Club Sales and Extra Paid Modules: the perfect pair for those who create and sell content

Did you know that there is a way to reduce your ad expenses and still ensure the best learning experience for your students? We'll tell you how!

Club Sales and Extra Paid Modules are the perfect pair to offer new content and create special ads for your Students within your Members Area. Find out how these amazing features can boost your business!

With Club Sales you sell more without the need to spend on ads 

Club Sales is a solution that allows you to create free ads to impact your Students with other digital products at the right time: when they are watching your classes in your exclusive Members Area. 

Let’s say your student is watching video lessons from your course called “Exercises for a healthier life”. You can offer another course of yours, this time with classes teaching healthy cooking and recipes. This is an excellent opportunity to deliver relevant content that relates to what your students are currently studying.

With the Extra Paid Modules, you can boost your sales without having to leave the members area

Extra Paid Modules allow you to offer, in addition to your main content, additional materials such as separate products, which can be charged separately.

There is also the free modules option for those who want to boost their results in less time and with all the potential of Club Sales, but I recommend using Paid Modules.

The modules accelerate the growth of your digital business precisely because they offer new content that goes beyond what was initially sold to students – therefore, it’s in fact, an extra product.

Together, both tools work in perfect synergy, since by registering Extra Paid Modules, it is possible to create ads to advertise them on Club Sales. Thus, they were created for a simple and objective reason: to help your digital business take off.

Do you need these tools? Absolutely! Here are some examples of how you can put them to use:

Michael, Affiliate of a Bitcoins product

Michael is a Business Administrator, who works in the area and also promotes a product about bitcoins. That is, classes that teach about investments in digital currency, a theme that has been attracting quite a few people. His goal is to earn a living by promoting products on the internet and quit his traditional job. 

And how can he do that?

Affiliates who have a Members Area can also take advantage of Club Sales to increase their business. That is, you can advertise other people’s products within the Hotmart Members Area and increase your conversions.

Olivia, Producer of a Vegan Pies course

A lawyer in the metallurgical industry, she works with routine administrative processes. However, olivia’s passion lies in vegan cuisine. She wants to share more content with people who want to learn more and enjoy healthier food.

Olivia started with a pies course and, now, she wants to create recipes for salads, snacks… in short, a complete menu.

And how can she do that?

With Extra Paid Modules. Olivia has everything she needs to register new content and sell it separately. She can even create packages by types of recipes or meals, facilitating the experience of her students.

And that’s not all: the best part is when the Modules join Club Sales, when you can promote new content you have added in the Hotmart Members Area.

A tip: to attract more people to your new content in your Members Area, you can distribute some of itat lower prices at first and then increase the value with the next content. For example: Easy pies, for an X price, and more elaborate pies, for 2X  the value.

Susan, Producer and Affiliate of Feng-shui and Home Organizing products

Producer of two courses that teach harmonization to individuals through Feng-shui and Affiliate that values ​​an orderly life. Susan promotes products to help her customers organize their homes and daily lives. Susan knows that recycling is essential to keep businesses “alive”.

And how can she do that?

With Club Sales and Extra Paid Modules, she has the unique opportunity to turn her Sales Funnel into a better and more powerful resource, taking her customer to complete the purchase with other products in offers such as upsell or downsell.

With upsell you can take a customer to buy a higher value product in the same category as the product they’ve already purchased. In downsell, you can offer a lower-priced product, if the buyer is unable or unwilling to purchase the main product at that time. Quite an opportunity for new businesses, right?

Now that you know how both tools can be useful in various situations, it’s time to check out how to set them up!

How can I set up Extra Paid Modules?

– Go to your Members Area and, in the “Content” menu, select the “Additional” tab. Then click on “+ Add Module”;

– On the “New Module” edit page, enter a name for the module and choose the paid module option (you also have the option of creating a free module). Click on “Yes” and describe all the details of your product (description, price and an image or video to help in the sale), always make sure the copy is spot on;

– Remember that the payment must be made by the buyer in a single payment, via credit card;

– Now, click Save. And you’re done! :)

How to set up Club Sales?

It’s as simple as it gets! Advertising products within your Members Area is easier than it looks. Check out the steps:

-Click on “Content” and choose the module in which you want to insert the ads page. Then click on the “Ad” icon;

– Enter the information for the ad you want to create. For example: name of the ad, product that will have the ad, description, upload of media files (video or image) and how soon the new content will be made available;

– Next, select the “Save” option;

– Be sure to “Publish” it so that the offer appears for your Students;

– That’s it! Your new ad can be placed before or after the class you want in Club’s content manager.


An important detail: in the description, be sure to contextualize and create a clear connection between the course being studied and the product you are going to promote, taking into account that your buyers may feel that the content is not relevant in relation to the product.

Are you ready to optimize the experience of your Students and accelerate your sales at the same time? Start using Club Sales and Extra Paid Modules right now!


See you next time! :)


Isabela Portela

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