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How to use online events in your strategy

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Your promotion and sales strategies can gain further relevance with oline events. They can help you create business opportunities, attract partners, give more visibility to your product and boost your sales.

Best of all, you can create your online event on the Hotmart platform. But before creating yours, it is important to analyze your product, the context in which we live and how online events can be beneficial for you as a Producer and for your customers.

To help you in this step, I will show you a few scenarios and a list of priorities that you should check before creating your online event. Let’s go!

What to do before online events 

First of all you should consider if it’d be beneficial for your business to create an event or not. The first step is to analyze your product and for that, you can follow the checklist below:

  1. Do you already have a digital product? If not, check out this special content on how to create an online product at Hotmart. If so, proceed to the next step.
  2. Does your product match the event strategy? Not every digital event is interesting for your work. So take a few steps back and remember what your goal was at the beginning. Understand if this strategy will add value to your work, your image and for your buyers.
  3. Is your product up to date? If you’ve gone over the previous question and came to the conclusion that the event can bring value to your business, think about whether the current version of your digital product matches an event or if you need to update it. To understand what could be improved in your course, talk to your customers. 
  4. What would be the ideal type of online event for your product? You can make a live stream to deliver new content, answer questions, strengthen relationships with customers, create or strengthen partnerships and more.
  5. Is this the right time? Understand how your audience is behaving at the moment. Send an email to your customers to check how their lives are going. Search social media to see how other people who work on your niche are dealing with the scenario. This way, you can get an overview and think more clearly if your audience really needs content in digital event format. 

After assessing all these points, it’s time to analyze if digital events are relevant to your type of product.

If you have a course that teaches how to restore old furniture, for example, you can promote a live class in which students can ask questions. To make the event even more strategic, offer the first batch of tickets only to those who are already customers. In addition to targeting your audience with different content, you can make it exclusive. 

Another cool example is for those who are thinking of launching an updated version of their course. Instead of making all the content available at once, choose a piece of the lesson and use it as a teaser. Then, let your users ask questions. That way they will feel more comfortable with your product. Who knows, you may  even convert those buyers who were unsure about purchasing your course. 

Use Hotmart Sparkle

The Hotmart Sparkle app can help you promote your event. With it, you can carry out the entire sales process and offer exclusive content, before, during and after the event. In addition to adding even more value to your product, you increase your authority in the area in which you operate and strengthen the relationship with your customer.

Time to roll up your sleeves

Did you like our tips? Now it’s time to think, plan and put your ideas into action. In just a few steps, you can create your digital event on the Hotmart platform.


See you!