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How To Launch A Digital Product With Erico Rocha

Roger shares everything he has learned with Erico Rocha, an entrepreneur and specialist in digital product launches.

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In the sixth episode of Hotmart MASTERS Newscast – the YouTube series where I share what I’ve learned in the first edition of Hotmart MASTERS – I talked about the 3 strategies to launch a digital product, taught by Erico Rocha, an entrepreneur and specialist in digital product launches.

In case you don’t know yet, Hotmart MASTERS is our online, free, and global event with exclusive talks from major players in the digital market.

Today we are going to review the main takeaways from Erico’s talk in the first edition of Hotmart MASTERS. If you want to watch the video, just hit the play! And if you want to read the transcription of the content, keep scrolling to take a look at the 3 launch strategies!


First, let’s talk about the fundamental steps to building a launch strategy and reaching 6 digits in 7 days. Let’s go?

Steps to building a launch strategy

Think about the launch like a house. To build one, you will need three basic elements: a foundation, walls, and a roof.

The base of the house, the foundation of 6 digits in 7 days, is your contact list. Building and engaging your audience is the foundation for any launch. The walls are the launch itself. And the roof of the house is your digital product.

Is it possible to build a house starting with the roof? Yeah, it’s possible, if you’ve got a crane. But it’s not a great idea. Generally, Erico Rocha’s launch strategy follows the normal sequence: foundation, walls, and roof.

How do you build the contact list? First, you have to define your ideal customer. In addition to age, gender, and demographics, what are your customers’ aspirations? What problems will you help them solve?

Once you’ve defined your target audience and know who your ideal customer is, you need to create content in the best format to attract this audience.

Got questions about what’s the ideal frequency of content production?

Erico has an equation to answer this question: 2 R 7 N. It looks like high school algebra, right? But it’s simple: 2 pieces of Root content and 7 Nutellas.

Root Content

Root content is the densest and deepest, over 30 minutes long, made for your true fans and highly-engaged audience members. 

Nutella Content

Nutella content is a condensed version of root content. For example, a complete lecture would be root content and a section of the lecture would be your Nutella content.

After building the list of what will be your quality content, comes the wall of the house of your 6 in 7, remember what that is? That’s right, the launch.

There are three types: Seed launches, Internal launches, and Lightning launches.

Seed launches

The seed launch is when you don’t have the product fully ready yet, but you start selling the promise of what you’re creating and deliver it slowly to your customers.

Usually, the product is divided into modules and product delivery goes live the week following the launch.

This is a good strategy to start in the digital market and reach your first customers.

Internal Launch

The internal launch is the most traditional method to reach 6 digits in 7 days.

Basically, it is a series of strategies and content, with mental triggers in a sequence and at a defined time.


Lightning Launch

And a lightning launch is even more simple, easier, and faster. Erico explains that, generally, the lightning launch entails sending 4 to 7 emails.

Easy execution and low investment, but you can’t reach 6 digits in 7 days.

Are you excited about launching your digital products? Now it’s your turn to build the house, dial in your strategy, learn, evolve, test, and don’t give up.

These tips were part of the first edition of Hotmart MASTERS, our online, global and free event.

Do you want to keep going with this journey of improving your online business? Then sign up for free for the next edition of Hotmart MASTERS, which will take place from October 19th to 23rd, 2020!