15 consejos para ser un emprendedor digital exitoso


17 tips to become a better digital entrepreneur

Discover some tips that every digital entrepreneur should use in their business strategies to make their sales soar! Read on and find out what they are!


01/03/2017 | By Hotmart

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We always want to improve and be better in everything we do, right? This is also important for the digital entrepreneur once the digital market is constantly changing. So, to keep you updated and take advantage of all opportunities that come your way, we’ve come up with 17 precious tips to help you boost your business and take it to the next level.

1. Be an updated digital entrepreneur

Keep an eye out for all novelties that may have an impact on your business as a digital entrepreneur and be the first one to use new technologies that can make a difference in your routine. In order to do that, come up with a list of websites and blogs that are a reference in your market and start following them every day to see what they are posting about. A good tip is to use tools that concentrate all the content in one place, such as Feedly and Digg.

You can also keep an eye out for what different markets, such as Europe, have been doing regarding the niche you’re in. Then, you can anticipate some trends and get ahead of your competitors. Subscribe to email lists, follow YouTube channels, take part in webinars – everything that might help you have good insights to your business.

2. Create quality content

Quality content makes a difference in every business. That’s why you should invest in creating relevant materials to your audience. Carry out surveys to understand what your audience reads online and check which one of the materials you’ve created has more engagement.

From there, invest in creating high-level content. Besides contributing for your own authority as a digital entrepreneur, you can also handle your buyers’ objections and qualify your leads even more.

3. If you don’t make videos, it’s time to start

Videos have already taken over the Internet. It’s not just a trend, but the reality: this kind of content is consumed by all audiences and it is responsible for a great part of the Internet traffic. That’s why, if you haven’t been using video in your marketing strategy yet, it’s high time to begin.

And don’t worry if, in the beginning, you don’t think they’re great. Video is a language that gets better with practice. Just take a look at older videos from entrepreneurs you admire and the new ones to see how they have evolved as well.

Plus, you don’t need much to start: you can record good videos with just your mobile phone and some simple techniques. So, take advantage of this strategy for your business.

4. Go legit!

We’ve already said that a digital business is a serious business. So, it’s important to keep an eye out for the legal aspects of your work as an Affiliate and Producer. And it may be much simpler than you think.

Ask other Producers and Affiliates, check your local legislation and make sure you comply with all legal and corporate regulations.

5. Take advantage of all the advantages Hotmart Club has to offer

Hotmart Club is Hotmart’s free and unlimited members area. With it, you can easily organize your content and use tools to increase your conversion.

Besides, the possibilities are endless: with Hotmart Club you can make the most out of your subscription plans, create spaces for discussions, host your ebook and all your course material, and a lot more. And it all is perfectly integrated with Hotmart and its many different tools. That’s why, if you’re a digital entrepreneur and doesn’t use Hotmart Club, it’s time to start.

6. Sparkle: the best social media for the digital entrepreneur (coming soon in English!)

Sparkle is one of Hotmart’s great new features: a social network where you can share quality content to your followers, making sure they will get 100% of the material you have created.

It might be a photo, video or even audio – a format only Sparkle allows you to use. With this powerful tool, you can come up with countless possibilities to boost your business. And the content is organized by tracks, divided by subject. This means that: people who follow your track are really interested in what you have to say.

Besides, Sparkle is just starting out! And being a pioneer on a social media allows you to track its growth from the beginning, increasing your chances to become a reference there. So, take advantage and register for Sparkle now.

7. Improve your relationship with your partners

Being a digital entrepreneur is about relating to different audiences: customers, prospective buyers, Affiliates, and Producers. That’s why you should try and get closer to every contact you have for your business. Then, you build stronger ties to them, which can help your business to grow. After all, evolution is a lot bigger when everybody is in sync.

And don’t forget: If you need anything, you can count on us. Hotmart’s support team is always here to provide the necessary support for your business to take off.

8. Webinar: a strategy that can help your business

Webinars are a great strategy for digital entrepreneurs – it doesn’t matter what stage you’re in. If you’re just starting out, you can use webinars to attract more audience and give a precious boost in your digital business. Whereas if you’ve been doing this for a while now, you can use webinars to handle your audience’s objections. And people who are already an authority in the market can use this strategy to take her authority to the next level.

So, you should consider including webinars in your strategy.

9. Build a sales funnel

You can use the funnel strategy in different aspects of your business, such as emails. You can also use this strategy to broaden your business, by promoting and selling different offers to your customers according to what stage they are in the sales funnel.

So, take advantage of our tips on the subject and start putting this strategy into practice. The result can be very positive for your business.

10. Attend digital marketing events

Face-to-face interaction in events is a great opportunity for people who want to learn more. There you can create ties with other entrepreneurs who help build the market of digital products. That’s why you should always attend these events.

Especially FIRE: after two hugely successful editions, counting on authorities such as Casey Neistat, Kees Koolen, and Neil Patel, besides the presence of brands like Nike, Red Bull, Spotify, and Rock In Rio, FIRE has become a reference in marketing and digital entrepreneurship events. The 2017 edition is bound to be even better, so get ready to attend it!

11. Have a bigger presence on social media

Presence on social media is essential to the success of Producers and Affiliates. After all, through social media, you can be in direct contact with your audience – whether to sell a product or to create quality content and build your authority. And you can come up with different strategies, paid or entirely free, to boost your digital business.

So, if you’re still not using all the power of social media in your business, it’s high time you started. Choose the ones that are more appropriate to your buyer persona. Then, come up with relevant content and invest in the relationship with your followers.

12. Learn from your competitors

Every digital business is constantly evolving and has aspects that are possible to improve. And you can learn a lot from watching in which aspects your competitors stand out and are better than you. Pay attention to how they build up their offers. Analyze what their role on social media is and how they deal with the different comments they get. You can come up with many aspects for analysis that make sense for you and, from there, compare in which ones you’re doing better than them and the ones you can improve.

13. Be inspired by successful digital entrepreneurs from Hotmart

Our web series, Digital Makers, gathers stories of digital entrepreneurs who have turned their lives around after they started working with Hotmart. By watching their stories you will definitely relate to many situations and be inspired to change your life.

14. Perform tests and improve your conversion rate

One of the biggest secrets to improve your digital business is to perform as many tests as you can and improve your practices. This rule goes for everything: advertisements, posts on social media, sales pages. If you can test it, you can improve it.

So, put this into practice in your digital business. Create different ads and check the ones that have more engagement. Build different sales pages, many times you can alter just a few details and check which one of them converts more. And, most importantly, keep records of everything that’s working and what you should avoid so you can always be in the right direction.

15. Keep an eye on your metrics

The metrics generated by your business can tell you much more than you imagine. From how the visitors on your blog behave to the profile of your follower son social media. Make an intelligent analysis of your business’s numbers is essential to notice what you’re doing right and what you need to fix in your strategy. So, be sure to monitor your business number up close.

16. Study digital marketing

If you’re in the digital marketing business you already know that you can take a lot of information out of the Internet.

There are also good, free online courses on digital marketing for you to take. They will help you take your first steps as a Producer or Affiliate and you can find lessons on many topics, such as niche, buyer personas, Facebook Ads, Sales Funnels…

17. Have fun doing what you love

Working as a Producer or Affiliate is serious business. After all, you are building an actual business. However, you can turn this journey into something fun. Besides the constant learning, relationship with other people can be a fantastic experience. Whether they are business partners, suppliers or your own audience. Even more so if you’re working with what you love. And that’s why Hotmart exists: to help you live out of your passions!

So, did you like our tips? What are you going to start doing differently from now on? Tell us in the comments section!