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Find out 7 definitive reasons why you should use ListBoss and boost your conversions!

Did you know you can sell up to 8x more by using ListBoss? Check out now Hotmart’s study that shows all the potential of this feature to optimize your results!


Hello, Hotmarter, how are you? Today we’re here to let you know about an inside study, which showed us that using the ListBoss feature can improve your results – a lot! And as we really want to see your digital business take off, how about checking all the details? It’s worth reading all the insights we got from our research! 😊

For starters, we should tell you a little bit about ListBoss, in case you’re wondering what it is!

This is a tool developed by Hotmart, which all of our Producers can use for free!

With it, you have the opportunity to integrate your Hotmart account with your email marketing to manage Leads, automate actions based on the behavior of your target audience, thus creating strategies that take your digital business even further.

Yes! With ListBoss you automate your email funnel, as well as all leads nourishment and qualification, strengthening your communication and relationship with your audience.  

The result? Better Leads conversion and optimization of actions that generate more sales!

How about checking out the results of the study* we’ve carried out with the 7 reasons that prove ListBoss effectiveness? Read now and understand why you can sell more with this feature!

By conducting the study, we’ve analyzed the behavior of all users segmenting them into two main groups: users of the platform who use ListBoss and users who don’t.

The numbers presented next are regarding the behavior of each of these groups, subdivided into parameters such as the volume of sales, rate of usage of the feature, and automation actions.

#1. Producers who use ListBoss sell up to 8x more!

The result is impressive: users of this feature generate, in average, 8x more sales when compared to users on the Hotmart platform that don’t.

The analysis takes into consideration the total volume of sales from each group, regardless of other factors involved in each sales scenario. The fact is that Digital Producers who use ListBoss, among other tools, sell up to 8 times more.

#2. In average, users on the platform use ListBoss in 67% of their products.

In a close analysis of the profile of the users on the platform using ListBoss, the results show that 6.7 in every 10 products count with active segmentation – which means, automated actions that are setup and working on the feature – and it directly impacts on their results.

Considering the particulars of each sale of each product, we can state that almost all the products of users who use ListBoss have, at least, one active automation.

#3. Our Top Producers who use ListBoss sell 1,300% more!

The Top Producers on the platform who use this feature, sell a lot (a lot!) more when compared to those in the same category who don’t use it: 1,300% more!

#4. 84.54% of the recovery actions automated on ListBoss resulted in sales.

According to data from December 2016, more than 8 in every 10 actions that focus on recovering the cart convert into sales, such is the effectiveness of this tool. The monthly average from January to December from the same year is 60.7%.

This means that by using ListBoss, Digital Producers make more sales creating automation for leads who have abandoned the checkout before they complete the purchase.

#5. +1,000% on the Total Sales Value.

The Total Sales Value of users who use ListBoss is up to 1,002.30% higher than the value of those who don’t use it.

This major difference happens when crossing the total sales value of users who use ListBoss to those who don’t use this feature yet.

#6. 3 million automated actions executed.

In total, throughout 2016, ListBoss performed 3 million actions according to the behavior of each lead, through automation created by our Producers when using the resources of the tool.

This means that ListBoss executed 3 million actions in 2016, moving leads, creating tags, deleting registers from lists, among many others.

#7. More than 295% automated actions.

On the other hand, compared to 2015, the volume of actions increased 294.67% in the year of 2016.

This represents an increase of almost 300% in the use of ListBoss by users in the platform.

*Data reference: Sales Active Users – who have made at least 1 sale from January to December 2016.

And, after all, which insights could be taken from our study?

  • The use of ListBoss is directly related to the increase in the sales volume of our Producers;
  • Producers who develop email funnel strategies sell more, in less time;
  • By comparing groups of users, it’s possible to see that by using ListBoss it’s possible to increase the Total Sales Value, allowing incredible jumps in sales revenue. This means that, the higher the rate of usage of this tool, the higher the total sales value per user;
  • The effectiveness of the automation of recovery of sales on ListBoss is undisputable! Just look at those Producers who create segments for people who abandon the purchase and recover much more sales!

So, if you aren’t using ListBoss yet, you can be missing out on countless opportunities to increase your sales with automated email campaigns. It’s time for you to increase your conversions!

So, do you want to stop wasting time? Check out how you can find ListBoss on the platform and learn about 6 powerful automation features that only this feature can offer!

#1. Access the Hotmart platform providing your login and password;

#2. On the left side menu, go to the option “Tools”, and click on “ListBoss”;

#3. Select one of your products;

#4. All the providers available for the integration will show on the screen. They are: Klicksend, Active Campaign, MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, RD Station, Drip, Leadlovers, E-goi, MailingBoss, Mautic, Hubspot, Keap (Infusionsoft), ConvertKit, SG Autorépondeur, Sendinblue , Ontraport, Constant Contact and Zoho. 

From then on, the authentication of each one of them can vary according to the provider chosen.

#5. After the authentication, it’s time to segment, in a very simple and fast way, your actions on the provider: just select the option “New segmentation” and follow the steps indicated to complete the automation.

By the way, check out 6 automation features that are more than intelligent (and very used) on ListBoss!

1) “Purchase Approved”

Here, it’s possible to move your Lead or Add it to a list (by using a determined tag) after the purchase approval.

Therefore, you, the Producer can work with the post-sale, nourishing and directing leads, receiving feedback from the product, and much more.

There’s no question that this segmentation offers many possibilities after the purchase – and it guarantees a close relationship with the buyer, potentializing results.

2) “Abandon the Cart”

Recover your sales! Your leads can be moved to another list and you will be able to work with the recovery from a series of automated emails.

Just a detail: this was the segmentation that showed 85% conversion rate in sales is from 2016!

3) “Purchase Cancelled”

We’re talking about support, sales recovery and conversion. You can direct your leads to a list that solve questions or investigate the reasons for canceling the purchase, for example.

4) “Purchase Refunded”

Feedback! Once the purchase is refunded, by using this segmentation, you can listen to your buyers and learn why they have asked for a refund. You can also work this lead for future purchases from other products if it’s possible.

5) “Purchase Claimed”

Here’s an automation that is more than interesting when the refund was requested but hasn’t gone through yet.

While the refund isn’t processed, you can direct the lead to another list and send emails to get feedback that helps you reverse the refund, when possible, or avoid it in the future. Bingo!

6) “Product Evaluation”

When your buyer evaluates the product (by rating it from 1 to 5), ListBoss offers the option for you to create a segmentation to guide the lead to lists that group the grades received. Therefore, you make your relationship easier with everyone from different satisfaction levels on your list.

Now, do you see how ListBoss will take your business even further, multiplying your conversions and automating your actions? Don’t wait any longer: start to transform your results now!

See you next time! 😉