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What is the profile and role of a marketing professional?

Find out what you need to work in this area, from traditional to digital marketing!


06/29/2020 | By Hotmart

What will we see in this post

Marketing professionals work with communication and sales strategies in a company.

They have a very important role, both for the positioning of a brand in the market, as well as for any type of communication and for the financial return that the business expects.

Marketing gains even more areas of contact and relevance with digital transformation. In this sense, digital marketing is one of the professions that have currently been generating the most jobs.

Therefore, marketing professionals must be prepared and well informed about technologies and the dynamic changes in this day and age.

The role of a marketing professional

Marketing is a wide-ranging and multidisciplinary area. Those who work in marketing might be specialized in various subjects, but they are usually trained in Marketing per se, but also Business Administration, Advertising, Social Communication in general, and other correlated areas.

But even without a degree, it is possible to pursue a career in marketing. This, of course, will involve a lot of studying, which is always important, but nothing excludes the possibility of getting a degree while working and gaining experience in the area, or by taking specific courses.

The areas of knowledge related to marketing are:

  • Communication
  • Content and SEO
  • Sales
  • Social media
  • Business management
  • Brand management
  • Consumer psychology
  • Data science
  • Paid media
  • Human behavior
  • Market analysis

Therefore, a marketing analyst can pursue a career in these various areas, specializing in the one that makes the most sense.

However, it’s always good to have overall knowledge about each one in order to be a complete professional.

In addition, there are certain skills that are not technical but that are important so marketing professionals can perform their job well.

Marketing professional skills and profile

Marketing professionals need to have most of the skills that we’ve listed below. They will determine the profile of this type of professional.


Like it or not, marketing is part of communication. Good marketing professionals know how to establish a good communicative relationship between the brand and the external audience, and between the company and the internal audience.

But they also need to communicate with other professionals in order to improve their work, which is in contact with practically all other departments in a company.


Not only for marketing professionals, but for anyone, knowing how to work well with a team is crucial. Especially in marketing, because of its characteristics of being a constant point of contact with other areas.


Contrary to what many people think, creativity is not a gift that only few people have. It can be developed through practice. 

Therefore, marketing professionals need to develop this skill, since it’s important for the creation of quality content and materials that truly captivate consumers or the audience to which marketing is targeted.


The concept of innovation can be quite broad. But when it comes to what marketing analysts need to master, this has a lot to do with creativity, regarding the creation of new things, getting off the beaten path, and presenting solutions that solve problems in a planned, concrete, and untraditional way.

It basically means achieving success by “reinventing the wheel” or “thinking outside the box”.


Management can be useful for several marketing activities, from managing projects and the brand, to eventually managing people.


In order to work in marketing, creating isn’t enough; you need to analyze to know what works and what doesn’t, so you can later replicate it with the purpose of making improvements.

Therefore, it’s important to understand data, especially in the age of big data in which we are living.

Planning, defining KPIs, goals, and knowing how to analyze results by using the tools, which provide support to professionals, is part of the entire marketing process.

The digital marketing professional

Now, let’s talk about a subdivision of the marketing professional’s role, which are the digital marketing experts.

Why is this profession so relevant nowadays?

As we mentioned earlier, digital transformation is taking over marketing for a reason. If you think about it, it’s much easier for companies to be present in a digital environment and be able to expand their business, gain visibility, and get customers through the internet.

It not only allows them to create marketing actions at a lower price, but also a segmentation that provides very positive results for a business.

Thus, an increasing number of companies are opting to invest much more in digital marketing than the traditional type.

And consequently, the demand for professionals who perform this work increases.

But what does a digital marketing professional do, anyway?

The essence of marketing never changes: focus on understanding consumers, market surveys, planning, and all those skills that you have learned about and that are important for professionals in this area.

What really changes here are the activities and mastering digital marketing analysis and online media tools.

Below are some of the main functions that marketing professionals can perform:

It’s also important to stress the need for these professionals to develop themselves and stay up to date with the changes.

There’s no use in learning and knowing everything about a specific social network or tool, for instance, and stopping there, since it may disappear or become obsolete and your hands will be tied.

Therefore, the most important thing is to stick to marketing’s essential basis and always study in order to keep up with the changes and adapt when necessary, while maintaining the quality of the work.

The future of marketing professionals

Whew, there are so many possibilities in marketing, aren’t there?

At this point, you are probably wondering if it’s really worth becoming a marketing professional and if you’ll have a job in this area in the future.

Well, you should know that among the trending professions of the future, digital marketing has gained points.

Rest assured that robots are still a long way from having the human sensitivity to attract customers. 

And that’s not all. Many professions are going to be in high demand in the future. Would you like to know which ones? Check out our post about professions of the future that are already trending!