Strategies to Boost Your Online Sales This Holiday Season

The holiday season happens every year and brings vast opportunities to boost sales and increase results! Learn how to take advantage of those dates to sell more every year.

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Black Friday takes place on the last Friday of November, and it’s a date focused on sales: an opportunity for business owners to get out of the red and be “in the black”, i.e., make a profit. It also became a great opportunity for consumers as there are some amazing offers you can’t find at any other time. 

Following Black Friday, we have Cyber Monday, which is focused on online shopping. This is the perfect day for content creators who want to market their courses, ebooks, and subscriptions. Both these dates are very much anticipated by consumers and a great way for business owners to get their houses in order for holiday season sales.

The discounts offered in the month before the holidays generate a lot of interest. Customers get to know more about your business and your products and take advantage of great deals. That’s why stores and websites around the world get lots of traffic this time of year. 

But, are you taking advantage of this increased demand to sell more? Are you ready to boost holiday season sales? Do you know what are the best strategies to boost sales in the best sales season of the year? This is what we’ll show in this article!

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You’ve heard about Black Friday, but how about Black November? Strategies for boosting holiday season sales in 2022 Maximize holiday season sales in your business
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You’ve heard about Black Friday, but how about Black November?

Black Friday means big business for anyone who works in the digital product market. It’s a chance to end the year on a high note. 

In November, people spend more time searching for great deals on products and are willing to invest to get the transformation they need.

At Hotmart, creators and affiliates can participate in Black November, an entire month to sell more and win prizes.  

The campaign will be going on during Cyber Week this year, and there’s still time to participate! Learn more here

Strategies for boosting holiday season sales in 2022

As a creator or affiliate, you can’t miss out on this great opportunity to kick off the holiday season sales! 

So, our blog post today is about the improvements you could make to your digital business to stand out this season and boost your sales.

1. Optimize your Sales Page

There’s no point in promoting your page to sell more on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holidays, and on the day of the sales, your website can’t handle your traffic, or the content there doesn’t engage potential customers.

That’s why you need to optimize your website right now!

Your sales page is where you present your product, its benefits, features, and other arguments to persuade visitors to purchase it. Take a look at your current page and answer this: “Does this page reflect my product’s value?”

Also make sure your page has a responsive design so that users can access your products on any device with internet access.

Also, check that the web server you have chosen is really capable of handling all the traffic you’ll have on your site. After all, there is nothing worse than a checkout page that keeps crashing.

2. Give real discounts

When you make a sale or give discounts, the average ticket of your product will naturally decline, but in return, you will gain more in sales volume.

Of course, you should not underprice your product!

It’s important that you do some research to see what your competitors have done in the past and what price would be fair for you. After all, creating a product takes a lot of effort and knowledge.

However, you’ll not be able to boost holiday season sales now if you give insignificant discounts. 

Many users believe that stores try to trick them during this time of the year with fake deals. So, to stand out, you need to show that buyers will really get incredible discounts during Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Even if you give 30% off the value of your product, you can recover this value with the number of sales you make. This is because a good deal on special dates can increase your brand visibility, as your campaign has the potential to reach a different audience.

The rule is simple: prices go down, audience interest and purchases go up. During holiday season sales, it’s the volume that counts. 

3. Make more payment methods available

If you only accept credit cards, you may be leaving money on the table. How about considering other payment methods, such as installment payments or splitting the amount into two cards?

Of course, you don’t need to maintain a bunch of payment methods throughout the year. But diversifying the ways in which your customer can pay for the product can have a positive effect depending on your persona, so you can use Cyber Monday, for example, to try out new methods and see what works best for your customers.

VIDEO: How to create a buyer persona for your business | Hotmart Tips

The important thing here is to understand your ideal consumer and look for ways to facilitate the buying experience. This way, they’re more likely to come back whenever they need something your brand offers.

4. Upsell to your customers

Upselling consists in offering another product related to the one the consumer bought once they make a purchase on your page.

Here’s an example:

Suppose you have an online course on weight loss in 30 days. A person buying this product is probably interested in the topic of “healthy eating” or “fitness”. So, why not offer them, at the end of the purchase, an ebook with healthy recipes to make before a workout?

The customer may not have been considering buying a book with recipes to help them during their weight loss process. But if you offer something related to what the person is buying, it’s likely to arouse their curiosity and even a desire to buy, after all, your second product complements the first.

This is how you can boost your holiday season sales and still deliver a complete experience to your customers.

5. Offer a bonus

It may seem strange to suggest that you offer a bonus to customers, after all, you have already lowered the average ticket for your product. But if it’s possible to offer something extra, you should definitely think about it.

There are many ways to reward your customers, such as offering free resources, for example. It all depends on your marketing strategy and how much you are willing to sacrifice in value to gain in sales quantity.

Maximize holiday season sales in your business

During Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday season sales, working strategically means prioritizing sales volume over high product prices. So, take advantage of the sales opportunities this month offer and choose one of your products to test if more sales for a lower price can be a relevant strategy for your business.

As we said, this is an opportunity to raise brand awareness. So, it’s time to sell more, but also to attract more leads to your business because they are your potential customers.

Do you want more valuable knowledge of the online business world? See what tips expert Billy Gene has for those who want to become successful digital entrepreneurs.

Paula Serelle

Paula Serelle

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