Alternative pages to sell more


How to use alternative pages to sell more

Hotmart has launched alternative pages. Check out in this post how you can make use of these pages to improve your conversion rates and sell more!

João Pedro

10/01/2013 | By João Pedro

What will we see in this post

Recently, Hotmart has launched a new feature for Producers to use: alternative pages. This means that each product can be setup with a number of different Sales Pages and a new HotLink is automatically created to each one of them!

Creating a sales page is super easy, as you can see for yourself in our guide. But how can you make use of these pages to improve your conversion rates and sell more? Read on to find out!

A/B Tests

A/B testing is a methodology that originated in marketing, in which you use a controlled procedure to put into test two alternatives, thus evaluating which of the two is better or has better approval rates.

You can use this method to test more than one sales page to find out which one brings the best results. In A/B tests, you need to choose a determined segment in your market and divide it in two. For half this segment you’ll promote one version of the page and the other half gets another one. By analyzing the results you’ll know which one works best.

With this knowledge in hands, you should use the alternative with the higher conversion rates, improve it and test it again. This way, you’ll always be improving your sales pages.

It’s important that you test within the same segment. If you test a page on Facebook and another one on Twitter, for example, you’re dealing with audiences that have different characteristics and the analysis of your results will be compromised. Maybe the page that had better results did so for being on Facebook. Which leads us to our next topic.

For each media, one page

Another way of using alternative sales pages to your advantage is by creating specific pages for the media where they’ll be promoted. By understanding the particularities of each medium, you can come up with pages that reflect such particularities. You can have a page for your newsletter, another one for each social media you promote on, and one just for your blog.

On your sales page that will be promoted on Facebook, you can add a list of your friends and a like counter, for example. This information isn’t so important on a page promoted on Twitter or Pinterest.

Besides adjusting to the visual style of each page and their elements, another important aspect is their writing, that can be unique. The kind of language can be the same one you use on each channel. This creates a sense of cohesion in your communication, which is extremely beneficial.

Adding it all up

Just by creating specific pages for each situation, you will already see a significant increase in your conversion rates. The next step is adding up our tips: testing on every media, more than one version of the same page.

It may seem complicated but actually, it is not. Just keep a thorough record of what has been done, the relevant modifications, and the results you got from each of them. This way, in no time you will – besides increasing your sales – get valuable knowledge about the taste and preferences of your audience.

Are you already using alternative pages to promote your digital products? Have you put these tips into practice? Tell us your experience in the comments section below!

Good luck with your business!