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What is business pedagogy and how it can help your company

Learn about the fundamental area of study for companies that invest in the professional development of their employees.


12/21/2018 | By Hotmart

What will we see in this post

Have you ever heard about business pedagogy?

A lot of people believe that this area is only relevant for schools, since the professionals who work with pedagogy are usually preschool teachers.

However, in addition to a teaching license, pedagogy also trains professionals who deal with organizational changes within a company. For that reason, they are key to helping new employees adapt to the company.

In addition to creating strategies to integrate people into the working environment, business educators also help in the identification of skills that can be either developed or improved, which contributes to the professional growth of those who work for you.

Do you wish to learn more about this subject? Continue reading and check out how educational pedagogy can be advantageous for your business.

What is business pedagogy?

Pedagogy is an area of study that identifies the causes of human learning as well as a way of further developing the learning capability both inside and outside the classroom.

Pedagogy’s main task is to develop new teaching methods that can ensure effective learning.

Professionals in this area have always been near the classroom, studying how to improve educational methods, especially for children.

However, new opportunities have emerged for these professionals: business pedagogy.

Professionals who work directly with companies focus on developing different teaching methods in the working environment, in addition to analyzing both employee and employer behavior.

The main goal of business pedagogy is to help professionals improve their performance at work while also further developing their personal and interpersonal skills.

This helps make professionals more efficient, which ensures the company’s overall improvement in productivity.

What is the role of the business educator?

The role of the educator is quite broad within the company. They can participate in several business processes, from the selection of personnel to the evaluation and development of employees.

Aptitude, knowledge, capability and skills tests are also part of a business educator’s daily activities. After all, they are always searching for new ways to improve employee learning, so it’s necessary to supervise them and analyze the actions adopted daily.

Another role that can be assigned to business pedagogy is the planning of business activities and training.

So, overall, business educators are those who make sure people are prepared to face various situations in the work environment in the best way possible.

But do you know what the true importance of business pedagogy is?

Check it out below!

1. Quick problem solving

With a business educator working with you, it’s possible to solve problems that employees might have with their work responsibilities more quickly since you are able to monitor each employee’s strengths and weaknesses.

So, if you’re willing to invest in the personal and professional development of those who work for you, you will automatically find out what each person needs to improve.

Then, by being aware of people’s difficulties beforehand, you can think about ways to prevent someone’s weaknesses from turning into problems for the employee itself and for the company.

Everyone has a certain skill that can be improved or learned.

Problems with employees aren’t always a reason for dismissing them. It’s best to identify what’s getting in their way and work together to find a solution instead of replacing employees all the time.

2. Improvement of knowledge

The more employees learn and develop their knowledge and skills, the more they produce. So if you want people to be more productive, it’s s essential to invest in their learning.

There’s no use in choosing someone to perform a job they don’t master, simply because you feel that they would be the ideal person for that position.

If you truly believe in someone’s potential, it’s important to give them the tools to develop those skills.

But even with specific training, a learning problem will hardly be identified by a company’s management.

This is where the business educator comes in: They are responsible for identifying the source of the mistake and for thinking about more efficient strategies so that knowledge is truly acquired.

Therefore, the main idea is to ensure an overall improvement in employee knowledge, expanding their skills, abilities, and capabilities within the company.

It’s also possible for the business educator to identify the best skills of each employee, and thus, direct them to other areas of the company.

3. Identifying improvement opportunities

By analyzing employees individually through interviews, talks and behavioral observations, business educators can point out necessary improvements points for each person. That way, they are able to outline plans and strategies to improve these weaknesses.

Employees are then not only able to improve their performance within the company, but also their personal and professional lives, since they can better understand the causes of their problems and have access to tools that will help them overcome possible issues.

In addition, it’s also possible to identify teamwork problems. Hence, business pedagogy performs a complete analysis, from the individual employee to the corporate environment as a whole.

Thus, the educator can think of ways to motivate the team, always having in mind everyone’s well-being as well the business operation.

4. The right investment

By working with people who have already been with you for some time, the company has two clear advantages: financial and temporary ones.

Financial because dismissing a good employee means stopping your production for a while and this leads to losses. Additionally, there are labor charges that need to be paid after an employee is dismissed.

Regarding temporary advantages, we need to consider that dismissing an employee means replacing them, which means it’s going to takes some time to recruit and select an appropriate candidate. Also, there is still an adaptation period the new employee goes through.

Helping someone who already works for you to specialize and improve might be much more advantageous financially than to carry out several recruiting and selection process instead of trying to help your current employees.

5. Employee motivation

When employees notice that the company cares about them, they are more motivated to continue working there.

Also, they work with even more dedication, since they are able to see they’re are valued as people and not only as a number to help the company grow.

Employees who feel valued tend to dedicate more time to finding effective solutions for the company, because they feel they are an important part of what they do.

6. Improved relationship

Whey they see they are appreciated and that the company invests in their development, employees can also relate better to everyone in the company.

Coordinators, managers, and employees always tend to work together when their relationship is good and when everyone knows that there’s an equal investment, regardless of each one’s position.

Have you ever thought about hiring a business educator?

When you hire a business educator, you start a new cycle within the company:

  1. Employees with weaknesses to be developed go through an analysis process, and plans are outlined to solve these issues;
  2. Over time, employees increase their knowledge and view of the company, which improves everyone’s relationship within the work environment;
  3. Having more knowledge, people become more productive;
  4. The company increases its productivity, service quality and profit.

We are aware that business pedagogy still isn’t an area explored by many entrepreneurs, but as you’ve seen in this post, it can really help your company overall and especially, with the development of those who work for you.

Maintaining a good environment within the company, ensuring good education opportunities and making sure that employees are satisfied with their workplace is the path to make your business is not only good for customers, but also for those who work for you.

Therefore, if your business is at a point where you already have a lot of employees, you should consider hiring a business educator.

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