What is MOZ and how can you use this tool in your business?

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what is moz

What is MOZ and how can you use this tool in your business?

When we talk about SEO, putting well-placed content on search pages is our first thought. This is really one of the greatest desires for those who invest in content marketing, and having good resources and tools supporting this work can be the ideal solution for those who wish to achieve the best results on the internet.

There are several online tools available that can be used to enhance your digital marketing strategy. However, if you need something that allows you to track and optimize your site while you have several other tasks to do, MOZ is the perfect tool for you.

You still don’t know everything about MOZ?

In this post, we will present all the advantages of this incredible tool and how to use it in your strategy. Stay with us!

What is MOZ?

Página inicial del sítio web de MOZ

MOZ is a tool that delivers information about your page’s performance on major search engines. It is essential for entrepreneurs who wish to have good search engine results by applying SEO techniques.

The platform is one of the most complete in the virtual market. Its features goes far beyond SEO optimization and allows the improvement of your strategies.

With several features that facilitate digital work, MOZ is widely used by digital entrepreneurs thanks to its sophisticated and useful resources.

We can also mention that the information provided by this tool is an important factor when making decisions. By presenting highly reliable information, it is possible to considerably reduce the chances of failure and achieve incredible results.

What are MOZ’s features?

For an SEO professional, it is extremely important to know how to individually evaluate which pages are the most important according to their content and the number of visits to each one, and also consider their respective security standards.

MOZ does this for you and goes much further.

It allows the professional to see the authority of each of your site’s pages, check the number of domains that are pointing to your page and presents the reference links to these contents.

Another huge advantage of the tool is that it emits alerts of possible errors or places to be improved on the site.

Why is it important to appear first?

You may be wondering, “Does it really matter if I appear as one of the first results in online searches?”

First of all, according to a survey by imFORZA , 75% of people don’t go beyond the first Google page. This alone is a good reason for anyone with a digital business wanting to be there.

When a searches on Google for example, the search engine shows you on the first page the best results. Generally, the first link that appears, immediately after the sponsored links, is considered by Google as the most complete. Therefore, many users believe that there is no longer any need to continue searching.

Thus, the chances of someone finding your site on the second or third page of Google are slim.

Therefore, the best way to get these people’s attention and generate more organic leads and leads is by putting your site on the first Google page.

You simply won’t get the number of visitors you need to make your SEO work be worth your time and money if you don’t appear in the first few places. In addition, you need this organic traffic because most of the online experiences start with a search tool.

This is why good SEO work is capable of boosting traffic to your website and make your business grow continuously.

How do I use MOZ?

MOZ is an intuitive tool that has several features. You will find that the more you use it, the easier it will be to understand its features.

However, in order to make it easier, we have separated the main features for you and we’ll talk a little about each one so you can better understand how to use them:

Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer is a perfect SEO tool to choose keywords. It performs the entire process of finding the best word, prioritizing according to the most important numbers.

KWE also presents all the metrics that are essential for a good SEO:

  • Volume,
  • Difficulty,
  • Opportunity,
  • Importance and
  • Potential.

The tool is so incredible that the numbers related to the volume of searches are often considered even more accurate than the Google AdWords reports, which can reach a precision of 95% per keyword.

Generally, in order to perform keyword planning you need to use at least 3 different tools to find all the data Keyword Explorer alone is capable of finding.

MOZ - Página del Keyword Explorer overview

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a tool that indexes and evaluates sites with an algorithm that simulates the Google search engine.

When you enter a page domain, Open Site Explorer displays the results of the evaluation of the site’s relevance to the internet.

This is a great tool for finding partners for the exchanging of guest posts, for example. Because with Open Site Explorer you can see the domain’s strength and the authority of a site, (we’ll talk more about it later in this text).

MOZ - Página del Open Site Explorer URL

MOZ - Página del Open Site Explorer - datos

Fresh Web Explorer

Fresh Web Explorer shows in real time, a searched keyword and sites where it was mentioned.

With this tool, you can check a keyword, find mentions of your brand and discover terms that are being searched a lot.

MOZ - Página del fresh web explorer

MOZ - Página del fresh web explorer

On-page Grader

On-page Grader is a MOZ tool that optimizes pages individually to rank better and obtain more organic traffic.

The tool analyzes both the content and HTML programming of the page that needs to be optimized. In addition, On-page finds problems and recommends actions that need to be taken to improve the visibility of the content, keywords and parts of the page.

MOZ - Página del On page grader

Crawl test

Crawl Test uses MOZ’s own tracker, the RogerBot, and scans up to 3,000 links of a URL. Upon completion, users receive an email report detailing each page to which this site is linked.

MOZ - Página del Crawl test

Rank Tracker

The Rank Tracker tool features a ranking of pages and keywords and is capable of saving everything so that they can be easily compared later.

MOZ - Página del Rank Tracker

Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA)

MOZ - Ejemplo de Autoridad de dominio (DA) y Autoridad de la página (PA)

Domain Authority (DA) is an index created by MOZ to identify the relevance of a domain on the Internet. The index goes up to the maximum value of 100 and the higher the number; the easier it is for the domain to rank in organic searches.

The same goes for Page Authority (PA), but unlike domain authority, the focus is on a specific page. The more articles you put in the top position, the more Google trusts the quality of your content and your number increases in the index.

This is a good reason for you to perfect the quality of your content. Thus, you show Google the value in everything you publish, which helps future articles to rank better.

Moz Rank and Moz Trust

Moz Rank and Moz Trust are two MOZ tools whose information is very important to measure how relevant a page is, whether it’s yours or a competitor’s.

Moz Rank demonstrates the importance of any page on the internet, represented by the link popularity index. These pages earn points according to their quality and number of pages linking to them.

If you have a blog about beer for example, and are highly mentioned by websites in the same segment, that always link to your posts, your Moz Rank score will be good.

Site with high Quality Indexes have better representativeness, so often a single backlink on an important site is more relevant than multiple mentions on smaller websites and blogs.

The points on your site are calculated by MOZ on a logarithmic scale of 0 to 10. The average score of a normal web page is around 3.

There are several factors that will significantly improve the position of your page in search engines that range from page loading speed to the number of backlinks.

Like Moz Rank, Moz Trust shows how relevant an internet page is. However, unlike the former, which measured popularity of the links, it measures the trustworthiness of the links.

Receiving links from trustworthy sites, such as a government page, is a strong guarantee of your site’s trustworthiness.

Moz Trust calculates the distance between your page and the trustworthy page that mentioned you. The closer your site is to this page, the more credibility you will have.

Like Moz Rank, Moz Trust is measured on a logarithmic scale; in other words, for Moz Trust the most important is the trustworthiness of a page.

One or more trustworthy pages linking to your site can be a determining factor for better placement.

Ejemplo de MOZ Rank y MOZ Trust

Moz bar

MozBar is a tool that can be installed in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers for free.

Aiming to assist in analyzing SEO-related metrics and data, MozBar can:

  • Ensure access to SEO metrics while the user browses the web;
  • Create personalized and separated searches by search engine, country, region or city;
  • Demonstrate the difficulty to rank a particular keyword;
  • Expose elements of a landing page;
  • Predict and validate the copyrights of a page;
  • Present information from social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Página de download de MOZ Bar

How to use MOZ data to optimize your site?

Now that you have understood how each MOZ tool works, we’ll show you what you can do with the data you collect.

Choosing better keywords

Discover the difficulty, the opportunity and the potential of each term by using Keyword Explorer. It generates a report with information about each word entered. You can export this report to update your spreadsheet with keywords relevant to your niche .

Moz Keyword Explorer is one of the best features for defining keywords. With various features, KWE assimilates the essential information for choosing the best keywords.

The platform is multifunctional, presenting several utilities such as:

  • SERP Analysis – with Google’s search results for a specific keyword;
  • Keyword suggestions – main keywords related to the main search term;
  • Metrics – metrics of difficulty, opportunity, volume and potential.

Improve the quality of your backlinks (return links)

Links help you outline your website’s or blog’s internal and external pages. This is an essential strategy to improve the relevance of your content within search engines and improve your positioning in search results.

Thus, you’ll be able to obtain even more organic visits to your website.

Therefore, backlinks are nothing more than links received by a particular website or web page.

The more important a site generating a link to yours is, the better it will be for your site to obtain a good ranking in search engines.

The backlinks are always positioned strategically within a text. Your goal is to send the reader to a page on your site that has relevant content.

The main function of backlinks is to help readers expand their references and knowledge, while helping to generate extreme quality traffic to your blog or website.

Link building work

It is important for Google to make the connection between internal and external content. All of this is part of link building.

External links need to be made to credible domains so that Google notices that you are associating your page with quality material.

Thus, be aware of your market authorities and use them as reference, increasing readers’ trust in you.

As to internal links, their purpose is to increase the permanence of users on your blog. So try to link to at least 2 to 4 items of your own content.

Quality of titles

The titles of your posts are the most important part of your article. Did you know that?

Statistics from MOZ itself prove that most people are influenced by the title when they decide whether to read a post or not.

Your text might even be the best but if it has a bad title, it probably won’t be read, regardless of where you have posted it.

Quality of content

Content must necessarily solve a problem your audience might have. By eliminating a “pain” your audience might feel, you are actually offering something useful.

If you produce quality, useful and interesting content for your audience, you will consequently stand out from the rest.

Try MOZ!

If you are an entrepreneur and need a tool to help you optimize your website or blog, make sure you use MOZ.

You can start by trying out the free version. This way, you’ll understand the tool better and over time, you’ll see if it is even necessary to invest in MOZ.

You will surely find that it’s worth it.

In this post, we talk a lot about SEO and the importance of appearing in the top positions of search engines.

But do you know everything about SEO?

If you still have questions about this topic, make sure you read our post that shows you what to do to reach the first pages on Google.



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