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Hotmart acquires Wollo and offers new tools to empower content creators and consumers

Wollo will be fully integrated with Hotmart Sparkle, offering even more robust and secure solutions for content creators and their audience.

Marcos Pereira

05/15/2020 | By Marcos Pereira

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Hotmart is always looking to bring ever more complete and innovative solutions to the digital products market. And this time is no exception because we have great news: Hotmart has just acquired Wollo, an app for content subscription from the Brazilian entrepreneur and podcaster Guga Mafra. And the best part is: Wollo will be fully incorporated into Hotmart Sparkle.

The acquisition, announced by João Pedro Resende, aka JP, CEO and co-founder of Hotmart, at the Hotmart Community on Sparkle, and on social networks, reinforces the company’s commitment to offering the best tools and resources for content creators and a great experience for users.

Both Hotmart Sparkle and Wollo were developed under the same philosophy: empowering content creators, so that they have more autonomy, more freedom and can choose smarter ways to make money off their content.

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More options for content creators and their audience 

Did you know that the podcast market is expected to reach 164 million monthly listeners in the US by 2023? In fact, more people are discovering that this type of content is a simple, practical way to stay informed and learn.

And thousands of digital entrepreneurs have realized that this format is an excellent channel to transform knowledge into a digital product and get even closer to their audience.

However, several creators still face a major obstacle: how can you distribute quality content and build a profitable business without relying solely on advertising? How can you reach your entire audience without having to pay or depend on algorithms?

With that in mind, Hotmart, one of the largest distance education companies in the world, is constantly working in order to offer the most innovative, safe tools and solutions for those who create and those who consume online content.

With the recently announced acquisition, Wollo will be integrated into Hotmart Sparkle, a community app focused on content distribution and consumption.

The application helps to empower content creators, giving them the freedom to post content in different formats and reach their audience without any interference or limitation by algorithms.

Soon, Sparkle members will have new communities to participate in and follow, such as Gugacast, one of the largest podcast channels in Brazil.

This initiative further strengthens the Hotmart Sparkle platform as the ideal ecosystem for  content creators to create, distribute, consume, and build a profitable business.

The negotiations started in 2019 and were motivated by the enormous synergy between the vision and the target audience of the two companies.

According to JP, “this piece of news represents a great opportunity for content creators, who will have an increasingly robust tool to earn money without relying solely on ads and advertising”.

With Hotmart Sparkle, content creators are able to create communities (bonus and free), create, advertise, and sell podcasts, in addition to making sure 100% of the content will be delivered to their audience.

And this news also brings benefits for users, who will soon have new communities and incredible features, getting even closer to their favorite creators.

Learn more about Wollo

Wollo was founded in 2019 by the entrepreneur and producer Guga Mafra, creator of Gugacast, one of the largest podcast channels in Brazil, with more than 70 thousand downloads per episode.

The app makes it possible for websites, YouTube channels, and podcasts to earn money off their content through a subscription system, without relying solely on advertising.

In addition, the tool also allows fans to be closer to their favorite content producers. Through Wollo, the user gets to know everything the creator does, whether on Twitter, Facebook, or on their own website.

Content creators, especially podcasters, can look forward to several new features on the platform that will help those seeking freedom to reach their entire audience without having to pay for it and they’ll also have the opportunity to earn money for their content.

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