What Is Ambition? Learn How to Use It in a Positive Way in Your Business

Understand the positive aspects of being ambitious.

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To achieve success, be it personal or professional, you need to have ambition. After all, pursuing your goals is critical to achieving concrete results. But, what is ambition?

Lots of people confuse ambition with greed, mainly because they don’t clearly understand what ambition is.

It turns out that these two concepts are very different. While ambition is the willingness to face challenges and grow, greed is wanting to have (way) more than necessary.

Becoming a good professional and reaching a prominent position in the market takes a little ambition in business. That’s because it pushes us toward our dreams and awakens the desire to get further and further into that journey.

If you still have questions about ‘what is ambition?’, in this post we’ll show you the concept of ambition and its importance to entrepreneurs.

What is ambition? What is greed and what is ambition? Why is it important to be ambitious? Are you ambitious?
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What is ambition?

Ambition is related to our feelings, emotions and desires. It is about the energy necessary to chase after your goals, whether in the personal, social or professional field.

An ambitious person is one who tries to overcome challenges and put strategies to grow into practice.

In the professional field, it is always desirable to have a little ambition. After all, the more motivated a person is, the bigger their income may be, since that means having a goal to achieve.

Being ambitious means cultivating a great desire for transformation and realization of projects. Plans and strategies are created aiming at a certain goal in life, be that personal, as graduating college, or professional, like starting a business.

Therefore, to say that a person is ambitious doesn’t necessarily implies that is a bad thing, although it doesn’t mean that they are good either.

The secret lies in the amount of ambition each one has. When ambition proves excessive, it becomes greed, two concepts often confused by common sense. Ambition, when moderate, is the perfect ingredient for success.

Deep down,what is ambition?’ is translated into self-esteem, believing in individual potential and the ability to win. When we are ambitious, we can fully make use of our potential.

However, not all ambition leads to convenient paths.

In order for it to be really useful, one must draw up strategies without neglecting ethics. Running over other people is not the way to success. It’s quite the opposite in fact, it tends to lead to failure.

Using lies, cheating, blackmail and other tricks to get to the top is the mark of selfish, greedy people. Honesty must always be present, being in no way incompatible with ambition whatsoever.

What is greed and what is ambition?

But what is the real difference between ambition and greed you ask?

As the famous saying goes, the dose makes the poison.

Greed represents the will to have more than you need or can handle. That’s to say, a greedy person is the one that is never happy enough with their achievements. They are constantly looking to reach a certain level, career or salary higher than they already got and that makes that person never satisfied with their accomplishments. That is why greed must be avoided, because it prevents people from being happy.

On top of that, greedy people are always coming up with ways to knock down their peers in order to get what they desire. Not even close friends are spared, because, when it comes to greedy people, everything goes if the aim is getting what you want.

Frequently, greedy people use others to reach their aims. They don’t appreciate people’s worth nor their personalities.

That is why it is important to be aware and not let your ambition becomes greed.

The difference between ambition and greed is considerable.

In the professional market, especially for entrepreneurs, ambition is desirable, whereas greed is reprehensible.

Why is it important to be ambitious?

Without the desire to win, to grow, to qualify themselves, to achieve better results – characteristics of a person who has ambition – the result is inertia. The desire for change is what leads to major transformations.

That is why ambition is important in various points of life, including work, personal life and even when socializing with friends.

Ambitious people can see the big picture, identify flaws and implement strategies to improve what needs new solutions.

It can be said that ambition translates into the will to achieve the best. That is why the concept of ambition must be analyzed from a personal point of view.

Each person has their own parameters of success, happiness and fulfillment, everything will depend on their perspective and idea of happiness.

In spite of this, there are some common tasks that every ambitious person is able to do, such as:

Changing careers

Going through changes is never easy, whether at home, at work, in relationships, and especially when it comes to your career.

Transformations are a painful process that involves periods of adaptation to the new environment. However, ambition makes people able to face their fears and take the first step.

Without this impulse and courage to face the new, we would be unable to get out of bad situations. Self-indulgence would take over and we would spend our whole lives locked into an environment or a person who doesn’t  give us pleasure.

To change careers you need to have focus, ambition in business, and determination.

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Don’t give up

It’s possible to identify an ambitious person simply by finding out how they face hardships along the way. They don’t give up, never quit and don’t sit around waiting for the situation to change by itself.

It’s the ambition that fuels the strength to face problems and barriers one finds along their journey.

An ambitious person doesn’t sit around contemplating the issue. Instead, they spent their time trying to come up with solutions.

Dream big

Having a small business is not for anyone. Having a successful business that is a reference in the market is for ambitious people.

Ambition is the key difference between small thinking and limitless thinking.

Come up with a new solution being an ambitious entrepreneur

Creating a new solution to everyday problems demands desire, passion and an entrepreneur spirit.

It would be very hard for an unambitious person to put their ideas into motion due to their lack of energy or will to grow.

Characteristics of an ambitious person

In addition to these actions that an ambitious person can accomplish, they also share some characteristics in common.
They are skills that make all the difference when it comes to engaging, developing personal projects and even interpersonal ties.
Here are some of these features so you can figure out which ones you already have and which ones you still need to develop:


As you’ve seen, the concept of ambition is the desire for success, accomplishments, victory, and growth.

Therefore, dedication is part of the lives of those who are ambitious, since dedication is the ability to accept challenges, to chase after them and to strive to achieve their goals.

Courage to try and make mistakes

Success, be it personal or professional, can not be achieved without attempts. And attempts often result in errors.

A person without ambition tends to give up on the first challenge, believing that he is not able to accomplish what he wanted to, or that he was not ready for that task.

Meanwhile, ambitious people are not afraid to try and make mistakes because they know that the way to victory may be long, but the results are worth it.

A change in attitude

Changing your attitude may be necessary to grow. Without it, we always remain in the same place, bound to self-indulgence.

This is, in fact, is the basic difference between successful people and people who are content with a little bit.

We change our attitude to be able to face adversity, to innovate, to chase after a new position in the market, that is, to reach a better place.

Positive thinking

When a person is full of ambition, their thoughts are more positive.

While everyone else is looking at the problem, the ambitious person is looking for the solution. Your thoughts are more positive, more optimistic and more objective.

Setting goals

Goals are essential before achieving a goal. Without them, it is practically impossible to measure results and follow up on the evolution of the project
In a business, for example, the goals help you analyze the company’s earnings, profit and income.

An ambitious person can think of short, medium and long term goals. They analyze where they are today and where they want to be in the next few years.

The goals allow us to understand the degree of evolution and, especially, if the applied strategies are having an effect.

What is ambition? Check! But… Are you ambitious?

As we’ve shown, ambition is a desirable trait in every professional. It shouldn’t be confused with greed nor should it be perceived as a negative point.

Ambitious entrepreneurs tend to reach their goals more easily because they aren’t content with a little and are always in search of new accomplishments.

But when we say easily, we aren’t talking about shortcuts to achieve goals.

After all, you’ve noticed that having ambition means striving to achieve goals honestly and gradually.

What is ambition? It is just one of the characteristics that make a professional successful . There are many others such as leadership skills  and ability to inspire a team.

Want to understand more about the characteristics of a great leader? Check out our post!



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