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Offer the Best Learning Experience for Your Students with Hotmart Video Player

Learn how Hotmart Video Player can help you improve your product even more.

Thiago Fonseca

04/25/2022 | By Thiago Fonseca

What will we see in this post

When you buy a product in a store, you’re not only taking home what you bought, but an experience. This includes the service you received, the product itself, the packaging, the information you were given at the time of purchase, and guarantees.

In other words, as a creator, you have to provide your customers the best possible experience. And that experience is as much about the purchasing process as it is about usability and support for your product.

This experience needs be present at every stage of your customers’ journey. After all, physical or digital, customers expect to take home something that really makes a difference in their life, right?

If you want to know more about how to offer the best experience for your buyers, keep reading this post!

To see, hear, and feel 

According to a 2020 survey by Limelight, online video consumption has been steadily increasing. And it’s no wonder: in addition to captivating attention, video has visual resources that draw in viewers’ attention and can facilitate comprehension of the information being transmitted.

In addition, with the advancement of mobile devices videos can be watched anytime and anywhere. Another feature that greatly facilitates the consumption of videos is the option of adding subtitles, which makes the material even more accessible, even without audio.

The best experience for you and your students

Who doesn’t want to provide their students the best learning experience? If they’re satisfied, your product will be better evaluated, you’ll increase your chances of making new sales, and your online business will keep evolving.

So, if you care about how your customers view your product, it’s time to find solutions that guarantee the autonomy for you to organize and distribute your content in the best way.

And best of all, you don’t have to go far to find this solution: with Hotmart’s Video Player, you can have it all in just a few clicks. Check out what it can do for you and your students.

It’s good for your business:

  • Anti-fraud system to guarantee the security of your videos;  
  • Notifications for all your students directly on their smartphones through Hotmart Sparkle
  • Automatic translations and subtitles for your product to win over the world;
  • Customizable templates to match your strategies;
  • Option to insert notes. 

And even better for your students;

  • Content always available, even offline through Hotmart Sparkle;
  • Optimized resolution for their connection speed;
  • Personal notes directly on videos;
  • Content mirroring on compatible smart TVs. 

But you know what’s even cooler than all the features of this amazing tool? It’s seeing how it has helped creators evolve with their online businesses.

So, take the opportunity to start using Hotmart Video Player now and join thousands of Hotmart creators who have already found the ideal solution to offer their students the best teaching experience.

Happy sales!