automated translation and subtitles in multiple languages;
    • Personalized environment with the look and feel of your business; 
    • Anti-fraud system that guarantees the security of your videos;
    • Optimized resolution for connection speed; 
    • And another channel for your customers to connect with you.

You can already take advantage of all these benefits! Learn how to set up your members area here, and to learn how to use our player for your video classes, just click here.

Now it’s time to encourage your students to download the Hotmart TV app and start enjoying all your content in the most comfortable spot in the house.📺

* The Hotmart TV app is currently available for Samsung Tizen 2017-2021, LG WebOS 2017-2021, and Android TV (Android 7.0 – 9.0) TVs. 

To check the Smart TV models that will be compatible with the Hotmart TV app in the future, we recommend accessing the official Hotmart channels. Due to the initial phase of making the application available in this format and/or the operating system (and its updates) of your television, the Hotmart TV app may not be available yet for download and use on your Smart TV.



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