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Hotmart Talks U.S.: highlights from the online event created to revolutionize businesses

Hotmart Talks U.S. gave participants the opportunity to learn about key aspects of running a successful online business and is another Hotmart initiative to deliver on its mission to help people live their passions.

Hotmart Talks U.S.: highlights from the online event created to revolutionize businesses

We were blown away by all the amazing content shared by our guest speakers during Hotmart Talks U.S. The 100% online and free event, which took place on November 11, 2021, brought together experts in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and innovation to help entrepreneurs sell online and revolutionize their businesses. 

The event is another Hotmart initiative to deliver on its mission to help people live their passions. The Hotmart platform allows content creators to become successful online entrepreneurs, and we believe there’s no better way to boost entrepreneurial skills than learning with the biggest players in the digital market!

Hotmart Talks U.S. gave participants the opportunity to learn about key aspects of running a successful online business, such as attracting more followers and monetizing social media, increasing sales and revenue, choosing the best online tools to grow, and so much more. And the best part: the experts answered participants’ questions live!

If you missed out on this opportunity or want to see the best parts of the event, we’ve got you covered! In this post, we’re going to give you all the highlights and a little taste of what an amazing learning experience it was! 

Our hosts: Mark Anthony Bates + Jason Smircich

Before getting down to the talks, we’ve got to give an honorable mention to our hosts: Mark Anthony Bates, better known as “the Coach of Coaches” and “the Influencer of Influencers,” and Hotmart’s own, Jason Smircich. 

Jason Smircich is a Business Strategy Manager at Hotmart, and his vast knowledge of online businesses and the Hotmart platform made him the perfect person to guide us throughout the event. Not only that, but he was also one of the event’s speakers! 

Mark Anthony Bates was also “doubling up” at Hotmart Talks U.S.: he was the co-host and also the mediator of many of our talks. With charisma and great insights, he did an amazing job!

Thank you to our hosts for making this full day of content even more enjoyable! Now, here are the highlights of the event’s talks!

Special Guest: Les Brown

Surprise, surprise! Our hosts Mark Anthony Bates and Jason Smircich welcomed a very special guest to the stage: Les Brown! One of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Les Brown, made a surprise appearance at Hotmart Talks U.S., and his message was passionate and inspirational.

He spoke to participants about the power of their personal stories. According to him, a well-told story can help people market their knowledge and skills online and connect with other people, especially when they’re able to speak strategically to transform people individually and collectively.

Les Brown shared the main points of his technique, letting participants know that sharing information alone isn’t enough to make an impact on someone else’s world. When you tell a story, you activate 5 areas of the brain because we are emotional beings. And to tell a story that changes people’s vision of themselves, it’s important to answer 3 questions: “Who are you? What do you have? Why should I care?”

To be a transformational speaker, according to Les Brown, you need to give people insight into who you are so they can trust you and connect with you. Your story also needs to transport people, dismantle their belief systems, or help them make new and better decisions. It’s also essential to understand who you are speaking to, and the main issues they face. In that sense, here’s one great piece of advice from Les Brown: “Never let what you want to say, get in the way of what the audience needs to hear.”

More than motivating the audience, Les Brown created a real connection with them, lifting their spirits and empowering them to change their lives and the lives of others. 

Special Guest: João Ameno Silva

João Silva also dropped by the event to chat with Jason Smircich about entrepreneurship, the digital market, and the history of Hotmart. Silva is the country manager for Hotmart in the U.S. and Canada, and has been working for the company since 2017.

Hotmart was born from a simple need: to sell digital products. Hotmart’s founders, JP Resende and Mateus Bicalho created the company in 2011, in Brazil, and since then, it has grown exponentially. The platform now offers all the tools entrepreneurs need to create and market digital products worldwide, and it keeps on growing: in the U.S., Hotmart Company acquired Teachable in 2020. 

João Silva talked about his experience in the company and shared the details of Hotmart’s journey so far, which is already one of the top players in the creator economy. He also gave valuable tips for people who want to dive into the digital market and let participants know that there are plenty of opportunities for those who wish to become online entrepreneurs.  

“Discovering the digital market: learn how to build a successful online business,” with Daniela Bianchin 

One of the event’s talented speakers was Daniela Bianchin, Product Marketing Analyst at Hotmart. She has been with the company for over 5 years and has vast experience in strategic marketing, collaborating with several teams, such as Customer Success, Products, and Marketing.

At the event, Bianchin showed participants the roadmap to start selling digital products and, as an expert on the subject, brought valuable tips that could mean the difference between success and failure in this competitive market. 

Her talk also revolved around Hotmart’s mission: helping people live their passions. And by sharing real stories of Hotmart creators, Bianchin gave participants clear insights on how to incorporate the platform’s solutions into their strategies to start and/or take their online businesses to the next level. 

“Community capital: how building & serving your community can boost sales,” with Jason Smircich 

Jason Smircich, US Business Strategy Manager at Hotmart, not only hosted the event but also shared his knowledge with participants! Jason has all the expertise to help infopreneurs grow their businesses through software, know-how, and win-win partnerships.

In his talk, Jason gave insights to participants on how to break into the international market with a digital product and how communities can fit into your strategy to sell products around the world. 

According to Smircich, when you’re a creator, it is essential to make a connection with customers since, in his own words, “every dollar that you make is going to come from someone else.” He shared real-life examples to help participants understand how customer engagement can lead to a successful online business. 

Smircich advised participants like he would his own Hotmart clients, talking about basic concepts such as the difference between an audience and a community , the advantages of creating a connection with customers, and he also guided viewers on the best way to implement strategies and tactics that could help them build a strong online community and increase sales. 

Entrepreneurs who put into practice Jason’s valuable insights will definitely have an edge in creating a successful online business with loyal customers.   

“Tips to get the biggest bang for your buck on your personal and business projects,” with Scott McGillivary 

To end the event on a high note, we welcomed Scott McGillivary, a multi-talented entrepreneur, investor, television host, author, and educator. He’s best known as the host and executive producer of HGTV’s Income Property, and his many business ventures include real estate and education.

Scott McGillivary shared his amazing personal journey, from investing what little money he had in real estate to creating a business model based on this kind of investment and having his own TV show. But, more than his life story, McGillivary’s presentation at Hotmart Talks focused on strategies to help participants grow their own business projects.

In that sense, McGillivary’s shared 3 principles for success:

  1. Just start doing the thing. Start your business, your investment… Don’t get caught up in crunching numbers, just get started and believe in what you’re doing. 
  2. Identify the opportunity to double down. When things get difficult, hard, or scary, that means it’s time to give it your all and put in the hard work. 
  3. Be a serial optimist. There’ll always be tough times in business, but focusing on the negative leads people to hesitate and miss out on important opportunities. Hope, prosperity, and optimism always win. 

And in line with Hotmart’s mission, here’s a great quote to summarize Scott McGillivary’s inspiring talk: “Nothing makes me feel more alive than doing what I love and doing it well.”

And that’s just the start of what Hotmart can do for you

Hotmart Talks U.S. was a valuable learning experience, a moment for participants to get close to leading experts as they talked about their experiences, lessons learned, and challenges they faced since starting out in the digital market.

Did you participate in the event? What was the most valuable lesson you learned? Share your insights with us in the comments at the end of this post.

Hotmart brought the top experts in the market to you for free, and that’s just the start! Our all-in-one platform has so much to offer. If you want the best tools to create your own digital product or take your online business to the next level, check out our complete article on how to join Hotmart

Take the first step to start living your passion!

Paula Serelle

Paula Serelle

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