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What is ON FIRE? Learn about the future of online events!

The first edition of ON FIRE is coming up! Learn more about this online event with real-life impact, and find out how you can participate.


08/20/2021 | By Hotmart

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The world has changed a lot over the last few years. We no longer consume information, communicate, and relate to each other in the same way. And it’s no different when it comes to events.

With an eye on these transformations, Hotmart, a global technology company and leader in digital products, has used all of its experience to the future of online events: ON FIRE.

ON FIRE will gather leading experts in the digital market, communications, technology, creators, and major brands in a unique “online-immersive” experience.

Are you tired of online events in the same format? Well then, keep reading this post to learn about ON FIRE and find out how you can participate!

What is ON FIRE?

Taking advantage of the experience it has built in five years of in-person online events, Hotmart has created ON FIRE, an online event unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

For the first edition of ON FIRE, we have gathered the top global authorities in entrepreneurship, education, digital marketing, content creation and innovation. The audience will have the opportunity to talk to creators, experts, and brands from different countries, in a unique “online-immersive” experience.

The online event will be held during three days, October 19, 20 and 21 of 2021, with four stages, and over 100 hours of exclusive content, including talks, workshops, and master classes.

By bringing all of our expertise of in-person events to the online environment, we want more people to have the opportunity to consume valuable content and have an incredible experience in total security.

Is ON FIRE the same thing as the FIRE Festival?

No! Both events have very different proposals.

FIRE Festival is where it all started back in 2015. Hotmart’s in-person meeting where entrepreneurs, thinkers and artists, who were transforming the world, came together to share their experiences and ideas with the audience.

Don’t worry, FIRE Festival will be back in due time. And, as everyone’s attention turns more and more to the online world, it’s time to present a new concept in online events.

With five years’ experience and learning about digital entrepreneurship events, we have created ON FIRE. With it, the audience will be inspired by the stories and experiences of great experts and brands from around the world. From your home, your living room, or wherever you want to be.

Who are the ON FIRE speakers?

Hotmart has been in the education and entrepreneurship markets for over 10 years. As a result, we understand people’s needs, whether they are experienced entrepreneurs or someone who’s just starting to create their online business.

With this in mind, ON FIRE will gather, in a single event, people and brands from various areas in order to provide content, knowledge, transformation, and interaction to the audience.

The event will include over 100 global authorities in digital marketing, technology, and major brands sharing unique content.

Check out the names of those who have confirmed their presence at the first edition of ON FIRE:

  • Seth Godin – One of the leading names in modern marketing and business in the world, author of 20 bestsellers and founder of altMBA and The Akimbo Workshops
  • Bárbara Bruna – An expert in Paid Traffic, she’s an authority in Digital Marketing, and Director of the Brazilian Institute of Online Traffic
  • Gisele Hedler – A Digital Marketing expert, she carries out successful thematic launches
  • Victor Damásio – An expert in digital entrepreneurship and relationship marketing
  • Gabi Salles – Founder of VK Digital, and has already carried out more than U$ 8 million in launches
  • André Cia – Strategist, Business Mentor, TC CopyBoss, and has helped thousands of businesses increase their profits on the Internet
  • Bruno Natal – Entrepreneur and host of the RESUMIDO podcast
  • Monica Magalhães – Columnist for Época Business magazine’s 5 minutes in the Future, is an expert in Disruptive Innovation from Harvard
  • Pedro Sobral – An authority in paid traffic management
  • João Pedro Resende – CEO and co-founder of Hotmart
  • Carol Picoli – Marketing Coordinator at Hotmart
  • Luiza Salles – Hotmart Copywriter
  • Ana Clara Gregory – Marketing Analyst at Hotmart
  • Vitor Campolina – Marketing Analyst at Hotmart
  • Dani Bianchin – Product Marketing Analyst at Hotmart
  • Paula Zanella – Hotmart Copywriter
  • Matheus Tavares – Media Purchasing Analyst at Hotmart
  • Tio Huli – Professional investor with over U$ 2 million in financial assets
  • Dica Velasquez – Mentor and founder of the “Academy of Mentors” and an expert in the creation of online communities
  • Wendell Carvalho – CEO of Kairos Treinamentos
  • Carol Costa – Partner at Minhas Plantas (My Plants), host of  tv show “A Louca das Plantas”
  • Tathi Deândhela – Master Coach Trainer, an authority in the corporate market in Productivity and High Performance
  • Marcelo Braggion – Chief Copywriter and CMO at MR Lançamentos
  • Janaína Macruz – Artistic director at CURA – Circuito Urbano de Artes (Urban Art Circuit)
  • Davi de Melo Santos (DMS) – Artist, author of the O Abraço (The Embrace) panel
  • Filipe Adam – CEO and Founder of Rocketship, and expert in paid traffic
  • Pedro Quintanilha – CEO and Co-founder of Mentalidade Empreendedora Consultoria em Crescimento de Negócios (Consulting in Business Growth)
  • Cláudio Rawicz – Marketing and Communication Director at AUDI Brazil, chosen as one of the ten best CMOs by Forbes Brazil in 2021.

To check out the full schedule of talks, follow the news on the official website, YouTube channel, Instagram, and Twitter.

What are the main topics of the ON FIRE talks?

ON FIRE will have four stages, and each day we will address different topics on each stage:

Inspiring Stage

The Inspiring Stage will serve as a hub connecting all the other stages, bringing a view of the entire ON FIRE 2021 with live interaction with the speakers.

Incredible Stage

The Incredible Stage will be the home of the biggest brands and authorities in the communication, marketing, education, and art segments, with unique stories that will generate a lot of insight.

Intense Stage

On the Intense Stage, you’ll find digital producers and creators of all sizes, nationalities, and niches, sharing their best strategies, their biggest secrets, and the backstage of their successful products. A program with a lot of inspiration and learning! 

Instructive Stage by Hotmart Camp

Hotmart experts gather at the Stage Camp to teach how to create and scale digital product sales. 

When will ON FIRE take place?

Save the date! The first edition will take place on October 19, 20, and 21, 2021.

In order to make the event experience more interactive and dynamic, every day we will address a different topic on our four stages:

  • October 19: The topic at all stages will be INNOVATION 
  • October 20: The topic at all stages will be COMMUNICATION
  • October 21: The topic at all stages will be DISRUPTION

So that you don’t miss any of the talks or classes, mark these dates on your calendar. Stay tuned, we will soon announce the full ON FIRE schedule!

How can you participate?

To guarantee your spot in the first edition of ON FIRE, we have prepared limited-time offers.There are three ticket options so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


The ideal option for those who want a taste of ON FIRE 2021. The Free ticket grants full access to the first day of the event, which takes place on October 19.


For those who want access to all ON FIRE stages and the content of the three-day event, we have prepared the Biz ticket.

The Biz ticket grants access to the three days and four stages of the event, with over 100 talks, panels, and interviews, and access to the sponsors’ area.


For those who seek an immersive experience, we have prepared the VIP ticket. With it, in addition to checking out all the content of the three days of the event on the four ON FIRE stages, you will also have the chance to check out the recorded content.

And there’s more. Purchasing a VIP ticket also guarantees you a place in 2 Master Classes, an exclusive meeting with major market experts who will answer all of your questions about Digital Marketing.

Also, those who purchase a Biz or VIP ticket will receive, at home, a special surprise kit** so you can further enjoy the three days of inspiration, learning, and new experiences!

Save your spot at ON FIRE now!

You don’t want to miss the first edition of ON FIRE, do you?

With a special schedule designed to bring the best in entrepreneurship, marketing, education, and content creation, ON FIRE is the future of online events.

So hurry and save your spot at the ON FIRE 2021. Just click the button below!

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Leading digital market experts in an online experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen.