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most frequently asked questions by affiliates - Hotmart

Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions by Affiliates. If your question isn’t in this list, get in touch with Hotmart’s support team.

How does Hotmart link the sales to the right Affiliate?

Hotmart owns a technology that is able to identify a visitor at the time she clicks the Affiliate’s link and then check at the time of the purchase if that transaction comes from an Affiliate’s link. Even if the visitor goes back to the sales page after a few days, Hotmart will still know that purchase came from the Affiliate’s link.  

How long after the customer clicks my Hotlink can Hotmart track my recommendation?

Up to 60 days.

What happens if the Producer makes a change or remove the product I’m promoting?

Any changes that may impact commissions of products you promote will be announced 3 days before they are put into effect. So, if the Producer decides to change the price, the commission percentage or even remove a product that you’re an Affiliate, you’ll have 3 days to make adjustments to your campaigns, your website and also to evaluate if that product will still be interesting for you. If the product is removed, after the 3-day period, HotLinks for that product stop working.

Can I become an Affiliate to as many products as I wish?

Yes! :)

Where can I find HotLinks (sales links) and Sales Pages of the products I’m an Affiliate?

To see your HotLinks, just access the menu PRODUCTS > My Products from your Hotmart account.

In this option, you can find all the products you promote and their links to the sales button and sales pages.

hotlinks - one of the most frequently asked questions by affiliates

Can I create my own website, with my own domain and use my HotLinks to sell there?

Yes! Actually, we recommend you do that if you don’t have your own website. Affiliates who have their own website/blog and domain usually achieve better results in their campaigns and recommendations. The more credibility your website has, the better your results will be.

João Pedro

João Pedro

Hotmart CEO & cofounder

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